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Login pages of a website hold the key to success of online businesses. If the login page is not well designed, and the login functionalities are not working properly then it can cause serious low return on your investment. Therefore, pay serious attention to your login page and be informed that login plugins can make the work easier for you. Here, we are to review few top performing and popular WordPress login plugins with the help of which you can easily achieve your online business objectives.

Theme My Login


The Theme My Login plugin plays an important role in your website optimization as major search engines counts how a website optimizes itself and all its components in relation to its optimization efforts. Saying that it indicates that, the context of the login page must meet and adhere with the website’s performance and overall context. On user side, your viewers will not be assuming a different view from the context of the website. The Theme My Login plugin makes your login page according to your website theme. Users can register, login, recovers their passwords using the plugin. At the same time, they can redirect users, allow them to connect on their profile and respective user account management page.

The first step would be to install and activate Theme My Login plugin. Since, it is just another plugin, hence there won’t be much of problem to complete this task. After doing this, it adds a ‘Theme My Login’ menu item in the Settings. After the activation, a page titled ‘Login’ is also added to the site. The plugin also ensures that the page will have the branding of your site and theme of your site.

Options with Theme My Login

Go to Settings> Theme My Login and you would find the configuration page for the plugin.

  • Basics– This tab contains the basic configuration details of the login form, like the Page ID, option to enable users to login using their email IDs instead of username etc.
  • Modules– This tab contains the list of modules which can be activated for the plugin. Using these you can extend the functionality of the page.

The plugin also comes with a widget for Login which can be placed in the sidebar or any suitable area. Using this widget, people can login through any page in the site. Also, the users will suitably directed to admin page or website based on their privileges. Moreover, if the users have a gravatar account, then their gravatar shall appear in the comments and posts that do after logging in.

Rebranding emails

In the Email tab, you can compose your own HTML emails. This option is available only after you have enabled the ‘custom email’ module. You can decide on the From Name, From Email and add message.

Hopefully, this plugin has helped you in creating your custom login page. There are of course, many methods to go about this. However, this is probably the easiest. One doesn’t need to know any sort of coding or doesn’t have to be overly familiar with WordPress to pull this off.

Login Radius

Login Radius

The Login Radius is popular plugin that can help you to manage the social media accounts for easier sharing on your users profiles. The Login Radius will make the work easier for you to manage the social login, sharing, commenting, user profile data, user management, social analytics and so on. You will need WordPress 3.4 or higher versions to run the plugin and it can connect users from total 90 different link referrals besides providing connectivity with major social media sites. If driving traffic from different sources is one of your goals, then use the Login Radius plugin.

Login With Ajax

The Login With Ajax is an important plugin since it ties up security matters so smoothly that website owners literally can stay in relief. The Ajax powered plugin allows registration, automatic refill and login. Once users put their login details the plugin will redirect the users based on the user association with the website. The plugin can be referred as a professional solution due to its SSL compatibility, fall back mechanism, compatibility with BuddyPress and Multisite beside WordPress and shortcode support. So, it will not only support the basic login or logout management tasks but also it will perform on different functionalities. The multilingual interface will deal with most of your site integrity issues.

Custom Login

The Custom Login is yet another WordPress login plugin that works from WordPress 3.5 and is downloaded to nearly half a million websites. It is available in free and paid both the versions. The login can obscure the login URL and supports page templates designed by you. You can also use the plugin to redirect users. Sensitive users using hash keys can also use it to their benefit as the plugin follows 2 steps authentication procedure. You can even assign and reassign users association hierarchy for the redirection. You can find more on the plugin here.

Login Logout

The Login Logout is another plugin that allows users registration and login. You can add welcome message, use it to protect spam and level up your security. This plugin offers simple functional performances but it among the newest released available in WordPress repository. If you look down on your users and decide to keep things straight and simple for them then Login Logout can be a good choice for you.

If you look into the SEO guidelines of any search engine you will see that all of them put major emphasis on the appearance and user management part of your website. They are highly concerned with the user experience that your website generates to deliver. So, login thus becomes an important consideration for your website success. The consistently changing landscape of search algorithm has already made even the finest web designer and developers to redo their login pages. You cannot ignore the call.

Whenever your needs are specific that you do not want the users to have access to your admin panel, you want to keep track of all your users, you would like to offer password recovery solution to your users and you are only looking for authentic yet verifiable users; such login plugins for your WordPress website will come into effective play. Besides these major concerns that actually form the ground of having a plugin for login on your website, the feature differentiation of each plugins will perfectly not only complement your needs but also will look into excelling your user management practices.

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