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Best WordPress Web Hosting in Hong Kong

WordPress is a site building platform based on PHP and MySQL. Since it has been used by millions of webmasters, many hosting companies release WordPress web hosting to draw customers’ zhuji91 xiaoattention. Hong Kong hosting providers are no exception.

Nowadays, Asia has become one of the largest trade markets, and there is an increasingly number of people coming here to start their business. To start Asian business successfully, it’s necessary to choose a Hong Kong web hosting to power your websites.

Because Hong Kong web hosting is near to China mainland and some other Asian countries, like Japan, Korea, Thailand, etc. Thus, many providers are able to provide fast connections to those areas. Besides, it is free for ICP license, which means your site won’t be blocked by the Chinese government.

ZhuJi91.com.hk – The Best Option for WordPress Websites

There are numerous web hosts in Hong Kong, offering thousands of hosting solutions, so it is hard to make a choice among those companies. In this case, we have reviewed hundreds of Hong Kong web hosting solutions and finally recommend Zhuji91.com.hk to readers. This company provides the first-class WordPress web hosting service with affordable price, attractive discounts, advanced features, outstanding performance and excellent customer support.

Cheap & Rich-featured Hosting Service

Both Linux and Windows OS are available in ZhuJi91 WordPress web hosting. It is regularly starting at $8.95/mo. And now, with up to 45% discount, the price is as low as $4.95/mo for readers clicking the promotion link below. Customers are allowed to subscribe the service in 1/2/3-year billing cycle. The company provides 30-day money back guarantee and supports PayPal payment.  For more information, please check the following table.

Linux WordPress Hosting Windows WordPress Hosting
Regular Price $8.95/mo $8.95/mo
Discount 45% 34%
Discounted Price $4.95/mo $5.95/mo
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days 30 Days
Sign Up Sign Up

In addition to affordable price, each solution includes premium features, including abundant disk space, unlimited bandwidth and multiple programming languages. This company utilizes WebSitePanel to power Windows hosting and uses the most popular cPanel to support Linux hosting.

Some other features are listed as below.

  • Windows Server 2008 R2 + IIS7.5, CloudLinux
  • MSSQL 2012, MySQL5, Dedicated IP, URLRewrite2
  • PHP5.2/5.3/5.4/5.5, Python, Perl, .htaccess, phpMyAdmin
  • ASP.NET1.1/2/3.5SP1/4.5, 301 Redirect

Meet All the Requirements to Host WordPress Websites

As a PHP based software, WordPress needs to be backed by the latest version of PHP and MySQL. Zhuji91.com.hk supports PHP5.2/5.3/5.4/5.5, MySQL5 and phpMyAdmin, coming with Perl and Ruby on Rails. Thus, this web host can guarantee 100% compatibility with WordPress. Besides, the 1-click WordPress installer is also available to customers, enabling them to install WordPress effortless.

100% Uptime & Fast Page Loading Speed

Zhuji91.com.hk cooperates with NWT, one of the best data centers in Hong Kong, delivering at least 99.99% uptime to local websites and some other Asian regions. Additionally, it also offers multiple VIP connections to China mainland customers, so their sites can enjoy 100% uptime and host in a reliable environment.

By using 100% DELL servers powered by full redundant power supply, UPS backup and 24/7 monitoring, its server response time is shorter than almost all the hosting providers in Hong Kong. Based on our monitoring in the past 30 days, Zhuji91.com.hk consumes 348ms averagely.

Considerate Bilingual Technical Support

Many foreign people choose to start their business in China, but they don’t know much about Chinese. To help those customers acquire the best customer service accessibly, Zhuji91.com.hk offers bilingual technical support in both Mandarin and English. People can access to its professional and experienced support team via email, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The blog includes many useful hosting tutorials written by its knowledgeable technicians, from which readers can get various hosting tips and skills to develop their websites with ease.

Summary – Zhuji91.com.hk is a Trustworthy WordPress Hosting Provider

Based on this review, Zhuji91.com.hk has achieved the goal to provide customers with the best WordPress web hosting service, for its cost-effective solutions, 100% WordPress compatibility, full uptime record, stunning hosting speed and professional technical support. In conclusion, this company is the unique option to host WordPress websites.


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