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The ability to edit a WordPress website is a big advantage. This is especially in case there are errors or typing mistakes. However, correcting the errors can be a difficult task. Editor Plugins are making this task easier and more bearable. The following is a list of helpful plug-in to make editing easier.


MqTranslateManaging content on a multilingual website is a daunting task. This plug-in is specifically created to manage multilingual sites from WordPress dashboards. It helps in adding more collaborative features and extends the dashboard to facilitate more language functionalities. The key features of mqTranslate include:

  • Language selection for editor accounts
  • Enables simultaneous editing of two languages at the same time by two different people

Its main use is for better management of sites that have more than one language

Ultimate under Construction

This plug-in, enables people who have their sites under construction have web presence. It turns on and off pages that appear to visitors that visit the page in a non-admin capacity. It is powerful, versatile and contains reliable features including:

  • Enables working on live versions of the site
  • Customization with numerous colors, patters and customized HTML
  • The admin can keep out anyone that is not supposed to see the site
  • Gives a sneak preview of what is to come

This plug-in is mainly used for ascertaining online presence before the website is launched

Quick featured images

wp-plugin-quick-featured-imagesPeople who frequently use featured images in their posts will certainly need this plug-in. this plug-in enables users manage their featured images in bulk. This saves time and money for the users. Some of the core features include:

  • Automatic setting of images in certain post types
  • Enables setting, removing or replacing the set images on posts all at once
  • Customizing the featured images to be set

This plug-in does only a specific task and does it exceptionally. It is mainly used to manage featured images, which would normally be cumbersome to manage. It makes things easy and manageable when it comes to bulk featured images.

WP Clean Up

This simple plug-in helps in keeping the ‘house’ in order. This means it helps in cleaning up the WordPress database. It helps in discarding unnecessary data, which will probably slow down the site. Some of the information likely to be cleaned up includes:

  • Comments
  • Drafts
  • Revisions
  • Spam comments
  • Moderated

After installation, this plug-in adjoins a settings page on the dashboard. This is where one can come and remove anything they feel is slowing down the site. Ultimately, this optimizes on speed within a short time. As previously mentioned WP Clean up is useful for dealing with ineffectual information and streamlines the database.

WP edit

This plug in is solely for editing purposes. Its capabilities are timeless and enhance extensive editing functionalities. This gives users the opportunity to create professional content for their sites. The following is a list of some outstanding features.

  • Table creation via a graphical interface
  • Use of short codes to insert columns
  • Adjustable cell border and background colors
  • Insert images with ease, as well as media such as videos and clip art
  • Easily available short codes, that can be inserted into the content areas
  • No need for specialized training in CSS and HTML

Many custom functions make this a brilliant editor plug-in. Users have the freedom to edit their sites and make them look exactly the way they want.

TinyMCE Advanced

TinyMCE-AdvancedThis plug-in enables one to add, remove and arrange buttons shown in the visual tool bar. TinyMCE includes 15 plugins that are enabled and disabled automatically. However, this depends on the buttons chosen. This plug-in has powerful and versatile features. They include:

  • Enables searching and replacing in the editor
  • Supports creating and editing of tables
  • More options are available when it comes to inserting lists.

It is a convenient and powerful plug-in. Its main aim is to make things simple and more efficient.

WordPress Helpers

This plug-in, gives user’s full control of the admin bar. It provides missing settings that normally would wish to be in WordPress. It has powerful and reliable capabilities that gives users a pleasant experience and helps them accomplish work faster. The following n is a list of features.

  • Shows the ID’s on the edit screen of posts, pages, tags and users
  • Reveals hidden settings on pages
  • It disables the theme switcher
  • Eliminates the tab that displays the screen options
  • Enables change of theme colors
  • Enables adding of comments and brief outlines to pictures
  • Allows adjusting of contrast to the various colors, borders and headers
  • Gives users the opportunity to add arrows and other animations to the content

WordPress Helper is indeed a helper to make editing simpler, more processional and high quality.

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