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Best WordPress Review Plugins

As we all know, WordPress plugins are third party or external add ons, extensions that enable a specific functional feature to a larger application. WordPress the biggest and the most popular CMS solution is highly customizable with these add ons that they call plugins. Here in this article, we are after reviewing the top 5 review plugins – extensions that will add reviewing functionality to your website for the users.

What Are The Top 5 WP Plugins For Reviewing?

The best known plugins for your WP site are:

  1. WordPress Review Site Builder
  2. WP Review
  3. Nearby Now Reviews
  4. WP Product Review
  5. Rich Reviews

WordPress Review Site Builder

wp-review-site-builderWordPress Review Site Builder is a powerful plugin to make a review website. It works on all themes and you do not require to modify anything. The highly customizable WP plugin is easy to administer. It has helped businesses to make their website a money making converter.

You can easily install the plug in by uploading it to wp-content/plugins/directory and activating it. The WordPress Review Site Builder is compatible with WordPress 3.4 and higher versions and till date has been used to thousands of websites.  You can rate, leave comment and offer the same to your users.

WordPress Review Site Builder is really simple, free and appears decent enough to build quick trust on your website and service. Help your business with the WordPress Review Site Builder – a great plugin you must get.

WP Review

Compatible with WordPress 3.0.1 and higher versions, the WP Review is a professional plug in solution for review based websites. It offers star, point and percentage based reviews system and comes for free. The plugin installs fast and wp-reviewwithout any issue and remains highly customizable. It supports Google snippets, responsive, WP multisite and multiuser compatible. It offers translation service built in and reviews get published in vision friendly manners.

You can easily install the plugin in steps described earlier and after activating you can select which type rating and reviewing will you select for your website – just tick on that option. The WP Review offers lots of modification and customization options like selecting the review color, fonts and even the CSS. The interface also supports short codes. You can sort the reviews based on their timeline of posting and popularity. WP Review is without any doubt is the real click that you need.

Nearby Now Reviews

nearby-now-reviewThe Nearby Now Reviews plugin of WordPress is a robust and dynamic one that let users to post review and put their location information along with photos and can link up with their blogs.

It is a fully professional solution for users looking for review plugin to deliver website visitors with the best review and rating experience. It has wider columns, area heat map, interactive appearance, preview system, supports short codes and even audio testimonial options.

The Nearby Now Review WordPress plugin would be a great choice for you if you are looking to generate business from the user reviews. It is highly configurable and customizable to suit your needs. Check more on Nearby Now Reviews that works with any WP version higher than the 2.0.2. Look at the picture on left side to understand how Nearby Now Reviews plugin on your WordPress is creating the difference!

WP Product Review

wp-product-reviewThe WP Product Review is another plugin to enable your website with review posting and feedback rating system. In terms of popularity usage this plugin falls next in line with WordPress Review Site Builder plugin. The WP Product Review will let you create a products widget based on the top rating. It is easy to update and customize with different appearance settings like color, fonts etc. You will also get a downloading functionality on the user interface and modify and reprioritize the reviews posted by your users. The WP Product Review also combines translation facilities. Compatible with WP 3.5 and higher versions the plugin is quick to install without any issue. Have a look at the image on right, check one example of what WP Product Review plugin can deliver you. Don’t forget this extension also works on Google Snippet.

Rich Reviews

rich-reviewsNext in our list is the Rich Reviews WP review plugin for your website. The Rich Reviews is one extraordinary plugin that looks in delivering functional results for developers. With the plugin you can get different reviewing systems like global, category based and per page per post model. You can also customize them according to their appearance needs. It gives full fledge customization facilities with submission moderation control system, supports short codes, easily integrates with any device on any platform and any theme. Compatible with WordPress 3.4 the Rich Reviews plugin integrates with Google search and is lightweight based. The very recently released plug-in the Rich Reviews has already built some reputation and in terms of popularity choice this plugin comes in third position. Installing, customizing the Rich Reviews plugin does not freeze your brain – it is all simple without any heck. Look at the picture next and get the impression yourself.

We hope you have enjoyed these reviews as we researched to put a viable enough list of effective, high performing plugins to meet your WP sites reviewing needs.

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