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Best WordPress Premium and Professional Themes

To make your WordPress site look unique and beautiful, you will need a premium and professional WordPress themes with well-designed and customization features which a free WordPress themes normally don’t have.

And in below, we will introduce 6 best Premium WordPress themes site where you can find an ideal theme for your personal blog, corporate site or even small eCommerce site.

Theme Forest – Largest WordPress Premium Theme MarketPlace


Theme Forest (www.themeforest.net) is the biggest marketplace for premium WordPress themes with more than 3,500 different premium WordPress themes, charging from $40 to $60 per theme, for customers to choose from.

The premium WordPress themes of Theme Forest come with special and attractive designs, and covers for almost all types of WordPress themes, from usual personal blog, magazine and business themes to specialized niche themes like technology, entertainment, wedding, etc.

Find a premium theme for your WordPress, check out Themeforest Theme now.

Beautiful Premium WordPress Themes – Elegant Themes


The top mission of Elegant Themes (www.elegantthemes.com) is to create premium WordPress themes with perfect looks and high standards to make customers’ WordPress websites simple, beautiful and professional.

Unlike sell themes individually, Elegant Themes offers the all-inclusive price of $39 per year, and paying customers can get complete access to its current 86 best premium WordPress themes. In addition to advanced features that come packaged with all of its WordPress themes, it also puts great efforts into providing leading tech supports for WordPress themes.

Visit www.elegantthemes.com to know more.

Theme Junkie – Cheapest WordPress Premium Themes


Opened in 2009, Theme Junkie (www.theme-junkie.com) is a brand new company who focuses on delivering premium WordPress themes. It is good at creating beautiful designs, and all of its WordPress themes are built with best practices that make them easy to adapt and customize.

A standard subscription cost of Theme Junkie is at $50, and that gives customers access to all its best premium WordPress themes for a whole year. Besides, it offers world-class Email and Forum supports. Theme Junkie is a great place for people who are looking for easy-to-use, good looking and powerful WordPress themes.

Visit www.theme-junkie.com now.

WPZoom – Professional WodPress Theme


WPZOOM (www.wpzoom.com) has been specializing in creating WordPress themes since 2008, and it makes beautiful, high-quality, ease of use and supports come as standard. Until now, WPZOOM has developed over 70 premium WordPress themes for responsive, business, news, portfolio, multimedia and many others.

At WPZOOM, customers can find a plan that fits their demands and budget. The basic price of WPZOOM starts from $75, with 1 theme, lifetime license, annual support and updates included. Besides, customers are also allowed to use on multiple domains.

Go www.wpzoom.com!

Organized Themes – Cheap WordPress Premium Themes


The premium WordPress themes from Organized Themes (www.organizedthemes.com) are made to be visually interesting and simple for people to use, without the need for editing the code. It now has multiple professional WordPress themes for church, non-profit, business and restaurant. All of its themes are released under the GPL license giving freedom to use them.

There are two ways: individual theme or a membership to purchase Organized Theme the best premium WordPress themes. Its themes are priced at $49 each that gives customers one free theme, lifetime access, supports and all future updates.

Get a professional theme from Organized Themes now.

Ink Themes – Clean Premium WordPress Themes


Ink Themes (www.inkthemes.com) has 38 clean and well-designed premium WordPress themes for business, magazine, hotel, real estate and personal blogs. No any complex operation, themes from Ink Themes allow to single click installation.

In addition to some advanced functionalities, its premium WordPress themes are backed up with forum support, video tutorials and regular updates. A single theme price starts at $45, or can sign up at $147 for becoming member to get all 38 Ink Themes in bundle.

Check out inkthemes.com.

Best of the Best

Above are some of the best place to find premium WordPress themes, and we also select some of the best premium WordPress themes based on what type of websites you are going to build in below as well as a list of WordPress Themes Of the Year.

How to Code a WordPress Theme

Most of us prefer our own style of coding which can assist in compressing huge and complex functions into a single code. We always like to avoid whitespace which can really takes up a huge amount of space. Now if you want to or going to develop codings for other people or trying to sell, then it is important that you should make the coding understandable.  Sometimes you may feel that the coding is quite clear enough, however, you ought to remember that there are certain standards (universal) which can assist people in creating codes with the same style.

Seriously, most of the theme marketplaces and the download centers would require one to do coding in a standard format. Now there are four major kinds of markup and programming languages which are quite necessary to create WordPress themes such as CSS, HTML, PHP and JavaScript.

So let’s check up these programming and markup languages.

HTML Standard

In this, there are quite simple and easy rules for writing and developing compliant-standard HTML coding. In addition, you need to validate the coding with the W3C and you have to be careful with regard to the self closing items. You need to ensure that these items have to end with a slash, greater than sign, or space. Also when you are typing the values of the attribute, make sure that they are in lowercase.

It is important that you wrap the given values of the attribute in quotes. Both double and single quotes are acceptable. Even the indentation that you use must be readable and logical. It should not be an exception to have the HTML coding mixed with PHP codes.

CSS Standards

Here the list is quite long and again you do need to remember that the rules are easy for the CSS coding. It is important that the properties need to be indented with various tabs. In addition, you can group the given selectors but ensure that all the selectors have their own line for reading. Plus you have to name the entire given id selectors and class with lowercase alphabets and make sure to separate the words with hyphens.

The values and properties have to be in lowercase and that too except for vendor specific properties and even font names. You need to order the properties which have to be box model, positioning, display, typography, colors, etc. It is important that you order the vendor prefixes from the longest to the shortest. And make sure to keep the media queries to the below (bottom) of the given stylesheet.



Nowadays, it is a common sight to see JavaScript being important for most of the WordPress themes. Of course, you need to have certain rules and standardization for it too. Braces should never be closed or opened within the exact line. Try to use single quotes over double quotes and that too unless there are strings which has the single quotes.

As a developer, you have the authority and the freedom to use whitespaces as much as you want in the coding. But try to avoid using the whitespaces on the blank lines. And one should not forget that the whitespaces are used for readability and never for fun.

You could name the variables and functions using the camelCase functions and not the ones with underscores. And the constructors have to be in the TitleCase. Even you have the option to declare various variables into a single line and in case if you are trying to assign these values, you need to separate the lines.

PHP Standards

This is the most complex part and there are quite a lot of rules that one needs to consider. Various aspects like double and single quotes, naming conventions, regular expressions, whitespace requirements, Yoda Conditions, etc need to be  defined. Even you have to take into account the special and easy to use SQL and formatting database and queries.

In case if you are not aware of what they consist of then the best option that you have to be tread a bit light. Now there are two interesting resources that you need to learn. The first one is WordPress PHP page (standard) at the Make WordPress.

The second one is properly commenting the codes. For this you need to allow other developers to know how you created the theme and ensure that the theme or coding is readable and clear. The opt practice that you have for PHP is using the PHPDoc, which is the documentation method of phpDocumentor. This is a commonly used between the various WordPress developers and is quite commonly recommended in the documentation of the PHP.

Frankly, it is important to be quite clear with regard to your coding and try to at least provide some tiny information while commenting whenever you feel necessary.

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