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In social media and the internet as a whole, sharing is something common and happens all the time. However, there is need for a powerful plug-in that will simplify the process. The following are the best plugins that facilitate sharing.

Share Buttons by AddThis

addthis buttonsSite owners and administrators looking for traffic to their sites can rest easy. This plug-in does the whole job because it spreads word about content from a site. It shares over 300 of the most accepted bookmarking and networking sites. These sites include:

  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+

Modern browsers allow address bar sharing. This enhances the performance of the plug-in. and helps in getting more traffic to the site. The site admin can see how site visitors are sharing content from their site. It also gives on the post or picture what has been shared most.

Add Twitter, Facebook Like, Google plus one Social share

This is a social media button plug-in. this plug-in is an effective and reliable way of putting together social media share buttons. Users can add the following buttons.

  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Google +1
  • Twitter
  • Facebook Like
  • StumbleUpon

The integration can be done in different positions and styles. They include:

  • Round and flat border styles and users have the option of choosing or omitting a colored background
  • Users can select the position goof the social share buttons. They can have the buttons placed;
    • Below the post
    • Above the post
    • Floating at the side of the post
    • Both above or below the post
  • Site owners can use JavaScript to load social share buttons. This is more effective because it does not only allow embedding the share buttons but also loads the content of the site first. Furthermore, the script loading does not interfere with the share buttons
  • Users have the option to display static pages, tags, categories and archive pages all on the home screen
  • The advanced image search makes sharing easier for picture based social media sites such as Pinterest. Users can: post thumbnail, attached images, content, and insert images

This plug-in requires WordPress 2.8 or higher in order to give the best results.

Shareholic / share buttons, related posts, social analytics and more

ShareholicThis is the simplest and most useful method of increasing website traffic, successfully engaging the audience, gaining free insights and monetizing. This is a whole encompassing amplification and monetization platform. It includes:

  • Promoted content
  • Recommendations on related content
  • Social sharing
  • Monetization applications like affiliate linking
  • Social analytics

This plug-in enables any kind of site, whether big or small, attract, engage and grow traffic to their sites. In addition, they are able to gain insights on the content they are marketing, as well as monetize their traffic. Interestingly, all this happens from a powerful and simple to use dashboard.

Really simple Facebook twitter share buttons

This plug-in position the various social share buttons below or above posts. This plug-in, enables easy customization of active buttons and positions them in the ‘Settings’ menu. Unlike other sharing plug-in, this plug-in uses only original codes given by the social network. They are simple to use and efficient.

This is a fully customizable plug-in, where in the site owners or administrators can hide the share buttons in selected posts. This gives privacy and security and helps control the shares of the specific posts. Really simple Facebook twitter share buttons requires WordPress 2.9 or higher.

Share this: share buttons and social analytics

This plug-in, gives the user the ability to social charge their content by using ShareThis. It features CopyNShare, Social Analytics and the Hovering bar and Open Graph Sharing. This plug-in comes in a neat and attractive user interface. This goes a long way in improving how the social media tools look. In addition, it improves user interaction. This plug-in features a vast widget with 120 channels from which to share content. The following are additional features:

  • Use of large or small buttons, addition of counters and use of sharing bars
  • Accessing greater insights by creation of a Social Analytics Dashboard account
  • Evaluation of the social cycle by connecting, engaging , increasing and repeating the process

Share buttons Add to many

add social media sharing buttonsThis plug-in helps people share, bookmark and email their posts and pages by the use of any service. These services include:Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Reddit, Google, StumbleUpon,  Tumblr and LinkedIn.

This plug-in is fully customizable in a way that users can have custom share icons, have a sharing kit for specific share links and vector sharing buttons. It is a powerful and highly effective plug-in.

Simple share buttons adder

This simple to use plug-in adds the share button to all pages and posts. Just as the name states, it is simple to use because it does not have any hotlinks to any other website, to slow down the downloading process. In fact, it does not have any tracking back links to monitor online activity. Users can apply their own custom-colored share buttons.

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