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Any site that wants to improve performance, get feedback and generally improve knows that reviews are important. There is need to have a way that clients can leave their feedback with no hassles. The following is a list of effective plugins to help with doing the job.

Rating-widget star rating system

This is one of the top rating plug-in on the web. It enables websites get ratings on posts, comments, pages and forum topics. In addition, it enables embedding star ratings and thumb into posts, comments and comments. This plug-in lets users create and manage ratings from their WordPress control panel. Users can create and collect unlimited amounts of votes. More features include:

  • Over two million page views each month
  • A branded RatingWidget
  • No pop-up windows
  • Secure connection to prevent fraud

This plug-in is appropriate to use for professional, personal business and start up purposes. It supports WordPress 3.1 and newer.

Polldaddy polls and ratings

Polldaddy polls and ratingsWith this plug-in, users can create and manage ratings and polls right from the dashboard. It is possible to create polls from over 20 different style and view results as they trickle in. users can customize fully their polls. The following are customizable aspects of the poll.

  • Setting the poll closing day
  • Creation of numerous polls
  • Keeping results private

In addition, users can embed polls that are created on other sites. The interactive ratings menu enables users embed ratings into comments, posts and pages. For easier customization of ratings, the rating editor simplifies this process. The ‘Top Rated’ widget permits users see their top rated posts as well as from the week, month and every day. It is multilingual, therefore allowing a vast number of people use it. It is compatible with WordPress 3.3 or higher.

Post star rating

This plug-in lets users rate posts using the five stars method. When a post appears on a site, the users have the capability to rate the post, comment or page as a whole. Users can also vote for the posts and display results for the top ranking posts. This is a great opportunity for site administrators and page owners to see their most captivating posts and the most popular comment. This certainly goes a long way in helping them know what they are doing right and wrong. Post star rating works best with the 3.3 or higher version.


This plug-in adds an AJAX based rating system for WordPress pages, and helps administrators get more statistics on the ratings. It is especially helpful when there is need for comparison of the data.

Author hReview

author-hreviewThis plug-in, adds support for schema.org hReview and AggregateRating. This increases search traffic by presenting SERP results in a more eye catching way. Author hReview only supports editorial ratings submission and only gives the authors opinion. This means site visitors and clients do not participate in this in the review and rating processes. There is a variety of templates and features, which give editors and authors more control over their reviews. In addition, there is a security feature that helps authors and editors spot fake reviews and other irregularities. This helps protect the site and ensure no outsider is playing unfairly.

Multi Rating

This is plug-in that lets site visitors rate a post based on various criteria and questions. The following are some outstanding features.

  • A report of the daily entries
  • Editing ratings from the WordPress admin console
  • Percentage, score results and 5 star ratings
  • Numerous rating criteria including select lists, radio answers and multiple choices
  • The site admin can view the entries, selected values and rating results
  • The ratings data can be exported to CSV file format
  • This plug-in is fully customizable, meaning administrators can restrict certain things e.g. text modification, types of posts, and validation

More features include:

  • Rating forms can include email address, names and comments
  • administrators can permit or reject anonymous the user ratings option
  • Broken down details of the poll
  • Blacklist and white list restriction is available
  • Users can delete or update current ratings

Multi Rating runs seamlessly with WordPress 3.0.1 or later. It is also compable with Windows and Mac Operating Systems.

Universal Star rating

With the help of the classic star rating system, users can add reviews, ratings and other information with this plug-in. this plug-in utilizes shortcodes to embed a list of star ratings or a single inline star. This plug-in also simplifies the process of adding products and services to the blog page. It is a simple to use plug-in and makes sure the users work is as simple as possible. Speakers apart from English can benefit from the brilliant features a multilingual plug-in and therefore other language. Universal Star Rating needs 3.0.1 version or higher and is compatible with MacOS as well as Windows. It also supports Linux and Ubuntu.

Rating plugins ensure more engagement and interactivity on your site which is a strong popularity assessment criterion for search engines. So, you should strongly consider about having rating plugins on your website.

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