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Bisend vs. GoDaddy

Bisend and GoDaddy are both Linux and Windows friendly, offering various web hosting solutions and related things for website building in the market. In below, we will compare the two companies from hosting pricing, features, performance and customer support to reveal which one is the better partner for customers. We hope the article can help customers get another good cheap web hosting options for their sites.

Who Are Bisend and GoDaddy

Bisend ( started offering web hosting solutions in recent years. Although the company is young, but it consists of experienced web hosting experts and utilizing the latest technologies to enhance its web hosting plans. Currently, customers can get ASP.NET hosting, Hong Kong hosting, managed WordPress hosting, Windows and Linux reseller hosting and VPS hosting there. Domains and industry-leading brands’ SSL certificates are offered as well.

GoDaddy ( is a world’s largest domain name registrar; meanwhile it provides both Linux and Windows web hosting solutions, ranging from shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting. What’s more, GoDaddy also provides many other related products like domains, website builder, SSL certificates, email marketing, and more.

Bisend vs. GoDaddy on Hosting Pricing

Bisend and GoDaddy both prepare special promotions on different web hosting plans to customers.

At Bisend, its shared hosting including Linux web hosting, Hong Kong hosting and ASP.NET hosting all come with up to 64% off discount. These shared hosting solutions normally all start at $7.99/mo, but after cutting 64% off, they are as low as $2.95/mo only. If customers are interested in these cheap shared hosting, they can purchase through our exclusive promo link below:

Bisend Exclusive Deal Bisend Exclusive Deal
64% Off

If customers need reseller hosting, Bisend now has up to 54% off discount on both Linux and Windows reseller hosting. Normally, Bisend reseller hosting charges from $43.25/mo, while it is now at $19.95/mo. Customers can read our Bisend Coupon to obtain more information.

GoDaddy is a cheap web host, which offers exclusive promotion to our readers. Currently, for customers who purchase via our following promo link, they can get GoDaddy shared hosting Economy at just $1/mo, which normally starts at $7.99/mom, saving 87% off. The deal is valid for 12 months!

GoDaddy Exclusive Deal GoDaddy Exclusive Deal

Besides, GoDaddy VPS has different promotions. Linux VPS plans come with up to 71% off discount. For instance, it Linux Economy VPS starts at $17.99/mo with 40% off instead of $29.99/mo; Windows Economy VPS starts at $27.99/mo with 30% off rather than $39.99/mo. Customers can click on GoDaddy Coupon to get more details.

Both companies give customers the best pricing they can. For refund policy, Bisend and GoDaddy both provide 3o days money back guarantee. It ensures customers to get their hosting service money back within 30 days of the date of the signup.

Bisend vs. GoDaddy on Hosting Features

We have talked that Bisend and GoDaddy both offers exclusive promotions to make its hosting very cheap. Now we are to reveal their hosting features and we will mainly focus on shared hosting, because they both have rich shared hosting plans.

First, we want to check their shared hosting resources. Bisend has special Linux SSD hosting, optimized ASP.NET hosting, and Hong Kong hosting based on both Linux and Windows OS. By default, Bisend offers the same amount of server resources in these shared hosting packages. So, no matter which shared hosting plan customers purchase, they will get 1 to unlimited websites, 10GB to unlimited SSD disk space and 50GB to unlimited bandwidth.

Redundant resources can support customer website’s fast growing. Well, the better thing is that Bisend has already made its shared hosting code-ready, meaning once customers sign up here, they can start their site immediately. Rich developer features are the foundation.

In Linux shared hosting plans, customers can receive rich scripts like PHP 7.x, popular PHP 5.6 & 5.5, Zend Optimizer, MySQL 5.5, phpMyAdmin, rich email features like 50 to unlimited email accounts, webmail, and multiple industry-leading email supports (Outlook, Windows Mail and Thunderbird), and rich security features like hotlink protection, customized .htaccess and free SSL. For Hong Kong hosting, it also includes Git support and website backup & restore.

In Windows shared hosting, Bisend offers the same server resources and what Bisend other Linux hosting plans have. What’s more, Bisend offers various versions of ASP.NET and MVC, Silverlight, Node.js, Classic ASP as well as SQL Server 2012-2016. Additionally, Plesk control panel and 1-click script installer are included in all Bisend shared hosting plans.

Well, at GoDaddy, its Linux shared hosting and Windows shared hosting are both available with 3 different packages. For Linux ones, it comes with at least 1 website, unmetered bandwidth, 100GB storage, free domain with yearly plan, and free MS Office 365 Business mail for the first year. Besides, 1GB MySQL Linux DB storage, easy to use cPanel, 1-click setup, 1-click upgrade, 1-click installer of 120+ apps are included in each Linux shared hosting plan

For Windows shared hosting at GoDaddy, customers can get the same server resources, 10MySQL DBs with 1GB storage of each, 1 MSSQL DB with 200MB storage, 50 FTP users minimally and Windows Server 2012 R2 to get started. Moreover, 1-click setup, 24/7 security monitoring & DDoS protection, 1-click installer of 50+ apps, and easy to use control panel are available.

Comparing their shared hosting based on Linux and Windows OS, we think both have their strong sides of features, and their packages are both attractive for starters, but Bisend offers free SSD, free SSL and free Plesk control panel which GoDaddy does not offer in plans.

Bisend vs. GoDaddy on Hosting Performance

Similarly, Bisend and GoDaddy both have a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Bisend is confident to its own web hosting solutions, because it has powerful backbones of data centers which are located in Chicago and Hong Kong. No matter where they want to host their site, they can get the better location for faster request response time. Besides, these data centers have been fully equipped with redundant facilities like UPS, cooling and physical measures. There is VIP telecom connection to China mainland, which ensures even 100% network uptime.

What’s more, Bisend uses high quality servers to run customer website, and these servers are all Dell branded, coming with at least 24 cores, RAID-10 storage and 64GB memory, ensuring the best page loading speed.

For GoDaddy, in previous years, it did not have much good reputation in reliability, but for recent years, it has made great progress in this aspect. Now GoDaddy has up to 14 data centers around the world, giving customers many location choices. Improved hosting environment ensures better hosting reliability based on redundant power, climate control and security. Partnering with reputable bandwidth providers, it has better network to deliver to customers as well.

In conclusion, we still think Bisend has better hosting reliability and faster page load time than GoDaddy.

Bisend vs. GoDaddy on Hosting Customer Support

Currently, Bisend can offer customers 24/7 live chat, ticket support, whose support teams consisting of experienced technicians can offer customer responsive and professional tips and help them solve hosting and website related issues as soon as possible. Also, customers can go to Bisend help center or company blog to get the latest website building tutorials and technical articles.

At GoDaddy, it has 24 hours phone and email support, product support center as well as community offered to customers.


After comparing Bisend and GoDaddy, we know that both offer various web hosting solutions with standard support, and their web hosting plans are both very cheap which is attractive to customers. However, we also found that Bisend provides web hosting with better features like SSD, faster and better hosting performance. So, here we recommend Bisend to customers who want to start their online presence easily and quickly.

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