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Showing videos on web sites is now an essential part. However, sometimes it is difficult to embed videos to pages and websites. The following is a list of versatile and powerful video plugins.

Kaltura All-in-one Video Plug-in for WordPress

Kaltura All-in-one Video Plug-in for WordPressThis is a powerful video embedding tool that includes vast functionalities to simply video embedding. With this plug-in, users can:

  • Record, upload and import videos
  • Offers central media management through the management console
  • Supports advertising and monetization
  • Updates video thumbnails by selecting frame from video
  • Full administrative capabilities
  • The player is fully configurable

This plug-in supports WordPress 3.5.2 as well as mobile playback support.

Post videos, slideshows, photo galleries, podcasts and albums

This plug-in lets users post videos, slideshows, galleries, and playlists quickly and easily. This means there is no need to have multiple plugins for the above functions. It is a fully manageable plug-in, which ensures speed, security, reliability and scalability of media. The following are some highlighted features.

  • Various customization options including colors, size, texts and many more
  • Automatic photo resizing functionalities
  • Direct and simple management of media
  • Enables HD wide screen viewing
  • Supports Android, Blackberry, iPad and other smart devices

This plug-in works with WordPress 2.0.2 or higher.

MediaElement HTML-5 Audio and Video player

html5-audio-player-01This is a plug-in built to enable inserting HTML-5 into a media player library. In addition, it provides flash or silver light fallback player for browsers that do not accommodate HTML-5. It supports various devices and formats including:iPad, Android, iPhone, MP4, OGG, WMV, MP3, WMA, WAV, WebM.

This plug-in also contains short code options, which make it easier to add locations of videos, create extensions and determining features such as the length and width of the frame.

Video Press

VideoPressA pug-in that enables managing and embedding videos hosted on WordPress. This plug-in utilizes short codes to make work easier and faster. This plug-in offers the user the following capabilities.

  • Uploading new videos to WordPress sites by the administrators
  • Managing of existing videos from the admin dashboard
  • Through use of simple short codes, authors can add any video to their WP site
  • Facilitates video retrieving
  • Authors can specify the length, width and height of the video frame

Video Press is compatible with WordPress 3.0 or higher. It works well with both MacOS and Windows.

Video player for Flash and HTML5 formats

A plug-in that allows users embeds HTML5 and Flash format media. This is a powerful and versatile tool that enables users customize, embed and edit files and media. The following are some key features.

  • Powerful and efficient shortcode system
  • Full integration into the media library
  • A simple and vibrant playlist manager
  • Fully supports HTML5, Flash and JW Player 6

This plug-in is compatible with WordPress 3.0 or later.

Thumbnail Generator and Video Embed

Facilitates encoding of HTML-5 videos and generates thumbnails. Users have the option to use JW player, video.js and Adobe Strode media playback. It does not matter the video player in use, they all give users the capability to resize the frames in whatever way they would like. This plug-in is usable in creating a pop-up video gallery. It supports WordPress 3.5 or later.

Video thumbnails

This plug-in simplifies automatic display of video thumbnails on WordPress sites. Thumbnails are saved to the media library and are automatically set as a featured image. Some of the supported sites include Vimeo, Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, Rutube and many more. Users can change the size of images, bulk scanning and widescreen cropping.

WordPress video gallery

preview-wordpress-youtube-video-galleryThis plug-in enables user get a versatile and exciting video gallery for WordPress sites. Video gallery enables social network commenting from the gallery page, customization of the length, width, theme, skin and height of the display screen. Users can encode videos in MOV, M4A, F4V and MP4 formats. The following are more features.

  • HD playback
  • Easily customizable and manageable widgets
  • Supports live telecasts
  • Display of captions
  • The video title can be displayed or disabled from the home page

In order to run effectively, this plug-in needs WordPress 2.8 or higher.

Video sidebar widgets

A video sidebar plug-inhelps in display of videos. In addition, users can add shortcodes and quick tags, therefore making is easier to embed videos and post them. This collection of widgets made into one plug-in enables displaying flash videos in sharing networks such as BlipTV, YouTube, Google, Vimeo and others. Video widgets runs efficiently with WordPress 2.8.1 or higher.

Viper Video quick tags

Viper tags facilitate simple, fast and reliable video posting from sharing websites. This plug-in simplifies the exhausting process of copying and pasting embeds from websites. This plug-in utilizes a rich editor and a prompt box to simplify the process of copying and pasting videos from sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion and others. Users can configure the height, colors, width, alignment and other characteristics of the page. The following file types are supported:

  • QuickTime
  • Flash Video
  • Generic video files

Viper quick tags work effectively with WordPress 2.8 or later.

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