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As a leader in web hosting industry, Bisend is well-known for its innovative hosting solutions which bring high price value to the customers. It is one of the first web hosts who build hosting service using SSD, include SSL certificate as free, provide their customers with WordPress tool kits and more. In below Bisend Review, we will reveal why it’s one of the best web hosting for your website.

Who Is Bisend?

bisend.comBisend ( is a web host who is dedicated to offering high quality hosting service to small businesses and individuals since 2011. Unlike some other web hosts try to get you pay for various hosting features, Bisend include most of them as free in the package, including SSL certificate, SSD storage, Daily backup, Managed WordPress features, and more. Bisend now is serving for over 200, 000 customers from 190+ country, and it’s recognized as “Most Innovated Web Hosts” by many hosting review website.

Bisend Review on Features

Generally speaking, Bisend web hosting is easy to get started with. Catering to the needs of personal bloggers and small to medium size business owners, the company offers shared web hosting on both Linux and Windows Platform. Each of them have three plans to choose from: Standard, Pro, and Business. While Standard is limited in terms of number of websites, databases, and email accounts, Pro and Business offer customers unlimited SSD RAID 10 disk space, bandwidth, and many other features.

Usually, Bisend Linus web hosting supports PHP 5.4, 5.5, 7.0.x, Zend Optimizer, MySQL 5.5+, as well as remote MySQL management with phpMyAdmin, while its Windows web hosting supports ASP.NET 1.1/2/3.5SP1/4.5/5, ASP.NET MVC3/4/5/6, .ASP Core 1.0/1.1, Classic ASP, Silverlight 4/5, Node.js, and SQL Server 2012/2014/2016.

Also worth mentioning is that Bisend provides all customers with Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. They can have the SSL certificate automatically installed via the Plesk control panel for securing all their domains and subdomains.

When customers’ websites outgrow the existing shared web hosting plan, they can upgrade to Bisend’s VPS hosting for dedicated hosting resources and better security and uptime. Bisend VPS hosting features full management service, automatic backups & recovery, instant scaling, and many other advanced offerings.

Bisend Review on Prices

Bisent hosting services don’t come with the cheapest pricing, but they often include discounts and promotions to make it enticing to join.

Right now there are three plans available, with prices ranging from $7.99/mo to $19.99/mo regularly. Customers can sign up with 1-year, 2-year, or 3-year billing term according to their requirements. As expected, longer term customers can receive larger discounts. For example, if a customer purchases a 3-year Standard plan, he can receive 64% discounts off, reducing the regular price to only $2.95/mo.

Bisend 64% Promo Bisend 64% Promo

Bisend shared,  VPS and reseller hosting packages are backed by a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. In other words, if customers find it unhappy with its hosting service, they are eligible for a full refund within the first 30 calendar days.

Bisend Review on Speed and Uptime

Another big plus point of Bisend web hosting is the fast speed and excellent reliability experience.

Bisend gives a choice of two data center locations: Chicago, USA and Hong Kong, China. Customers can choose the location while signing up based on where majority of their website visitors would be from.

In the case of its Chicago data center, it is located in a secured, private campus with Digital Realty Trust responsible for building and operating it. With the utilization of 2N Utility, 2N UPS, N+1 Central Chilled Water Plant, BMS monitoring and control, and more, the facility manages to keep redundant power supply while maintaining at least 99.9% uptime.

All sites are hosted with brand new Dell servers driven by cutting-edge SSD RAID 10 storage. The web host also takes advantage of CloudFlare CDN to ensure customers receive the most advanced protocols on the web. Bisend also builds close cooperation with bandwidth carriers and establishes a multi-layer network infrastructure, lowering the latency and speeding up connectivity.

Bisend Review on Ease-of-Use

Web hosting can be confusing to the novice, especially will all of the extra features on offer. Some hosting companies boast about rich features, but many of them are extra. Ease of use plays an important role in website setup and maintenance, making it necessary to be listed on a web hosting review.

Plesk Control Panel

With cooperation with Plesk International GmbH, Bisend is able to include the most popular used Plesk control panel in all hosting accounts. Customers can develop websites and apps on an intuitive graphical interface; they can make use of a complete set of security tools to harden their online presences; and they can also benefit from scheduled server related tasks and automated intelligent maintenance.

Automatic Backups & Recovery

Bisend automatically performs a weekly full backup and a daily differential backup so that customers can instantly have their websites restored to the previous version once a server outage or an offline website facing them.

SSH Access

Secure Shell (SSH) is a UNIX-based command interface and protocol for getting access to a remote computer in a secure way. Bisend enables customers to use the command interface to access the server quickly, easily and securely. They can also transfer encrypted files and data from local computer to a remote server through an SSH tunnel.

Bisend Review on Technical Support

Things will go wrong at times. That is why quality, effective customer support is a must-have consideration when choosing a reliable web hosting service.

Bisend comes with a complete U.S.-based support team who are ready to offer efficient yet user-friendly help around the clock via multiple channels, such as email, ticketing system, and LiveChat. Customers can also leverage the power of its extensive Knowledgebase that consists of a pile of


Bisend is not perfect and has some undetected flaws. Nevertheless, the web hosting keeps improving itself and has proven that its web hosting products and services are reliable, flexible, and scalable. Maybe it’s still too early to say that “Bisend eats up the competition”, but it does very competitive out there. So far, I would recommend Bisend to individuals and small to medium websites. And also, don’t forget to redeem the special $2.95 coupon when placing an order!

If you are looking for more information about Bisend, please visit to find out.


  1. Bisend will help you get impeccable SSL technology which is very essential for to stay safe and secure over the net. You will also be able to get great SSH services with the help of which you will be able to make multiple copies of data which will help you to protect your exclusive data.

  2. One of the best features of Bisend is its automatic backup on an everyday basis which will help to prevent your data from getting lost or misplaced due to unfavorable incidences. You will also be able to provide encrypted data to several systems in a secure fashion. You can also control panel which will give you easily manage your users over the internet.

    • I use their pro package. It offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth. It’s impressive that they provide all their customers with Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. Plesk control panel is the best that I have used until now. It’s cheap; it’s fast and very reliable. The data gets backed up regularly, so you don’t have to worry about losing it. I am very content with their service as a whole.

  3. Bisend is the most trusted hosting providers. It is serving more than Lakhs of clients every year. However, Bisend is not really a cheap hosting provider, but every penny is worth spending over this hosting.

  4. Among all the choices available, I chose bisend for their storage. My website required excessive storage for multimedia and presentations, and ever since it has been lucrative. Bisend fulfilled that for me, unlike the other site that had my wallet in depression. Great job, Bisend.

    • It’s cheap, has versatile options of OS for hosting and the service is great. I simply love the options they provide you with regard to the plans. You are given the flexibility to pick the feature you want for your website and what to pay for. My data gets backed up weekly, and the speed is surprisingly fast. I would recommend Bisend to all those looking for a reliable service provider.

  5. With an uptime of 99.9%, bisend works very well with both platforms, Linux and windows. It provides hotlink protection to keep other domains from interfering in your content. They also offer you with daily backup, so nothing gets left behind. I am very contented with bisend and their customer support which is available 24/7.

    • This hosting service has helped me a lot in increasing my productivity. This was recommended to me by a friend, and now it has become a crucial part of my blogging career. It offers great storage space for my work and also daily backups so that I can be relieved all the time. It is cheap and cost-effective. It also has easy to use interface making it much more attractive for this not willing to out n much time. Its 24×7 support gives me a sense of trust and reliability.

  6. Their services are amazingly satisfactory. All their services have a money back guarantee. They have the best performing server. Also, their Linux and Reseller services are beyond best of all that I have used!

  7. I love simply Bisend! Their prices and services both are great. May it be technical or customer support, they are always ready to solve everything as soon as possible. They take good care of your website at a price which simply unbelievable and also it is available on Linux.

  8. Bisend is extremely cheap but still provides a lot of memory to work with and their support of various Linux Distros and other OS makes them a versatile hosting site. Their number of applications are also very helpful especially the support of a lot of eCommerce software. They also provide a lot of plans that also vary in features.

    • I had once lost all of my data and had no backup of it. It was a massive loss in my business. I then switched to Bisend. Bisend backs-up your data weekly so that if there is any loss of data, it can be recovered easily. Also, being the first hosting service using SSD, I can rely on their fast speed.

  9. As a newbie, I was looking for a hosting website with reasonable price and good service and Bitsend has lived up to both. The interface is easy to use and does not require you to work too hard understanding it. I’m quite satisfied by their performance and will continue using it in future. Thank you for your services!

  10. I absolutely enjoyed using Bisend. It really helped me overcome any difficulty that I thought I’ll face in host servers. It opened my perspective up. It is so user-friendly and takes care of everything. One doesn’t need to worry while using this host server. I really believe that anyone who is looking for a new host server can adopt this as it will make the entire process much better and faster.

  11. I was using some other web host from many years and never thought I would switch to something else. But after giving a try to Bisend it had totally changed my mind. With there free daily breakups, ensured security, high speed and 30 days money back guarantee services they have always surprised me with good features. I would now recommend Bisend to everyone looking for a trustworthy web hoster.

  12. I recently used Bisend ASP.NET Standard plan. I have to say that its features in the package is good without questions, but its server space is not my size, so I plan to upgrade my plan here. And I do hope its customer service can be good all the time.

  13. this is a newly launched web hosting company that I found at the beginning of this year. By visiting its official website, I found that the company has web hosting free SSL certificate, free Plesk control panel and special Hong Kong hosting. These are useful features that we need most.

  14. Chose Bisend as my first web hosting provider, mostly because of its cheap pricing. Anyway, they’re giving me quite good speed experience that I didn’t expect for the price. I like their support as well. They gave me very detailed guideline of how to enable the SSL certificate in my Plesk panel, with patience. Recommend if you also plan to build a small content website like me.

    • I love Bisend simply! Their prices are great and so are their services. May it be technical or customer support, they are always ready to solve everything as soon as possible. They take good care of your website at a price which simply unbelievable and also it is available on Linux.

  15. Bisend is the best hosting I have use. The price is quite affordable, and what amaze me is that it offer free SSL certificate to my site, and save me quite a lot of bucks.

    Unlike most of web hosts I have used, Bisend use Plesk instead of cPanel, and this panel looks awesome. It’s great that I could have a new web host to use other that EIG.

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