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Website security is a prime concern for any website owner or developer. If you are running your website with WordPress as the content management system, then you are more secured from regular web vulnerabilities. You can tie up and add extra layer of protection simply by enabling some security plugins. The question is which security plugin you should be using to protect your website. This article details on the best WordPress security are:

  1. iThemes Security
  2. Wordfence Security
  3. Bulletproof Security
  4. Acunetix Security Software
  5. All in One WP Security

iThemes Security

With more than three million downloads and activations, the iThemes Security or formerly known as the Better WP Security is a popular security plugin that offers:

  • Users action, login tracking, content editing
  • Two-factorauthentication
  • Allowing users to import or export settings
  • Running malware scanner
  • Managing password by incorporating automatic expiry
  • Supporting stronger password generation
  • Detailed and descriptive functional features based on dashboard
  • Supportfor geo-internet protocol banning

Furthermore, the plugin will easily integrate with the site themes. It has Network Brute Force Protection system, obscurity removal, protection, detection and recovery functionalities to make one’s website run smoothly without any security vulnerability.

Wordfence Security


The Wordfence Security is compatible with versions higher than WP3.3 and it also was downloaded and activated more than three million times. Wordfence plugin offers:

  • Falcon engine for WordPress caching
  • Support for eCommerce solutions and shopping carts
  • Real time based attack blocker
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Login security and password generation
  • HeartBleed scanning for security vulnerability
  • Core file scanning
  • Firewall
  • Network and IP blocker
  • Chanel support system
  • Backdoors prevention

Please refer to How to Install Wordfence Security to see how to get it setup.

Bulletproof Security

The Bulletproof Security plugin can work with any version of WP starting from version 3.0 and it is used more than a million times. Its core capabilities are following:

  • .htaccess based firewall for website security protection
  • Secured access with login and password management
  • Stronger retrieval and recovery system with comprehensive support for database backup, login, prefix changer
  • Automate HTTP errors correction
  • Creating intensive security shields for website’s front and back end
  • Easier userinterface
  • Single click installation system with quarantine capabilities and intrusion guard
  • Working as anti spam and anti hack solution
  • Built with global Folder’s Anti Exploitation Guards.

Acunetix Secure WordPress

The Acunetix Secure WordPress is another powerful plugin to enhance your website security. It is free but comes with robust preventive and protective mechanisms for your website’s security. Use the plugin to stay protected from unwanted security breaches and let the following features of the pluginkeep your website safe:

  • Faster database backup and easy recovery system in disaster
  • Automatic error log removal
  • Removing WP version, really simple discovery meta, live writer tags, non admin core updates, theme updates, backend and front end synchronization
  • Life traffic management and monitoring
  • Integrated control tool

All in One WP Security and Firewall


The All in One WP Security and Firewall is a rising popular plugin for WordPress. It has been downloaded and installed to nearly half a million websites.And unlike other security plugins we discussed here, the All in One WP Security and Firewall uses a different approach to keep your website secured. It works from different angles. For user account security purpose, the plugin will detect accounts default nature, check the password strength and assess possible loopholes. For user login security, the plugin applies login lockdown feature, blocks IP, guards brute force login attach, sets administrator guarded, can forge logout, monitor failed login attempt and adds layers for authentication. Furthermore, the plugin has database security, file system, .htaccess, config.php backup and restoration system. At the same time, it also has blacklisting protection system, comment and security scanner and gets regularly updated.

Which WordPress Security Plugin Should You Use?

A suggestion would be to relook at the features of the best WordPress security plugins. If you relook at them closely, you will understand that each plugin is focusing on different areas of website security. As a result, even after being the same type of plugin, they do not offer many similarities and in fact, they differ a lot. Check which features you needs based on what type of website you are operating. Pick the one that gives you the most. If you think single plugin will not serve your purpose, go for multiple options. End of the day, stay protected. Everyday new threats keep emerging and there is no choice but even users can be the good source of security vulnerability to your website. The user may not even know how he or she is harming your computer. Therefore, pick the most comprehensive and latest security solution for your website.

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