Bisend vs. Host4ASP.NET: Who Should Be Your ASP.NET Hosting Provider

Bisend and Host4ASP.NET are easily two of the best ASP.NET hosting solutions for individuals and small to medium business websites. Everyone understands the importance of choosing the right hosting provider. But, how to make the decision between two recommended options? Here’s a Bisend vs. Host4ASP.NET comparison review to help potential customers clarify the similarities and differences between Bisend and Host4ASP.NET so that they can make an informed decision.

Bisend ( is a fast-growing hosting company offering both Windows and Linux hosting products and services. With quite good performance, outstanding customer service, and tempting low pricing, Bisend gains good reputation among web designers and bloggers. On the other side, Host4ASP.NET ( has been around long enough to cultivate a strong core of ASP.NET hosting. Due to its 100% focus on premium ASP.NET hosting experience, Host4ASP.NET rapidly stands out from competition and becomes synonymous with quality and reliability in ASP.NET hosting area.

So which ASP.NET hosting service is better? Let’s find out…

Bisend vs. Host4ASP.NET on Pricing

When a customer makes his decision solely on price, he would be caught in great frustration because the two web hosts have an extremely similar pricing strategy!

Bisend ASP.NET Hosting comes with three plans: Standard, Pro and Business, the regular price of which are set at $7.99/mo, $10.99/mo, and $19.99/mo respectively. The latest Bisend Coupon enables customers to have up to 64% off the regular price, reducing the price to $2.95/mo, $5.45/mo and $9.95/mo.

Bisend 64% Promo Bisend 64% Promo

For those who are looking to make profit from reselling Bisend ASP.NET hosting service, the web host gives them quite impressive coupon as well. After discounting, Bisend Windows reseller hosting starts at $19.95/mo; namely, 54% off normal price $43.25/mo.

Host4ASP.NET ASP.NET hosting also has three sizes, including Basic, Advance and Business. Regularly, the plans cost $4.95/mo, $6.95/mo and $15.95/mo. Now, Host4ASP.NET is offering special coupon for all plans to make them more affordable. The discounted price of Host4ASP.NET ASP.NET hosting could be as low as $2.95/mo.

Host4ASP.NET Exclusive Deal Host4ASP.NET Exclusive Deal
40% Off

Even better, Host4ASP.NET cuts maximum 33% and 64% off its Windows VPS and Windows reseller hosting, making the lowest prices of the two hosting solutions at only $19.95/mo.

As to money back guarantee, both hosting companies allow customers to request full refund when their hosting accounts are canceled within the first 30 calendar days.

Bisend vs. Host4ASP.NET on Features

First, let’s take a look at some key features offered by Bisend and Host4ASP.NET ASP.NET hosting.

Features Bisend Host4ASP.NET
Free SSD
Disk Space 10GB~Unlimited 10GB~Unlimited
Bandwidth 50GB~Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts 50~Unlimited 10~Unlimited
Websites 1~Unlimited 1~Unlimited
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Speaking of scripting language, Bisend and Host4ASP.NET ASP.NET hosting supports multiple .NET and PHP versions, .ASP Core 1.1, MVC 6/5/4/3, Silverlight 5/4, in addition to Microsoft SQL Server 2016/2014/2012.

Both Bisend and Host4ASP.NET make use of the popular Plesk Onyx interface for ASP.NET hosting accounts. The control panel features an intuitive graphic interface and a suite of powerful extensions so that customers can develop professional websites as well as apps easily and quickly. With hundreds of applications available, covering analytics, blog, catalog, content management, e-commerce, forum, gallery, and so on, customers can install free and commercial ones on their website in several clicks. Also with the Plesk Onyx control panel, customers can have free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate installed to build website credibility and protect website information from cyberattacks.

See? Bisend and Host4ASP.NET really have similar competitive ASP.NET hosting service. If there must be a difference, it should be the VPS/cloud hosting configurations. Host4ASP.NET now is offering a fully customizable Hyper-V Windows VPS solution that uses either Windows 2008 R2 or Windows 2012 R2 operating system, and allows customers to add server space like Core, IP address, bandwidth, disk space and RAM as per their requirements. Differently, Bisend is partnering with Tencent Cloud, Aliyun, and Baidu Cloud to gives customers outstanding managed cloud hosting experience with free SSD and three Plesk management levels (Web Admin, Web Pro, and Web Host).

Bisend vs. Host4ASP.NET on Performance

Bisend and Host4ASP.NET both target American and Asian markets, utilizing more than one data center facilities in the two regions. Customers can choose one that is closer to their visitors to speed up connection while reducing latency. As well, they ensure every server is equipped with solid robust hardware and pre-installed up-to-date software. There is no need to worry about the reliability, because Bisend and Host4ASP.NET guarantee at least 99.9% uptime for both power and network uptime.

Bisend vs. Host4ASP.NET on Customer Support

Bisend is new to web hosting business if compared with Host4ASP.NET, but it is trying to be as professional as possible. Having a well-trained, friendly technical support team is a part of it. According to customer feedback we’ve collected from different channels, we find that most customers have given positive comment on Bisend’s customer service. Currently, their support staffs can be contacted via 24/7 livechat, email and ticketing system.

While Host4ASP.NET has rich experiences in helping customers solve different kinds of problems, their technical support has experienced ups and downs these years. It was easy to come across some complaints about delay of the technical response and unprofessional support members in Host4ASP.NET last year. As to our real test, Host4ASP.NET has completed upgrading the supporting system and improved customer service quality now. If customers have any question about ASP.NET hosting service, they can get in touch with their support center using live chat, email or ticket at any time and the web host will response to every request immediately.


To be honest, both Bisend and Host4ASP.NET are recommended ASP.NET hosting service options for bloggers or small business websites. They have very similar yet competitive features and tools to help customers build powerful online presence using the .NET Framework. The starting price of their ASP.NET hosting is set at $2.95/mo after discounting. But if you’re demanding for a reliable Windows VPS hosting platform, at this stage, we would like to suggest you go with Host4ASP.NET since Host4ASP.NET Windows VPS hosting has proven to be one of the best solutions in the industry while Bisend Windows VPS hosting still need test of time.

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