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Best WordPress Footer Plugin

Being able to insert footers and headers to post or website is important. Many users need a useful tool that is easy to use and convenient. A plug-in is best suited for the job because it makes things simpler for the user. With a header and footer plug-in, users can add dynamic and static content in specific areas of the site. The following is a list of helpful and versatile plugins.

Insert headers and footers

This simple and efficient plug-in enables a user add extra scripts to the header and footer sections of the blog. One can add scripts such as Google Analytics, without having to insert any codes. This plug-in has a simple and neat interface, therefore making it easy for users to navigate and use it. It saves one from dealing with messy scripts. The following are some features of the insert headers and footers plug-in.

  • POT language file, which contains  numerous language options
  • It has a dashboard widget URL, in case the RSS feed cannot be loaded
  • Prevent unnecessary loading of CSS
  • The codes are cleaner and more efficient
  • It does not require much disk space when installing
  • Better support for newer WordPress versions

Footer Putter

foot_putterThis plug-in mainly helps users’ sites have more credibility with human visitors and search engines. With this plug-in, users can create two widgets, which include a copyright widget and trademarks widget. This makes it a more trustworthy and recognizable site because visitors can see the site meets regulations and displays professionalism. The following are some features that make this plug-in stand out.

  • Provisions that give a users site credibility of being a real business
  • Lets site owners include telephone numbers, which indicates it is a real business
  • Including postal addresses
  • Users can include email addresses
  • This software supports single line centered and multi-line right aligned footers
  • Users can affix contact information of the company as well as Privacy and Terms and conditions pages
  • Automated HTML 5 support

Header and Footer

Adding HTML codes to the head and footer sections of the site is very simple. This is because the header and footer plug-in make the process faster and more efficient. Users no longer have to install multiple plugins at the head and footer sections f their sites. It only takes copying and pasting codes to the right places. The following are some of the features.

  • It enables management of the footer code
  • Facilitates mobile detection
  • Enables management of the head section code
  • It has fewer SEO options
  • Facilitates management of codes to be added prior and after posting content This mostly applies to social media buttons
  • An extensive user guide in PDF format

The header and footer plug-in works best with a 2.9 or higher system.

Genesis Widgetized Footer

Genesis-Widgetized-FooterThe Genesis plug-in enables users to change the Copyright/Credits and Return to top footers. It is a thoroughly flexible and reliable plug-in that gives users capability to do more. One can use two widgets at any given time. This means one can place footer and a header at the same time, within the same page. The following are some outstanding features.

  • It is light and compact
  • Its design is simple and high quality
  • It is WPML compatible
  • It is compatible with various sites
  • It has a full-width and small font-size, which is appropriate for the disclaimer and imprinting purposes
  • It features two hand short codes for faster and more efficient usage
  • It has multi lingual support
  • The GlotPress tool, facilitates to quick translation

Header and Footer commander

Header-and-Footer-CommanderThis plug-in makes it possible to insert texts above and below headers and footers. This is possible across all WordPress sites and happens easily and simply. It is a simple yet powerful plug-in, which it gives the user more capabilities. The following is a list of capabilities this plug-in gives the user.

  • Allows inserting of text, pictures and hyperlinks into the header  and footer
  • It uses HTML format for picture hooking
  • Inert logos into the header and footer
  • Allows remote enabling and disabling of the check boxes
  • Allows trouble shooting in case the user encounters any issues
  • Customization capabilities that allow users use the plug-in in whatever way they like
  • Allows users to insert hyper links

The option menu is simple and neat, it only features the necessary options, which enable easy use. The color picker function enables changing of theme colors at the clock of a button. One can add copyright statements and other objects into the footer and header sections.

These plugins make it easier for the users. There is no worry about complicated or support tools. It only takes installing and using these plugins to realize their immense capabilities.

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