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The function of WordPress plugins is not new for many webmasters, but finding the best plugins for their websites is not an easy work. To help webmasters choose their preferred one to back up their websites, we pick up top eight best WordPress plugins to share with webmasters. Webmasters can check the details in the following.

No 1. Google Video Sitemap

Being widely recognized as a plugin that is super easy to use, Google Video Sitemap is great for SEO, which means that the sites of webmasters can be ranked well by taking advantage of this plugin. One of the highlights of this plugin is that webmasters can promote their videos with Google Video Sitemap. By the way, it is not just a YouTube video.

No 2. WordPress Database Backup

WordPress Database Backup is a great choice if webmasters who need to manage tons of WordPress blogs. This is the reason why this plugin does exist. The only thing webmasters need to do is to send a backup copy of their WordPress database to their own emails if they want to keep their database safe permanently.

No 3. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is regarded as one of the best WordPress caching plugins, which enjoys a huge support by the public. If webmasters install this plugin, they can see a noticeable improvement on the page loading time of their blogs. At the same time, W3 Total Cache is awesome for search engine optimization.

NO 4. Smart Affiliate Links

Generally speaking, Smart Affiliate Links, this plugin plays a vital role for SEO. Therefore, this plugin can be highly recommended for business people, which can help them achieve online success easily. Moreover, this plugin can be worked as both terrific link cloaker and URL shortener.

No 5. WP Robot

Nowadays, blogs become more and more popular with the booming of Internet, especially for auto blog. It is true that a successful auto blog will attract more and more visitors to purchase their products, so WP Robot comes to them, which is recognized as the best WordPress plugin. WP Robot also packages rich features to make it easy for webmasters to handle their websites. Furthermore, webmasters can autopost content from many resources, such as Yahoo Amazon, Ebay, Youtube, Flicker and more with this plugin. What’s more, this plugin also supports powerful translation module.

No 6. Google XML Sitemaps

It is a proverbial fact that sitemaps can help the search engines index pages and posts probably. In this way, Google XML is available for webmasters, which is a premium and highly customizable WordPress plugin. On the one hand, this plugin can help webmasters create their sitemap automatically. On the other hand, it will inform webmasters of the updates from Yahoo, MSN, and Google to their blog. In addition to that, it also allows webmasters to take control of what posts can be added to their sitemap.

No 7. PostMash

Every webmasters knows that WordPress displays the posts in chronological order by default. However, some webmasters are eager to re-order the posts at their willing. To get this problem resolved, PostMach can be accessible by webmasters to help them control their posts easily. By installing this plugin, webmasters can freely rearrange the order just by utilizing a simple drag and drop interface. Many existing users said that this plugin is quite handy to display their preferred one in the first place.

No 8. Pingback Optimizer

The last WordPress plugin we want to present is Pingback Optimizer. It is well-known that not all links can be indexed. All pingbacks/ trackbacks will point to the Backlinks with the help of  Pingback Optimizer. It is tested that the backlink indexing has improved considerably since webmasters started to use this plugin.

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