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Bisend vs. SmarterASP.NET

Assume that you have finally decided to start a blog or create some kind of a website, you must feel very frustrated when choosing a web hosting company. Particularly, you narrow down your choices to two web hosting solutions from different companies that you think would be perfectly fit your needs, but you face the dilemma of how to compare them so as to single out the winner. This is, however, what we are going to do with Bisend and SmarterASP.NET.

The focus of Bisend vs. SmarterASP.NET comparison will be their ASP.NET hosting service, analyzing it from prices, features, performance, usability, and customer support, to reveal who is more recommendable to Windows OS users; meanwhile, we will talk about their Linux web hosting solutions, showing why Bisend wins out over SmarterASP.NET for building a WordPress website or any other online presence based on PHP and MySQL.

An Overview of Bisend and SmarterASP.NET

Bisend ( is a newly emerging web hosting star in the market, offering complete product line from domain registration, Windows and Linux web hosting services, to SSL certificates. With renting world-class data centers in both U.S. and Hong Kong, Bisend aim to grab a slice of the two largest internet markets in the world.

SmarterASP.NET ( is a veteran play who used to focusing on superior ASP.NET hosting plans. Recently, for seeing the flourishing Linux hosting service or whatever reasons, the hosting company starts providing cloud Linux cPanel hosting as well.

Bisend vs. SmarterASP.NET—Plans and Pricing

Undoubtedly, both Bisend and SmarterASP.NET come with a wide menu of products, including shared web hosting, reseller hosting and VPS, and at reasonable pricing.

Bisend ASP.NET hosting has three sizes available, with the very basic one including 1 website, 10GB SSD disk space, 50GB bandwidth, and 50 email accounts, and charging for $7.99/mo normally. At the moment, Bisend is providing a special coupon up to 64% off, helping reduce the starting price to $2.95/mo based on a 3-year billing cycle.

Bisend 64% Promo Bisend 64% Promo

SmarterASP.NET, on the other hand, launches three ASP.NET hosting plans, in addition to a 60-day free plan that contains 1 website, 1GB webspace, and 10GB bandwidth. For those who are serious about their websites, choosing a paid solution would be more recommended. Regularly charging from $4.5/mo, SmarterASP.NET ASP.NET hosting service enables customers to save up to 15% off upon purchasing a 3-year plan. After discounting, it will charge from $2.5/mo instead, along with unlimited usage of webspace, domain name hosted, bandwidth, and email boxes.

SmarterASP.NET Deal SmarterASP.NET Deal
15% Off

When it comes to Linux hosting services, the same price promotion policy can be applied to Bisend Linux web hosting, namely, three sizes are available and the lowest price is $2.95/mo; in comparison, SmarterASP.NET offers two options that start at $2/mo after discounting.

Bisend vs. SmarterASP.NET—Hosting Features

Bisend and SmarterASP.NET create and manage a bunch of integrated and effective tools that can support every level of webmasters in building, optimizing, and marketing their projects effortlessly, intelligently and elegantly.

Development Software

Both hosting companies have keenly aware of the importance of supporting popular development software, especially for experienced developers.

No matter which web host customers prefer to, they will be rest assured that they can always access to updated versions of web development software, such as ASP.NET 4.7, Classic ASP, PHP 7.x, MVC 6, Silverlight, Python 3.2, Perl 5.1, MS SQL 2016, MySQL 5.x, and more.

User Interface

Depending on what customers are planning to do with their hosting accounts, having an easy to use control panel will help go a long way.

Fortunately, Bisend utilizes the industry-leading Plesk Onyx, which features an intuitive graphical interface, a complete set of powerful extensions, as well as a ready-to-code environment, enabling both Windows and Linux hosting customers to manage every aspect of their hosting account with ease.

For example, Plesk Onyx has been integrated into an ultimate toolkit for WordPress sites. With one dashboard, customers can manage everything WordPress, including installing, updating, and removing plugins, themes, as well as instances, without saying some built-in staging, cloning, syncing, security and backup/restore features. In case you’re curious about how simplified it is to build a website using Plesk Onyx, this tutorial could be helpful.

Though SmarterASP.NET includes the widely-used cPanel in all Linux hosting plans, the larger part customers who purchase its Windows hosting services, will only allowed to use its self-developed control panel. Apparently, the control panel is less user-friendly than Plesk Onyx.

Bisend vs. SmarterASP.NET—Speed and Uptime

Targeting the two largest internet markets around the world, Bisend is working with the world renowned IT infrastructure provider SingleHop to locate all servers in its Chicago data centers while acquiring the best HK web hosting company Zhuji91 and taking over its Windows and Linux hosting business locally. In addition to a closely regulated environment, brand-new Dell servers with multi-core Intel Xeon processors, the hosting company optimizes server speed and uptime by taking advantage of the latest SSD storage technology and tier-1 bandwidth providers.

SmarterASP.NET, similarly, is operating at three different top notch data center facilities in America. In order to deliver maximum reliability and performance, the hosting company ensures redundant power supply, armed security, and 24/7 monitoring in each data center. There are also top quality bandwidth carriers like Global Crossing, UUNET, Level 3 and AT&T to maintain 99.9% uptime.

In order to figure out who delivers faster web hosting speed, we make use of the GTmetrix to make a benchmark test. According to the results, we can see that Bisend loaded in 2.5 seconds, wheras SmarterASP.NET took 6.0 seconds to load. In a comprehensive view, Bisend beats SmarterASP.NET with better response time.

Bisend vs. SmarterASP.NET—Technical Support

Bisend has an extensive online support center and customers can also get support via 24/7 live chat or ticketing system or email system. Whenever customers have trouble with their hosting solutions, they can contract the support representatives to get professional, detailed technical support.

SmarterASP.NET on the other hand has its own knowledgebase, ticketing system and live chat support. Having engaged in hosting business, particularly the ASP.NET hosting business for over a decade, SmarterASP.NET gains good reputation for excellent customer service.

My Recommendation—Bisend or SmarterASP.NET?

If you are looking for best ASP.NET hosting service, register with either Bisend or SmarterASP.NET since both are reputable ASP.NET hosting specialists and offering affordable plans.

If you are looking for reliable Linux hosting service, go with Bisend for the best possible LAMP components (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) and cheap pricing.

If you are aiming at the Asian market, also sign up with Bisend because it can help host your sites on a local server for low latency and fast connectivity.

More information, please visit and to find out.

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