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Best WordPress Newsletter Plug-ins

In order to keep users abreast with the current happenings, it is essential to have newsletters. More importantly, an electronic newsletter is of paramount importance for users to stay connected to the current and relevant information. For your WordPress website, you can get the newsletter plugins, which are the right way to keep building and maintaining your audience. You need to use a plug-in that is efficient, easy to use and effective. Here is a list of some excellentnewsletter plug-ins for WordPress.

MailPoet Newsletters

mailpoetThe MailPoet Newsletter is a brilliant one that allows you to send newsletters, post notifications and auto responders, just to name a few. You can use drag and drop newsletter content in its built in editor. Add images, icons and clip arts to your newsletter. Changing fonts and colors just get easier. The autoresponder is simply excellent; as it allows you to set the time and duration of response and keep you build your list. For instance, when someone makes a subscription, you can set it to respond after three days or the desired period. You can decide to follow up a new content that your wish. This is why the MailPoet Newsletters gives you a way to know current and valid statistics, such as the number of clicks, opens, and how many people have unsubscribed. Installation takes less time and follows step by step methods.

Fast Secure Contact Form

contact-form-300x223The Fast Secure Contact Form plugin is a powerful and easy to use form builder to create your list. You can send emails and provide feedback. Interact with your subscribers and be helped to take better care of their needs. Fast Secure Contact Form is easy to use and gives you the capability to create and add forms to WordPress. This saves you time and a lot of work. In addition, the fields are easier to change, create the specific order, remove and add. The same can be used to send an email to the site administrator. The user can even set up an appointment to talk over the phone or have a video call. Multiple forms, easy editing and confirmation emails help to make your user engagement result driven. You can redirect users and visitors to any site after sending a message. You can say goodbye to spammers, thanks to CAPTCHA and Akismet support system that comes with the plugin, which helps keep spammers out. This makes your work easier and keeps your site in good order.


newsletterThe Newsletter plug-in adjoins a realistic newsletter system to your blog. This is not the end, as you can build a list, create great emails with the help of the visual editor and lastly, send and track the emails. One of the key features of the Newsletter plug-in is the ability to handle and manage the unlimited number of subscribers. This gives you a real opportunity to spread your wings and enjoy a lot of exposure. Coupled with a limitless number of subscribers, you also can send an unlimited amount of emails and track them. A subscription widget makes things very easy on your part. You now have the opportunity to fine tune and target a specific group of subscribers. This always makes things easy for you because you get the right kind of users.

The main aim of a newsletter plug-in is to make your work easier and put you in a much better position to cater for your clients and subscribers in a more efficient and effective manner. You cannot go wrong with these brilliant features. If you are looking for the best plug-in, choose something that suits your needs. In addition, choose something that gives you the opportunity to serve your clients better and keep them on top of everything that is happening on your site.

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