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Best WordPress Wishlist Plugins

Before I push you into details of the best WordPress wishlist plugins, I prefer to give you the ideas about wishlist. Well, wishlist is a list of things you want to have. It can contain products; it can contain service names or even songs listed. A wishlist in e-commerce business plays a vital role. It works as a unique tool for the e-commerce site owner to forecast his future demands and manage the inventory. As you may know, that rightly predicting the future demands, the changes in customer demand and the trend in user expectation is the ultimate clue for one’s commercial success. The wishlist plugins come to help by serving these purposes.

Now, WordPress has thousands of plugins in different categories but they do not have much as wishlist plugins. As most of the e-commerce themes and templates have been built with functions for customers to communicate their future expectations, they have greatly reduced the need for separating wishlist plugins. Though you are not operating any e-commerce, you will still get the benefit from using the wishlist plugin. Your customerswill communicate with you what they want from you.  Let us introduce you with a few wishlist plugins for your WordPress website.


wish-listThe WishList is a good quality wishlist plugin published by the WishList Products. Its main functional capabilities include three membership options support, rich member management feature detailing the control, monitoring and customization. It also has multiple level access systems so that you can regular which content to distribute to which subscriber. Another important fact with WishList – WordPress wishlist plugin, is that it integrates easily with different shopping carts. The WishList WordPress plugin is quite pricey as a plugin but it worth every penny.

DVin WooCommerce Wishlist WP Plugin

The DVin WooCommerce wishlist WP plugin is the probably the most popular of all wishlist plugins available for download and installation today. It has social media sharing, theme adaptation based on site responsiveness, private and public wishlist generation and strong sales management tool. With the DVin WooCommerce wishlist WP plugin you can allow your users to share the wishlist easily with their friends and in their network. Through this way you can secure some presale or get some bookings. The plugin helps to link the wishlist in more manageable way and that’s why it develops dedicated URL within your domain for the wishlist. Visually it creates wishlist button and lets the administrator manage it. The DVin WooCommerce Wishlist WP plugin is a good choice and to learn more about it, click here.

Woocommerce-Advanced-WishListWooCommerce Advanced Wishlist

The WooCommerce advanced wishlist will work on your WP though it is made to keep WooCommerce in mind. The plugin will require you to have WooCommerce as your shopping cart system and after that it will activate. Functionally the plugin supports shortcode, custom post type, public and private wishlist.  You can find more about the plugin here.

Other Wishlist Plugins

Brandon Gaille, a living legendary example of online success turning million dollars business, has a different list of wishlist plugins. In this article, we are interested to get his thoughts as well. Brandon named following:

  • Amazon Wishlist Pro
  • Easy Amazon Wishlist
  • Delicious Wishlist
  • Wish Pics
  • Amazon Associates Wishlist
  • YITH WooCommerce
  • Wishlist member

The Wishlist member is a simple plugin offering easier access to list the desire of everyone browsing your website. The plugin is really pretty simple and straightforward. Alternative to that, you can use the YITH WooCommerce wishlist plugin that will let your users add product links and let you manage the wishlist under a dedicated URL. The YITH WooCommerce also supports multilingual display.

amazon_wishlistOur next plugin to review is the Amazon Associates wishlist that also gives one the opportunity to earn referral money. You can use it on your website if you have a product up for sale in Amazon. It will then show up the products in that niche along with your products. Even if a customer do not buy your product using the list, but purchases a different one using the Amazon wishlist, then you will also get affiliating commission. That’s another part of the discussion.

The Wish Pics is purely a sole purpose oriented wishlist that you need to define with your desired products and items or let the users fill it up for you to follow. The Delicious Wishlist is not much different; it too works similar like the Wish Pics. The Amazon Wishlist pro and Easy Amazon are two other plugins in our list that can help you greatly manage your customer desires.

You might see many of these wishlists are based or formed or developed for Amazon services. The reason is that Amazon is the first to introduce their wishlist concept as a widget to help sales. This idea was later replicated and popularized by everyone. If you look forward to helping the sale, wishlist is a way of it.

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