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Managing members is key to the success of any online business that delves into developing a subscriber’s community. Building a vibrant community of satisfied client can help businesses to run for long with great profit and remain sustainable. With these regards in mind, the membership development using your website is very important and you need to pay utmost attention on how best you can manage your members. The membership subscription on your website starts with an opt in page and opt in form. Users give consent to be communicated by you about your product by listing their name and email details. They include their name in the list you are building and once they list it, you start to educate them with newsletters. This is a methodical procedure that requires logical development. However, our topic in the article is to review the best WordPress plug-in for membership websites. So, let us start.


wp-membersThe WP-Member is a well-reputed membership plug-in that will fit well to meet your needs. Whether you are to block posts, pages or individuals and incorporate an extra layer of authentication, you can always take help of the WP-Members plug-in. Its login registration is aligned with the website content and users registering on the site will be liked with the site’s purpose and theme. A profile will be created with viewers supplied information. The membership plug-in appears as sidebar login widget while customizing the form and form fields are easy. You will get the option to display certain fields as the need arises. Each registration using the WP-Members will respect your administrative privilege and you will stay notified for a new subscription.

Other functional features of WP-Members subscription plug-in include automatic creation of post excerpts, SEO performance moderator, CAPTCHA and nearly 80 actions and filter hooks based functionalities. You can get to know more about the WP-Members, a popular and free plug-in for membership program development and subscribers management.


membershipThe membership is a premium plug-in that you will have to get for your website by paying a fee. Developed by the reputed WPMUDEV, the Membership plug-in gives your website complete subscription and list building management functionalities. Starting from giving your members access to download, sharing content, to giving access permission for forum participation staying fully flexible. The Membership is a unique plug-in offering you to create different subscription levels and tying them with different membership levels. You can also limit and control the BuddyPress rules and control the administrative panel rules to manage the dashboard widgets, menus, appearance, categories, pages, posts, comments and galleries.

With the Membership plug-in many of your tasks will become simpler and easier. For instance, you can automate the offering to free members to go paid, renew the subscriptions, deploy teaser content and reserve the member’s only content. The Membership is compatible with higher versions of WordPress 3.7.


s2memberThe s2Member is another brilliant membership management plug-in for your WordPress website. It comes with both the free and paid (pro) versions. The s2Member offers one step checkout, video intro, pro form integration, authorize.net validation, global wallet integrations for ClickBank – that are few functional features that are not readily available in other membership plug-ins. So, this one is much different. Again for the functional performance the s2Member lets you create free subscribers, create membership levels and help you to define the privileges in each membership level.

The functional aspect also includes protection of pages, posts, tags, tags, URLs and BuddyPress integration, teaser post configurable and emailing list, database or list conversion and easier exporting and importing of the same. The s2Member will run from WordPress 3.3 versions. You can get to know more about the plug-in here and keep in mind that this plug-in poses a lot of reasons for your viewers to trust you and to subscribe with your website.

S2Member will fit your need if you are in the financial category where transactions are frequently made by the community and in ecommerce websites. The Membership has paid pro version with bundle of unique features – you can have it to stay focused on managing your subscribers. The WP-Members is the starter way for you if you are new in viral marketing. Either way, the membership plug-in of WordPress leads you towards success.

Pardon us to repeat that what type of membership plug-in you will be using largely depends on your target audience and how they behave or accept the subscribed community idea. Based on that you need to think of your opt in page and its content – only from there the right plug-in is can be predicted. The most of these plug-ins offer some core functionalities. If you can code them further you will simply add value to the service. While we have mentioned three plug-in in this review, there are still other popular ones that you try, for instance, the users ultra. This one is more social media focused.

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