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Best WordPress Registration Plugins

The login and registration pages are the main gateway of your website. You really need to impress the user and new members here. For making the user register smoother and easier;and ensuring that your brand reaches all the given aspects of the website, you need a good registration plugin. Of course, there are a plethora of plugins at your disposal, but you may find it quite difficult to choose one which can improve the user’s experience.

The following are the best registration plugins of WordPress. Just check them out and see how wonderful and expressive your website can become.

Register Plus Redux

wordpress-userThe Register Plus Redux plugin helps the registration process bemore customized and user-friendly. You can use different fields for the registration and post interesting messages on the opt-in page using the plugin. All these can be easily done by Plus Redux. Register Plus Redux’s functional capabilities include:

  • Users email verification on registration.
  • WordPress Custom logo replacement with default WP logo on the registration page
  • Options to use email address as user ID
  • Places the new users in queue so that they can be verified by the administrator
  • Automatic login of users after completing the signup and registration process
  • Options to check password strength with password strength meter.
  • Adding self-made disclaimers, privacy policy, license agreement, registration, etc
  • Customization of messages to new registered users
  • Alerting the administration about the new user registration and signup

The Register Plus Redux is the improved version of the Register Plus by resolving various bugs and giving an added compatibility with the WordPress 3.0 + versions and can work as multilingual plugin.

User Meta

bpprivacy2The User Metais another WordPress registration plugin that is performance oriented and easy to use. Its features are –

  • Easy addition of extra fields in the user profile.
  • Allowing updating user profile on the front-end.
  • Addition of extra field in the user registration module.
  • Using shortcode for front-end user registration.
  • Creation of multiple forms in custom user profile or user registration.
  • Forms editors and fields to easily customize the registration and user’s front end profile.
  • Registration of the account along with various roles using different registration forms.
  • Displaying the avatar of the user in the registration and profile page. It is both in non-Ajax and Ajax.
  • Modification of the default email of the sender and his or her information.

In addition to these common features, there are some additional features like

  • Front-end reset password and lost password.
  • Front-end user login using the email or username.
  • Auto verification of the user login after registration.
  • Approval of administrator for users.
  • Email verification on registering.
  • Deactivation and activation of the user from the user list by the administrator.
  • Email’s send and receive customization from the WordPress website.

Login with Ajax

The Login with Ajaxplugin is suitable for those websites that need user registration and logins, and want to avoid the normal basic WordPress kind of login.

The basic features of this particular plugin are

  • Easy login
  • Interactive Registration
  • Password reset option
  • Custom logout and login redirection
  • SSL Compatible
  • Redirecting users to the customized URLs for logging out and logging
  • User redirection with various roles to customize the URLS
  • Fallback mechanism that is in compatible with the javascript written browsers
  • Customization and upgradation of the safe widgets
  • Compatible with the BuddyPress, WordPress, and MultiSite
  • Template and shortcode tag availability

In addition to these features, the given plugin is multilingual interface supported.

photoUsers Ultra

Users Ultra is an ideal plugin used for making advanced network and communities within few minutes. Whether it is a model agency site or talent community, social communities, etc., any kind of user-friendly websites can be created quickly with the Users Ultra plugin.

In addition, you can integrate it with any WordPress theme and add various fields as you wish. So,when it comes easy usage, then Users Ultra gets first place. The entire modules are customizable and in case if you don’t know the coding, you can still make minor changes that are unique. Some of the common features are

  • New features each week
  • Priority Supporting
  • Membership Registration and Packages with roles. Each user can choose a role at the time of registration
  • Fulfillment and medallions
  • User offline and online status
  • Multisite Support Feature
  • Social connect buttons for Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, Google, etc
  • Mandrill and SMTP Emails
  • Front-End Publishing with various images
  • Minor Tweaking Support
  • Elegant and Easy Customization of User profile
  • Spam Protection and IP Blocking
  • User Wall


pie-registerDo you plan to have user login and registration in your website before they can interact? For this you would needuser registration and it is something that has to be created from scratch. Get Pie Register to make the task easy for you. Check out some of its brilliant features:

  • Charging users for registration
  • Customized and User-friendly registration form
  • Creation of customized profile pages
  • Enabling verification of email and admin moderation
  • Usage of Widgets and Shortcodes
  • Latest and Improved interface for users
  • Invitation codes
  • CAPTCHA Verification
  • Custom Registration and Login
  • Admin Moderation and Control
  • Verification of email

There are collections of registration plugins from the bandwagon of WordPress with features like secure logging, rebranding etc that would easily help you to attract a huge audience and get new ones too (along with retaining the old users).


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