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There are various aspects to building up a portfolio. One of them is making the portfolio look presentable. The following are powerful plugins that simplify that job.

Awesome Filterable Portfolio

Awesome Filterable PortfolioThis high performance portfolio enables photographers, designers and artists publish and manage and cutting-edge portfolio. This is enhanced with the use of contemporary animations and visual effects.  Awesome Filterable Portfolio features:

  • Limitless items and categories
  • Customizable hover effects for images
  • It is simple to use
  • Users can order more category and portfolio items
  • Available in various languages

It works well with Windows and Mac operating systems.

Portfolio Post Type

portfolio-post-typeThis plug-in enables portfolio post typing and taxonomy.
When posting portfolio items, Portfolio Post Type registers a custom post type. The plug-in lets users divide the portfolio in to tags and categories. The column view area mostly used to display featured images.  This plug-in gives users the freedom to select the changes they would like to make on their portfolios because it does now change the way portfolio items are displayed. In order to achieve this, users need to add stencils for archive-portfolio.php and single-portfolio php. This gives users a wide range of customization options.

Portfolio slide show

This plug-in facilitates addition of a neat and responsive java script slideshow. The slide show amalgamates seamlessly into any design. This means it can efficiently support themes, articulate designs and more. This plug-in also does the following.

  • Graphical navigation
  • Inline video
  • Mobile galleries in full screen
  • Individual slideshow editing
  • Keyboard navigation that supports touch and swipe capabilities
  • Limitless custom slideshow sizes

This plug-in requires a windows operating system older than XP. It needs at least 2GB RAM and a minimum of 10 GB hard disk space.


A Plug-in that permits users creates a page that contains details and information on past projects. Users can create powerful and unique pages that display portfolio items, which entail:

  • Short descriptions
  • Long description
  • Various screen shots
  •  Completion date
  • URL

On the side of actions, users can regenerate thumbnails after changing size, use of short codes to display the most recent portfolio items, edit additional field labels and display all portfolio items by creating a template with page navigation. When it comes to options, users can change the number of images displayed and the size of the images. Users can enable and disable addition field’s display. This plug-in works seamlessly with WordPress 3.1 or higher and its compatibility is up to 4.0

Portfolio gallery

This is a plug-in for that facilitates addition of specialized galleries and portfolios to a WordPress site. Users can choose from a variety of images and viewing options. This plug-in is ideal for creating an assortment of portfolios and galleries. In addition, it lets users add descriptions and titles for every portfolio gallery. Other aspects of this plug-in include enabling users create a neat FAQ system. The following are more features of this plug-in:

  • Creation of portfolio galleries on different pages
  • Creating galleries with description
  • Creation of content sliders
  • Full height blocks
  • Gallery and content popup

Portfolio gallery has a neatly designed and user-friendly administrator panel that enables users to navigate the site with ease.

Web psychology portfolio

This plug-in facilitates creating a grid or expanded style page that contains images and supporting details. It is best for presenting portfolios. This plug-in mainly provides a clean and cutting-edge look in circumstances where there is need to appropriately display grid-style or expanded-style portfolios. Implementation of this plug-in is by short codes. This means it supports various filtering options, depending on the type of portfolio.

Another capability this plug-in provides is letting users specify their customizable settings for example the number of entries displayed on each page. It also enables users turn off the CSS when implementing their own portfolios. The user interface is neat, compact and simple to use. This plug-in utilizes thumbnails, and full-size images to enhance designs and reduce the weight of the page. After editing and making all the necessary changes, the end user interface is changeable; this means the users will also have an easy time navigating the site. This plug-in is compatible with WordPress 3.1.0 or higher. In addition, it works well with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

WordPress portfolio plug-in (WP portfolio)

WordPress-Portfolio-Plugin-WP-PortfolioThis plug-in that facilitates quick and easy display of portfolios to a user’s website. This plug-in has the following capabilities:

  • Enables customization of the layout through HTML and CSS
  • Automatic generation of website thumbnails
  • Supports group entries for easier categorization of work
  • Allows users use custom images as opposed to screen shots

This plug-in works well with WordPress 3.5 or higher.

WordPress picture portfolio media gallery

wordpress-picture-portfolio-media-galleryAn authoritative gallery and portfolio plug-in, appropriate for displaying portfolio videos, pictures and other media, all arranged in neat tabs. This plug-in transforms a basic WordPress site into a gallery full of rich media that showcases various projects. Users can enjoy the following from this plug-in.

  • Video support from Vimeo, YouTube and QuickTime
  • Configurable skins
  • Variety of thumbnail styles i.e. square, round and normal
  • Easy to use categorization feature
  • A picture, PDF and video previewer

Portfolio plugins on your website make your business and service more professional and presentable. It is a strong tool to attract more business. Try the tools we mentioned to help you reach your goal.

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