Friday , 22 September 2017

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How SSL Certificate Can Help Your Website

SSL acts as a shield for keeping our world wide web secure. When your data is floating around the internet, it is physically travelling across different computer networks around the world. Even if your website does not hold any sensitive data such as credit cards or personal information of your users, it is essential to keep your website protected with ...

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Top Best Sever Management Software

Without server management software, there comes a lot of manual burden since IT professional would be required in order to mange servers and related application that have critical impact on server performance. Not to worry there are server management software free available. For enhancing server performance and up-time, it is essential to manage it properly and effectively. Management cost of ...

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Upgrade PHP Version for VPS or Dedicated Server

Being the most popular open source web development language on the planet, PHP connects HTML pages to databases and multimedia applications for creating dynamic and interactive content. No matter when it comes to web developers, web site owners, or those who are running a CMS-powered online presence, keeping update the latest version of PHP seems extremely important since most of ...

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Importance of Joomla Website Design?

importance of Joomla

Joomla is an efficient CMS (Content Management System) which enables the users to create and build effective websites and strong online applications. Joomla is an open-source online platform which is used to create the websites and online applications. The CMS which establishes the connection with your website to MySQL, MySQLi, or PostgreSQL databases which would enable the management of content ...

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Best Web Hosting for eCommerce Website

Choosing a reliable web hosting is really important for customer experience especially when you are using a website to deal in the buying and selling of things online. Bad hosting usually is unable to give the latest security features for better securing sales; even worse, their slow loading times can frustrate buyers and will alienate a percentage. Based on what ...

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eHost vs.

Both eHost and have been providing web hosting services for years in the industry. Being a part of The Endurance International Group, eHost ( is capable to provide a variety and range of services. And (, established in 1999, has gained many awards for offering reliable and budget web hosting services. In below eHost vs., we will ...

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An Ultimate Guide on SSL and TLS


Have you been trying to learn the basic concepts of SSL and TLS? Then you could stop right here as we present to you the perfect SSL tutorial to help you in understanding the inner depths of these topics. For the most practical knowledge, you must understand that the concept of SSL is used whenever we have to make an ...

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Justhost vs. A Small Orange

To assist our readers get the best cheap hosting for their business, we are to compare two famous cheap hosting providers, Justhost and A Small Orange. In below, this comparison of Justhost vs. A Small Orange will cover their hosting plans, pricing, features, reliability, uptime, as well as customer support. To figure out these parts of each of them, customers ...

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WebHostingHub vs.

WebHostingHub and is regarded as cost-effective web hosting companies. In the following comparison, we are to mainly focus on analyzing the differences and similarities of WebHostingHub and To make it clearer, we plan to compare them in terms of pricing, features, performance, and customer support, hoping it is easy to understand which one is the right one for ...

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eHost vs. Justhost

For those who are evolved in the industry for a long term, eHost and Justhost are both absolutely well-known cheap web hosting companies. However, it may be a little confused when both veterans and novices are making the final choice on a cheap right web hosting provider for themselves, between the two. That’s why we are here as well! In ...

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Fatcow vs. A Small Orange

Below Fatcow vs. A Small Orange Review will be based the pricing, features, performance, and support of the web hosts, synthesizing official data and customer feedback, hoping to give our readers detailed information about the differences and similarities that is true and objective. Fatcow ( was originally came into being way back in 1998,  acquired in 2004 by the Endurance International ...

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Importance of Magento Themes for Your Website

importance of Magento themes

Have you recently launched your website onto the online platform? Then, it is imperative for you to realize the importance of Magento themes for your website. You must have selected the most suitable and the perfect theme for your website. The theme of any website plays a significant role in determining the success of any online business. The more attractive ...

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How to Improve Website Page Loading Speed

how to reduce loading time of website

Patience is not what you can expect from the visitors of your website. Time is precious and the market is as big as the ocean. Whether they are using smartphones or PC’s they expect the website to load immediately. When people have choice they will not wait for you no matter how good your offer is. The load speed of ...

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Security Solutions Might Cause Performance Problems


Security is loved by all and it is one factor that provides peace of mind to both the website owner and their visitor. This is a very simple fact when we check into some website as soon as that green color key is seen, it make us feel that we are at secure place. But, every security measure is not ...

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7 Free WordPress Plugins To Speed Up Your Site

WordPress site speed optimization plugin

Speedy website is what being liked by the internet users of today’s generation and if a site takes more than 3 seconds to load on an average, most of the users would prefer to visit another site rather than waiting for the one they are trying to open. And this is nothing but loosing visitors which will ultimately have impact ...

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DigitalOcean vs. Linode

There has been hundreds of cloud hosting providers on the marketplace without saying a growing number of traditional players are switching to this field. No matter what kind of website people are planning to build on or host with a cloud platform, DigitalOcean and Linode are two names that would come to mind. Here is the question: who offers the better ...

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How To Accelerate SSL Performance?

SSL handshake performance

SSL which is known as the Secure Sockets Layer is the fundamental protocol which is used for securing the online connections. It is used for encryption of the sensitive and confidential information such as login details and credentials, credit card information, email information, and passwords of various accounts. SSL has been used recently for achieving stronger encryption standard, the TLS ...

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10 UI Design Practices of 2016

As with the booming internet world, it becomes more difficult for web designers to keep up to date in the face of ever-changing web and UI design trends and development. Given that 2016 is slowly drawing to a close, we carefully pick up 10 of the best UI practices that have been widely used in the past months and can be ...

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Christmas Web Hosting Promotions

With Christmas carol lingering around, Christmas will soon come around. This is the last and also the best period for people to purchase products with huge discounts. The followings are the most attractive and competitive web hosting promotions for customers. If you are going to build yourself websites, you have no reason to miss them. Christmas Promotions–Shared Web Hosting InMotion ...

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What Impact Do Affiliate Links Have On SEO?


Affiliate Marketing is one of the most important methods of making money online. Affiliate links and SEO are two terms that often scare people even in their dreams. Google has a lot of guidelines about doing business online and you have to play by its rules if you want to stay at the top of the business. Here is everything ...

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Pay Per Click Marketing

how does pay per click works

It is important to get your website a good Google ranking so that it performs well and brings in new traffic for you that can possibly be your customer / regular visitors in future. Now, when you decide to bring good ranking organically, there needs to be done a lot of hard work and descriptive and in-depth knowledge of websites ...

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iPage vs.

iPage and are well-known for offering cheap web hosting plans. Here a question comes – who offers better cheap web hosting? To make it out, we compare iPage and from 4 sides, which are hosting pricing, features, performance and customer support respectively. Hope our readers can easily decide which cheap hosting provider can work with them well. About ...

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Core Functions Of SEO That You Might Be Missing

core functions of SEO

Have you tried all possible efforts to bring the desired traffic to your website, yet to no avail? The SEO might be the faulty star for your website. While you might assume the Google’s algorithm to change daily, the SEO basics remain pretty much the same. To generate the desired traffic and the subsequent conversions for your online website, you ...

Read More » vs. IXWebHosting and IXWebHosting both have good reputation in offering cheap web hosting solutions. Near the end this year, customers may need to change their web hosting plans or providers. Here we choose the two cheap providers to make a comprehensive comparison, so that customers can easily get the best web hosting option to host with. Now, let’s reveal their pros ...

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Tips To Improve Your Web Design

Web design tips and tricks

Having a website is essential for any kind of business nowadays. Moreover, website should directly represent what your business is all about. It is essential that your website tells all about your business as soon as a visitor lands on the homepage. If not a specific strategy needs to be followed to improve your website design. In this discussion, several ...

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