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Best WordPress Redirecting Plugins

We redirect users to keep them engaged with our site content! Therefore, redirecting is one essential aspect of your website to help your users find the relevant links and get navigated to his target content on and off site. Redirecting has both the functional and strategic implications. All such factors validate the reason to have a redirecting plugin on your WordPress site. It enables your site to self-ensure visitors and users easier usage. This article will focus on the best redirecting plugins to use.


Redirection is a plugin, which manages 301 redirections and keeps track of errors like 404 errors. Redirection makes everything easier because you do not need the knowledge of apache.htaccess files. The Redirection plugin helps you keep your site organized and helps to patch up any areas you may have overlooked on your site. Redirection helps you in migrating pages from an old website to a new website easily. In addition, it hastens and simplifies the process of changing the directory in WordPress. Some exciting features of Redirection plugin includes log keeping of 404 errors and facilitation of easy mapping of the redirects. You can have access a full list of all types’ redirects. The Redirection plugin lets you plan your traffic diversion.With the Redirection plugin, you can use three main redirection methods which are redirecting to random pages, redirection based on login status and based on the referrer.

Statistics are very important in measuring your redirection performance. The Redirection plugin lets you  get redirection statistics, which tell you the number of times a redirection has take place, when it last happened, the person who tried to do it and the location they found the URL. The WordPress Redirection plugin gives you a clearer picture of your progress.

Quick Page/ Post Redirect Plugin

Quick-PagePost-Redirect-PluginThe Quick Page / Post Redirect plugin mainly enable redirecting to pages, posts to other pages and posting of external URL’s. In addition, the Quick Page / Post Redirect Pluginhave an option box to control settings and edit section. This lets you to specify the redirect location. You have the choice of setting meta, permanent or temporary redirection. Quick Page / Post Redirect Plugin works with all WordPress themes and version so it is  easier for you to ensure that users have access to content any time. You can even set a redirection that will open a new pop up window.

Users can view content on multiple windows and tabs. It is also possible to redirect another WordPress website from different location directed to another page. In addition, you can post to any website with the use of an external URL. With Quick Page / Post Redirect Plugin, you have access to a full summary of redirected posts and pages, not forgetting the custom post types.

Peter’s Login Redirect

The Peter’s Login Redirect plugin essentially enables you to redirect users to different locations after logging in and out. It gives you the capability to define clear sets of redirecting rules to the very last detail. With this brilliant plugin, you can set rules for specific users, who have specific roles and specific capabilities. In addition, you can have a general rule for all users. This keeps everything on check and helps you manage your site better.

peter-login-pluginIf you need to add, your own code logic Peter’s Login Redirect enables you to do this before or between any redirect check.  As the site administrator, you are able to see all the activity and most importantly the redirects. This helps you modify and refine the content on your site. It also helps you reach your users with much better control.

Safe Redirect manager

Safe Redirect Manager plugin gives you the capability to manage your sites HTTP redirects safely and efficiently. It is compatible with WordPress and works seamlessly, to take care of all your redirecting needs. This easy to use plugin enables you to use any HTTP status code you desire and redirect any location to a new URL.

The WP safe redirect function technology is used in this brilliant plugin. The function only allows redirects to specific approved hosts. This is extremely important in terms of security and ensuring your site is safe from scammers and other possible threats. In order to make your work a breeze, Safe Redirect Manager enables you to handle automatically approved hosts for you. This helps you to totally stay preventive from possible cases of scammers and bad parasites. The plugin is highly beneficial because it protects both you and the users. Another brilliant characteristic of Safe Redirect Manager is its versatility. It works perfectly well with all WordPress themes, versions and upgrades. Safe Redirect Manager is definitely the way to go, as you look to managing your redirects and protect both yourself and the user.

Redirecting is a very important part of spreading your wings. However, it can get messy, especially if you do not have a solid management system in place. These plugins ensure that your work is easy and you are able to sieve through the sites and keep not just yourself, but also your users safe from harmful or malicious content. It also gives you the information on the redirects and sites that are more popular with users.

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