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If we list up all the functional features of different WordPress search plugins, can’t you compare them and identify the best one for your website? I believe that you can easily search to find out the best WordPress search plugin for your website.

Search Everything

wordpress-searchThe Search Everything is an unique plugin to add on your site. It works in 3 steps like activating the search, configuring the options and conducting the search itself. The plugin can work in the most comprehensive form and as a result of which users can look up for excerpts, attachments, tags, meta data etc.

If you need to delist a certain page or post from the search, you can do it. The plugin also has an assistant coming with it as built in which benefits the researchers and academicians – the Research Everything. Compatible with WP 3.6 and higher versions the Search Everything plugin details search capabilities across highlighting, category, taxonomies, tag, comment etc. The Search Everything will replace the default search functionalities on your theme and will replace that with advanced search program based performance.

Search & Filter

The Search & Filter is the newest plugin for search functionalities, and it has simple search and filtering capabilities. Inspired from the default search function of WordPress DesignAndCode developed the Search & Filter plugin and since its release on October 7, 2014, it is being downloaded too fast. Let us see the reasons behind its good fan following in short time. With Search & Filter one can look for posts, pages, authors, dates, taxonomies, types, tags, categories. It will use Ajax to publish the results and looks deep inside of a site that even the drop down menus, radio buttons or the check boxes or comboboxes and the multiselect options – none get skipped.

search-filterThe search option is powered with the JQuery autocomplete and published results are uniformed. You will get the required information in proper details with lot for information that will help you to easily spot the right content. The Search & Filter plugin uses drag and drop editor, fits easily with different themes and templates and ecommerce solution. It is multilingual and the publisher offers dedicated support service. Pick the Search & Filter plugin if your site is from any of the niches here; blogs, reviews, news, property, realtor and so on.


The Relevanssi search plugin from Mikko Saari features following functional capabilities as a search plugin;

  • Search results in proper order and logical matching
  • Options for partial matching
  • Relevant search of document or its partial content, a full search term or part of it
  • Log queries scanning
  • Popularity indexing and recent browse or search indexing
  • Content index with tags, comments, titles and short code support
  • Database interlinking
  • Search suggestion and multiple website search support
  • User profile, taxonomy, arbitrary search term’s search coverage with MySQL table

RelevanssiWith half a million downloads since September 2014, the Relevanssi is a strong search plugin that can not only perfectly matches your default search function but also brings some more professionalism to your website’s performance.

Dave’s WordPress Live Search

Dave’s WordPress Live Search is a tiny plugin that is completely focused on live search functionalities. Once a query is inserted the suggestive results will keep coming up as the user continues his typing. The search functionality does not wait for the query to be complete to start the search; rather it has predictive nature that guides the search and focuses on faster satisfaction to the user. You can watch the video available in this page of Dave’s WordPress Live Search.

Search Regex

The Search Regex is a robust search plugin for your WordPress website that replaces the traditional search function of WordPress. By replacing the traditional search, the Search Regex improves the search find quality and let the PHP work with full power to carry your command. Available for higher than WP2.0 versions the plugin can work easily when you are migrating or even updating your website. The plugin will make your works less and easier as it is developed by John Godley who already have many other popular plugins in his bag. Search Regex will perform perfect on given context as you understand from the brief here. So, take time to learn more about the Search Regex.

Now we have a good number of plugins before us and each plugin’s functional capabilities are mentioned here as well; also we focused on the contextual usage of these plugins. Therefore you are expected to match your perspective with the context to help you select the right best WordPress search plugin.

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