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Users have different kinds of data they may need to display on their blogs or WordPress websites. This data may include statistics or information in numbers. One of the simplest ways to organize this kind of information is through tables. It is easier to read information off tables and they are practical. However, it becomes a bit of a challenge when users want to add tables to their pages and in other posts. To make work easier, WordPress has a number of efficient plugins to help with the process of adding tables to posts and pages.

Table press

tablepress-logoThis is a fluid plug-in, which enables users manage their tables with the help of a simple and versatile interface. The tables can contain an array of information and can be included in various destinations. The following is a list of some outstanding features.

  • Facilitates importing and exporting data from CSV, JSON and HTML files
  • Users can include formulas. This enables evaluation of data
  • This plug-in facilitates pagation, sorting and filtering via an extensive JavaScript library
  • Easy to use and neat interface
  • Enables simple and fast table editing capabilities

It requires windows XP or higher to run and is compatible with both 32 and 64-bit versions.

Ultimate tables

This plug-in facilitates inserting numerous inside a post or page. It is a visual table builder, which encompasses data table script. This provided filtering, searching, paging and sorting of pages. It makes work easier for the user and the one posting. A great feature is the table designs and customization. Users have a choice of three designs, which they can play around with and create tables that meet their satisfaction. For those looking for better management of tabs, users can create and manage tabs by copying and inserting the requisite code into the page, widget or post. The ultimate table plug-in is insightful and faster, meaning users get more reliable and quicker results. This plug-in works flawlessly, with windows and Mac operating systems.

Pricing Table Ready

pricing-tableThis plug-in is specifically ideal for blogs and websites that deal with financial and pricing data. Pricing table lets users manage and generate pricing and comparison tables, with the help of short codes. It includes five different styles, to give users a choice, depending on what they want to display on their sites. These are some key features that users can enjoy

  • There is a drag and drop provision for moving columns
  • Unrestricted number of rows and columns
  • Pricing table line preview
  • Pricing table cells tools and tips
  • User friendly price table generator

This plug-in simplifies the process of displaying and viewing pricing and comparison tables.

Websimon Tables

This plug-in enables user’s design and create tables within the admin panel of their WordPress websites. It saves a lot of time and makes things easier for users who desire to create tables with no hassles. There is no requirement to have knowledge on HTML, PHP or CSS. The following are some useful features.

  • Users can create unlimited numbers of tables
  • Unique design for each table if desired
  • Provision for including tables in posts or pages
  • Users can insert any type of images
  • A variety of ten readymade skins to choose

Users can customize any aspect of the table, including length, width, height and other aspects. It is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems. It requires 2.0.3 version of the MacOS or higher. It works well with Windows XP and above.

Visual Table Formatting Lite

Visual Table Formatting LiteVisual Table Formatting enables fast and simple creation of tables. It adds value to the Visual editor, by adding its own button. VTF opens a dialogue box that allows users generate tables by hand. This is possible by entering data in the CSV style with the help of short codes. Visual Table Formatting has great features, which include:

  • A fluid editor that allows users select cells
  • Facilitates application of simple formatting such as color, underlining and bolding words
  • A simple and efficient short code output
  • User friendly functions

VTF enables users edit cells on tables in real time. It takes only clicking the ‘vt’ icon and one can enter and confirm changes any time. This plug-in allows the user to comp, move and format the text format. One can select cells within a specific row or column and move them in whatever way they desire. There is a dialogue box, which allows pasting the short code, therefore users can see the changes and post them accordingly. Working with Visual Table, formatting is simple and fast.

With these plugins, one is sure of efficiency and great results. It only takes a few clicks, users can edit, view, and post changes on their WordPress sites in minutes.

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