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translationWhen browsing the internet, there are times one may come across a page that is not in a language they understand. This does not mean one cannot access the content of the page. This is because page translation is possible and it is effective more than ever before. This is a list of plug-in that enables page translation.

Tranposh Word Press Translation

This is a translation plug-in that supports WordPress in over 82 languages and facilitates simple manual correction. This plug-in provides a distinctive approach to blog translation. It combines automatic translation with a simple-to-use interface. This plug-in includes the following features:

  • Allowing Buddypress integration
  • Supporting any language including RTL and LTR layouts
  • Professional translation
  • Extensive options for widget appearance
  • Drag and drop interface for viewing and choosing the translatable languages
  • Users can utilize MS Translate, Apertium backsends and Google Translate for translation
  • Auto translation mode, which includes translation of comments

When it comes to performance, this plug-in is fast, reliable and efficient. It is also flexible, thus allowing users to take control of the plug-in and have a pleasant user experience.

WordPress Language

This plug-in letsusers select language and carry out functions automatically. This plug-in also enables users change the WordPress language without installing other translation files. It lets the user choose the country variants and automatically download and install the correct files. When new translations or languages are available, WordPress Language updates the language database with one click. Basically, this plug-in utilizes an online index of up to date translation files. When users switch languages, WordPress language checks for the best translation file and implements it. It works well with multilingual sites.And with the help of a powerful and versatile dashboard, it enables simple and fast changing of languages.


logoThis plug-in enables multilingual content management support to WordPress. Polylang enables creation of multi and bilingual WordPress sites. Therefore, users can write comments and posts, create pages, categories and posting tags. In addition, one can choose the default language of the post. The following are more features of this plug-in.

  • Users can translate pages, posts, comments, media, categories, post tags and menus.
  • The language is set automatically depending on the URL and language code
  • There is a customizable language switcher in the navigation menu
  • Users can use any amount of languages they want. In addition, RTL language scripts are supported

Polylang supports WordPress 2.8 and higher. It works flawlessly with Windows and Mac operating systems.

Mq Translate

This plug-in provides translation and multilingual content management as well as translation support with the help of extensions. Scripting multilingual content is a difficult process. This plug-in comes in to make managing this type of content easier. MqTranslate makes the process of creating multilingual content less taxing. The following are some outstanding features.

  • It offers one language for individual URL, therefore prevents mixing of content
  • Translating time and dates for the user
  • Enabling language customization without changing the necessary files
  • Simple and fast error free translation services
  • Support of immeasurable languages, which can be deleted, added and edited all through the configuration page

Ceceppa multilingua

This plug-in adds user-friendly translation support and multilingual content management. Users can write posts and pages using multiple languages, with the help of this plug-in.  Here are some exceptional features.

  • Enabling filtering of widgets by language
  • Facilitating the translation of sites
  • It separates the posts and pages so that each language has its own URL and SEO
  • It translates the titles of widgets
  • Enabling grouping and ungrouping of comments under various languages

Google Language Translator

tuUsers can insert Google Language Translator anywhere on the website with the use of short codes. Some of the main settings include:

  • Vertical layout
  • Inline layout
  • Showing or hiding the Google toolbar or Google branding
  • Users can hide or show specific languages
  • Users can add the short code to pages, posts and widgets

Google Translate WordPress (WP Translate)

This plug-in adds a Google Translate Widget to the right side of the site. This enables site visitors translate the content on the website to any language they desire. This is a great opportunity to expose a website and garner traffic from all over the world. Other features include:

  • Tracking translation usage with the help of Google analytics
  • Enhanced widget positions
  • Setting the websites default language

The WordPress Multilingual Plug-in

This plug-in simplifies building multilingual sites and running them. It is powerful, versatile, resourceful and high in capability. It is a powerful and reliable plug-in for all translation needs. The following are some capabilities users gain.

  • Enabling users translate pages, menus, theme texts, posts and custom types
  • It provides full support for WPML
  • All themes run multilingually
  • It is a great for SEO
  • Excellent user support
  • Easy to set up
  • It is appropriate for all types of users i.e. corporate, business, personal and start up

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