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Best WordPress Store Locator Plugin

store locatorYour website plays a strong role in providing the users guidance and direction towards your point of delivery or services. In this regard, providing such guidance and direction needs to be specific and accurate. Therefore, a specialized service or dedicated plugin for this purpose can play a crucial role to make your work easier. The top quality store locator plugins in these cases can match your need.

Lots of Locales WordPress Store Locator

The Lots of Locales is a unique store locator plugin for your WordPress, with which you can easily create a map and manage the location specification. It can also work as store location finder, address map and as mapping tool. It can integrate with Google’s map service. Key features of Lots of Locales include:

  • Scope to add different countries and places in the map to show store location
  • Language support
  • Use of unique icons on the map
  • MapDesigner settings
  • Color options, zoom level, map type variations
  • Automatic JavaScript and CSS load prevention

The plugin can be used with categorizer and multiple mappers. Being compatible with WP 3.3 versions and easy installation make the WordPress Store Locator plugin a good application in dealer finding, shop positioning and zip code based search.

Store Locator Plus

Store-Locator-PluginThe Store Locator Plus plugin has features:

  • Active support
  • Regular update
  • Supports for add-ons
  • Multiple countries and locations focuses
  • International language support
  • Supports unique map marker and maker
  • Map type selections
  • Zooming, showing, hiding, miles/kilometers denominator
  • Pull down list
  • Local search track

The Store Locator Plus also includes contact Extender to create or add or manage contacts data; the Directory Builder to create instant location directories; Enhanced Map for extended interface control for maps and Enhanced Results for custom location results. The store locator plugin can make the best use of Location Extender, Store Pages, Tagalong and Sensory Location Scanning. It is much dynamic and robust in terms of functional usage and performance capabilities. Compatible with versions higher 3.4 on WordPress, the plugin is working in over hundredsof thousands of websites and easily links with social network.

WP Google Maps

With nearly a million downloads and active installation, the WP Google Maps plugin stands as the most popular store locator plugin. Its features are:

  • Easy to use interface without any coding knowledge
  • Map marker, editor and maker, responsive map
  • Map drag and drop system
  • Localization support
  • Views in roadmap, terrain and satellite imagery
  • Animations support
  • Store search functionalities
  • Weather updates link, cloud layer, transport layer
  • Scopes to add details, categorization, filtering,
  • Multilingual interface support

There are both the free and paid versions for the WP Google Maps and will support any version in WP higher than 3.5.


easy2mapThe Easy2Map is another example of brilliant store locator plugin for WordPress websites. Core competencies of the Easy2Map plugin are listed in below:

  • Direct installation and insertion in the main menu of WordPress dashboard
  • Easier map integration with abilities to create, mark and modify the maps
  • Drag and drop support
  • Customizable icon or map marker import
  • Hyperlinking and HTML coding enabled map listing
  • Short code support
  • Regular map features included like zoom, different views, size, location, etc

The Easy2Map works with WordPress 3.0 and is super easy to use.

WP Store Locator

The WP Store Locator is another plugin that delivers you good value in location management system. It includes unique thumbnail for each store, listing capabilities for unlimited number of stores, listdetailing with full details, drag and drop support and so on. You can show driving directions, get filtered results, zoom, automatic location system and multilingual interface. The WP Store Locator runs on all themes operating with WordPress 3.5. This plugin is an ideal recommended for everyone who is keen in giving customers complete localization direction. Therefore, in terms of completeness, the WP Store Locator is good enough.

GEOMyWordPress and SimpleMap are two other plugins for store locating. You can also review their features and functionalities to help you decide which one you should pick to help your customers and users and traffic as such that they are looking for your point of delivery and service.

The main idea behind finding the store locator plugin is to keep the focus on completeness of the information. Here your concentration is on giving as much as you can. It does not matter how many stores or access points you have, all you need is to concentrate on how easily you get found by the users. So, think wise and make a smart move.

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