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Best WordPress Subscription Plugins

Subscription of your website, news and posts are important in achieving your long term success. We need to make the subscribing for traffic smooth and hassle free. Here we are to review couple of good subscription plugins for WordPress and listing their functions for your easy reference.

BuddyPress Group Email Subscription

buddypressThe BuddyPress group email subscription provides five tiers of email subscription services like weekly, daily, new topics, all in email and nothing in email. The nothing in email only shows headlines and lets user click on the headline to reach the website. The all in email will put everything about your website on the email newsletter, the user may not have to land to your site to get the full information. The BuddyPress group email subscription plugin also offers default subscription status – you can set one as default from the five options and prepare digest and news summary to send to your list.  Other important features of the BuddyPress Group Email Subscription plugin includes –

  • HTML email support
  • Emails generation based on administrator’s activities, not the user generated content
  • Followership of specific topic
  • Administrative dashboard and notifications
  • Spam notification
  • Multilingual language service

The plugin works perfectly with any theme and been downloaded more than one hundred thousand times till its release in July 2013. It can work with WordPress 2.9 and better versions but the most optimum performance is experienced on 3.5. Try it.


The Newsletter is one of the most popular subscription plugins for any WordPress website running on 3.3 version or modern ones. The Newsletter comes completely free and is super quick to install. It has been downloaded more than a million times since its introduction in October, 2014 and the functional features include –

  • Newsletter-PluginsSupport for unlimited subscribers
  • Easy tracking for the emails
  • Views counter with complete statistics
  • User registration with WP
  • Stronger privacy protection with double authentication procedure
  • SMTP  email client server support
  • HTML and text email support
  • Customizable email newsletter themes
  • Language support through translation in newsletter content and administration dashboard
  • Error detection system with diagnostic performance measurement tool
  • Social media integration

The Newsletter is a complete plugin in managing ones’ subscribers and community. Developed by Stefano Lissa the Newsletter is a quick hit in short time due to the greater reliability and service quality it delivers.

ALO EasyMail Newsletter

The ALO EasyMail newsletter is another cool plugin in to prepare and send out email newsletters to your customers about your website. Its key capabilities includes –

  • alo-easymail-newsletterOptions to write text based or HTML rich newsletters
  • Recipient list management
  • Batch email sending mode support
  • New subscriber management
  • Contact list export and import
  • Multiple themes for newsletter
  • Reach out report generation
  • Automatic language translation service

The ALO EasyMail Newsletter is compatible with WP3.6 and higher versions.

MailPoet Newsletter

The MailPoet Newsletter is the most popular of all our autoresponder plugins that focuses on subscription. It will make your viral marketing work easier. The MailPoet Newsletter has been downloaded more than two million times since its formal release in September, 2014 and the core advantageous you can get from the plugin include newsletter creation, posting notifications and autoresponder. A detailed functional feature of the MailPoet Newsletter is furnished below:

  • mailpoet-wordpress-pluginDrag and drop support
  • Last post update send out as newsletter
  • Automatic subscriber email management as autoresponder
  • Diverse range of emailing themes
  • Custom photoshop editing functionalities
  • Offers faster opening, click through and subscription rate
  • Responsive design to fit in all devices and OS’s.
  • Import and export of new subscribers list and contact list
  • Support for different mail clients
  • Email sending performance report
  • Automatic bound handling

The MailPoet Newsletter is undoubtedly a professional quality piece of subscription plugin that can surely meet most of your demands easily.

Knews Multilingual Newsletter

The Knews multilingual newsletter can be referred as the new generation of subscription plugins that helps users with managing the subscribers and sending out to them the email newsletters. Why this is termed as the new generation of subscription plugin is reasoned in its functional capabilities which include:

  • Domain blacklisting power
  • knewsmultilingualnewslettersAutoresponder
  • Remote subscription support
  • Pixel tracking
  • Multilingual interface and text translation support service
  • HTML code editor
  • SMTP  mail client server support
  • Automotive newsletter creation with widget and template customization
  • Subscriber segmentation
  • Total control and Cron support
  • Personalize messaging option
  • Performance monitoring and measurement reporting system

The Knews Multilingual Newsletter is undoubtedly advanced, modern and offers new breed of advantages that many of the popular ones are not offering. So, take your time to think which one you will require for your website.

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