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Best WordPress Plugins

The function of WordPress plugins is not new for many webmasters, but finding the best plugins for their websites is not an easy work. To help webmasters choose their preferred one to back up their websites, we pick up top eight best WordPress plugins to share with webmasters. Webmasters can check the details in the following.

No 1. Google Video Sitemap

Being widely recognized as a plugin that is super easy to use, Google Video Sitemap is great for SEO, which means that the sites of webmasters can be ranked well by taking advantage of this plugin. One of the highlights of this plugin is that webmasters can promote their videos with Google Video Sitemap. By the way, it is not just a YouTube video.

No 2. WordPress Database Backup

WordPress Database Backup is a great choice if webmasters who need to manage tons of WordPress blogs. This is the reason why this plugin does exist. The only thing webmasters need to do is to send a backup copy of their WordPress database to their own emails if they want to keep their database safe permanently.

No 3. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is regarded as one of the best WordPress caching plugins, which enjoys a huge support by the public. If webmasters install this plugin, they can see a noticeable improvement on the page loading time of their blogs. At the same time, W3 Total Cache is awesome for search engine optimization.

NO 4. Smart Affiliate Links

Generally speaking, Smart Affiliate Links, this plugin plays a vital role for SEO. Therefore, this plugin can be highly recommended for business people, which can help them achieve online success easily. Moreover, this plugin can be worked as both terrific link cloaker and URL shortener.

No 5. WP Robot

Nowadays, blogs become more and more popular with the booming of Internet, especially for auto blog. It is true that a successful auto blog will attract more and more visitors to purchase their products, so WP Robot comes to them, which is recognized as the best WordPress plugin. WP Robot also packages rich features to make it easy for webmasters to handle their websites. Furthermore, webmasters can autopost content from many resources, such as Yahoo Amazon, Ebay, Youtube, Flicker and more with this plugin. What’s more, this plugin also supports powerful translation module.

No 6. Google XML Sitemaps

It is a proverbial fact that sitemaps can help the search engines index pages and posts probably. In this way, Google XML is available for webmasters, which is a premium and highly customizable WordPress plugin. On the one hand, this plugin can help webmasters create their sitemap automatically. On the other hand, it will inform webmasters of the updates from Yahoo, MSN, and Google to their blog. In addition to that, it also allows webmasters to take control of what posts can be added to their sitemap.

No 7. PostMash

Every webmasters knows that WordPress displays the posts in chronological order by default. However, some webmasters are eager to re-order the posts at their willing. To get this problem resolved, PostMach can be accessible by webmasters to help them control their posts easily. By installing this plugin, webmasters can freely rearrange the order just by utilizing a simple drag and drop interface. Many existing users said that this plugin is quite handy to display their preferred one in the first place.

No 8. Pingback Optimizer

The last WordPress plugin we want to present is Pingback Optimizer. It is well-known that not all links can be indexed. All pingbacks/ trackbacks will point to the Backlinks with the help of  Pingback Optimizer. It is tested that the backlink indexing has improved considerably since webmasters started to use this plugin.

What is a WordPress Plugin?


WordPress plugin is an additional and external application code that can be integrated and activated within the WordPress CMS of our website’s to bring added functionalities to our websites. Plugins are mostly professional solution that develops from the open source network movement thought, like the WordPress itself. Developers like you who are facing needs for specific functionality will devote themselves to prepare an independent application for others to use on their WordPress websites. Most of these value added plugins are free to use and they will always improvise your web functionalities, performance, connectivity and appearance.

Whenever you start a website, you use WordPress at its most basic form without much functionality. In fact, WordPress itself does not promise for superior functionalities besides its quick and easy installation, ease of management and security aspects. You will always need something extra that will make your website difference. With plugins you make your website enticing.

Why we Need it?

A WordPress plugin turns a boring website into something fun, exciting and engaging for the audience. It can drastically change the situation with traffic turn over, search engine ranking and in creating impression. If you are running a business then certainly traffic, search engine rank and user impression are key requirements to your success. With functionalities and features derived from plugins, you can achieve them all.

Certainly plugins are not large installation, neither heavier application. They are sleek and handy and follow a simple installation and activation procedure when you use them for WordPress. One can customize the plugins to make them better. You do not need to be an expert programmer to fix it or to customize it. Plugins are mostly managed from their authors or developers end and they frequently receive updates and upgrades. So, you literally add no extra hassle adding plugins to your website but more fun and enjoyment for your traffic, viewers, users and customers.

Advantages of WordPress Plugin

Here are few points that strongly validate reasons to get plugins for your WordPress website:

  • Easy to add, customize, delete, deactivate, install and manage
  • Smoothens frontend functionalities of a website
  • Does not hamper the backend of a website
  • Makes navigation fun engaging
  • Can easily integrate
  • Establishes connection between the website and the traffic source
  • Strengthen the connection between social media and the website
  • Gets automatically updated and upgraded with single click
  • Drag and drop based system with multilingual support
  • Users start to get what they want
  • Helps in SEO ranking

According to WordPress, “Plugins can extend WordPress to do almost anything you can imagine.”

An Example


Everyone, especially entities, need a website. A doctor needs a website and a long distance bus service needs a website. What is common in them? Both of them need their appointments and seat reservation completed in advance to avoid chaos. How can they do it? They can self build the appointment reservation system and offer it to customer. Or they can pick from existing available resources. If they self build the solution then for the users it would be two different reservation systems and more importantly, a doctor specializes in medical science, he does not know about the reservation or booking or computer programming.

Similarly a bus service operator knows about the route, time table, scheduling, and roaster and traffic laws. He does not specialize in reservation or bookings. But both of them need a specialist solution. Now if they own a WordPress, the CMS itself will not give them any opportunity to solve their problems. They, as users need to utilize the WordPress to benefit their needs and their customers. They can pick the application, we call plugin from its repository and get the reservation and booking part done. As a result of such, the queuing people will be pleased with both the doctor and the bus service. Now, the above example is simply put here to make you realize what plugins can do.

Certainly, all plugins are not as good as you expect. Therefore, it would be smarter for you to do some research on the available options. Then you can think of customizing the plugin that matches the most with your requirement. If you are hiring a developer to do the website works for you, then he will get things done for you. Otherwise, the way to use plugin is simple and fun.

WordPress offers thousands of plugins for every aspect of life and websites. Beyond WordPress there are other sources from where you can buy or get free plugins. Use them to your benefit.

Best Places to Buy WordPress Plugin

Plugins are essential elements in WordPress, and most of them come for free of any cost. Only a small chunk of these plugins are licensed for commercial use and users need either to pay once or subscribe to a usage plan based on the plugin. Certainly commercial plugins offer some additional functional features along with their core competencies which are mostly absent in free to use plugins.

If you are looking to buy WordPress plugin for your website, then two popular sources would be

  2. CodeCanyon

WPMUDEV: The WPMUDEV is a membership subscription based source to use different WordPress plugins. Currently it hosts more than 350 plugins and themes. Users can get support from the expert coders and developers of these plugins and themes. Most of the supports are tailored for PHP, CSS and JavaScript tracks. The list of new plugins continuously gets updated whenever a new item is released. Besides their round the clock support service, users will also get live support, video demonstration and user manuals to learn how to use each of the plugins and how to customize them.

The WPMUDEV also provides updates and upgrades for its product. There are three tiers of membership subscriptions; monthly, quarterly and yearly. In exchange of fixed fees one can opt for any and are also free to cancel their subscription any time they want.  There are nearly half a million users of the service which is reviewed by industry peers like CNET, DowJones, Tribune, Etsy, shopZilla and etc. The WPMUDEV hosts wide range of plugins for WordPress websites include the eCommerce, SEO, event management, advertisement, directories, community and BuddyPress etc. Few advantages of having plugins from WPMUDEV include:

  • Users can use the plugins in as many sites as they want.
  • Users are protected with money back guarantee.
  • Users are free to customize the plugins based on their needs.

CodeCanyon: The CodeCanyon is another market place to buy aspiring plugins for your WordPress blog and website. It is a platform where sellers list up their products and then these products get scrutinized for standard by the CodeCanyon people. Once approved those plugins, themes, apps show up in the market place listing. The developers can set their price and will keep fulfilling their commitments towards the users. While WPMUDEV restricts contributors and developers from other places, CodeCanyon makes it easier for them to list up their plugins and sell them on site. CodeCanyon runs on membership subscription fees and have strong support service.

Where else you can buy a WordPress plugin?

Another way of buying the WordPress plugin is to buy it from the developers owns website or the plugins website. If developers launches a plugin in WordPress repository and that quickly becomes a hit, it is natural for him to make some money out of it by instantly refining the plugin offering a paid version. In such cases, they will always offer the plugin website. You can directly buy from there; one disadvantage of buying from such sites is you do not get the chance to compare the latest plugins. Therefore, if you prefer to buy the plugins from their publisher sites, then you need to do your research and selection earlier. All the details regarding the plugin will be provided into individual sales pages of the plugins. So, review them prior you buy the plugin.

The strongest reasons for you to buy the WordPress plugins would be to easier customization options, consistent and dedicated customer support, better codebase, easy upgrade and more functional features and performance superiority. Once you are firm what you need from plugins basic functions, you can raise your level up to go for the commercial solution. Take our advice, it will help you the best.

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