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Tips to Protect Your WordPress Admin Area

protect the wp-admin

Do you know, in spite of using the most prominent content management system, your administrative account can be compromised due to numerous malicious cyber-attacks such as hacking? Being the most sought-after CMS, WordPress has become the most prone and the favorite spot of hackers for stealing the entire control of your website. Should you take these securities nonchalantly, get ready ...

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Arvixe Windows Hosting Alternative—Host4ASP.NET

Both Arvixe used to be best Windows web hosting provider in the industry. However, for unknown reasons, EIG decided to abandon Arvixe, many sites are migrated by EIG the day before their renewal and problems arose one after another. Even worse, 95% of Arvixe’s support team were allegedly fired therefore there were nobody to take care of customers’ issues. Many ...

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How To Allow Your Users To Filter Posts And Pages In WordPress ?

People are been using wordpress since many a year now and undoubtedly everyone is looking like falling in love with the same. Obviously, anyone would adore any of such platform where there is every task made easy for a blogger to be able to make their content reach higher number of audience. The main role in which plays those plugins, ...

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eHost Coupon

If you are looking for cheap web hosting solution, you can make full use of the exclusive eHost coupon here. By following below eHost promotion claim process, you can save up to 70%, which makes the price starts at only $1.65 per month, a deal no one want to miss considering free domain name, easy-to-use cPanel and fast reliable hosting service from ...

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Top 10 Most Popular WordPress Themes Of 2017

Beginning a new venture online requires you to set up an attractive and engaging website. WordPress is easy to work with and it offers hundreds of themes which can be modified according to your business requirements. Based on their features and level of customization, there are some themes which have become extremely popular making them preferable themes to be downloaded. ...

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123-Reg Dedicated Server Review

123-Reg ( has been dedicated to providing easy-to-use products since 2000, plus its comprehensive customer support and rich features, helping it to be the most popular web hosting solution in UK. And 123-Reg was awarded as the Best Dedicated Server provider by Webhost directory. Here we’d like to reveal whether 123-Reg dedicated server is worthwhile purchasing or not. In below, ...

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GoDaddy New Business Hosting Review

With the booms of Internet, it is very important for businesses to have their business websites online. It means a reliable, secure and cost-effective business hosting is a must for them. GoDaddy newly announced a special Business Hosting. To help customers who demand a business hosting solution, we are to analyze GoDaddy new business hosting to figure out whether it ...

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TMDHosting Windows Hosting Review

Established in 2007, TMDHosting( is a premium web hosting provider providing various products for nearly a decade like shared web hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated servers. In this article, we will focus on its Windows web hosting solution through the introduction of features, performance, pricing and customer support. Hoping this article will help people who want ...

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Cloud Hosting vs. Traditional Hosting

difference between cloud hosting and normal hosting

Ever since 2006 when the CEO of Google announced the advent of cloud computing, everything on the internet started evolving to this novel technology. To keep abreast of the fast moving world, everyone is adopting cloud computing technology and it has indeed proven a windfall to the growth of every modern industry. Now the question is why not trying it ...

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Best VPS for eCommerce

As experienced writers in the web hosting, we understand that how important the quality of a web hosting solutions is for business websites. It requires high security because these sites are all transforming sensitive information vital to both sides between the deals; it demands high performance because during the quick change period, time is as important as the life of ...

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Best Drupal Hosting

Drupal is the most powerful php-based CMS, however it only works well in a feature-rich hosting environment. It’s not easy And it’s not easy to find a good Drupal hosting solution at a cheap price. Here we list out  top 5 Best Drupal hosting in 2017, who outperform their competitors on price value, server performance, uptime and customer support on Drupal. Best Drupal ...

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Best Cloud Hosting for SMBs

For small and middle businesses needing to get online, reliable and cheap web hosting solutions are the best options. Currently, cloud hosting featuring easy scalability and better security becomes more and more popular in the industry. As long as the pricing is budget, cloud hosting is the perfect solution small and middle businesses need, especially when need to move to ...

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Best Plesk Web Hosting

Typically web hosting companies sell products and services based on resources and performance. But for a large group of customers, control panel plays an important role in choosing a hosting solution. Plesk has becomes the most common branded control panels across the marketplace, alongside cPanel control panel. Being the leading WebOps platform for running, automating and growing applications, websites, and ...

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Inmotion Hosting Coupon & Promo

InMotion Hosting is one of the best hosting service provider in the industry. Even though there is no InMotion Hosting coupon, customers still could  save a lot by following the special promo links offered by InMotion Hosting management team, which is exclusive to our visitors and could save them up to 64% on shared hosting, and 50% on VPS hosting. InMotion Hosting ...

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Top Best Network Security Software

internet security software

Whether you are shopping, banking or sending an email, there always persists a threat of fraud and theft of data and personal details while working on the internet. You need to safeguard your surroundings for which you need the best internet security software to be 100% safe. There are several anti-virus software which vouch for the safety of your system ...

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How to Promote Your Facebook Page For Free?

Facebook has been grown up to a crucial source of web traffic on the internet, aside from Google. So, if you’re a business owner who is looking for ways to improve awareness and get business recognized in your local market, Facebook can’t miss from your marketing strategy. However, having a business Facebook page is just the same as the free ...

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How To Secure Your PHP Website From Attackers

Website security tools

It requires enough creativity, time and good effort to create a Website and after all these, if the site gets hacked by a hacker then it is really a matter of worry. They capture all the details of the site and ruin it completely. So, why not securing the website at the time it is built that leaves no room ...

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Honeypots for Network Security: How to Track Attacker’s Activity

how do honeypots work

Honeypots in computer and internet world is basically a ploy to identify and thwart the endeavors of hackers trying to get in one’s system to exploit information. Honeypots have been used mainly by the investigators to attract hackers to a specific network system so they can study their moves and discover the susceptibilities of the website. Early detection of unauthorized ...

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DigitalOcean vs. eHost

Both DigitalOcean and eHost are famous cloud-based hosting companies in the industry. As with the rapid growing cloud computing technology, more and more website owners, especially small to medium-sized businesses, are switching to cloud hosting. However, some of them may get confused about who to choose between DigitalOcean and eHost. Here in this post, we are going to make a comprehensive ...

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InMotion Hosting vs. Midphase

InMotion Hosting and Midphase are both recommended as the best cheap hosting providers, but there must be some different features making them different from each other. To figure out that and make sense which one is better, we plan to make a comparison between them. In below, the comparison of InMotion Hosting vs. Midphase will be composed from 4 aspects, ...

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How to Add a Background Image in WordPress

background images to your website

Your website needs to be revamped if you wish to engage some more traffic. It is most probable that the website on which your work is hosted by is WordPress software, that’s why you are here. We are going to demonstrate how you can give a face-lift to your website and make most of this outstanding website designing software. WordPress ...

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Best Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is a form of web hosting to companies that they are allowed to use their allotted hard drive space and bandwidth to host other companies’ websites. Best Reseller Hosting below are top 5 reseller hosting service providers who offers high quality reseller hosting at a cheap price.. Best Reseller Hosting 2017 After reviewing over 100 web hosts, we ...

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Why is Web Security Important?

importance of web application security

People often ask the question – what is the importance of web application security?  The answer is quite simple – your website is your business, you earn money from it which is why you need to take care of it. You promote your work here and also get clients and expand your business. Clients are people who give you business ...

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How to Prevent WannaCry-Like Ransomware Attacks

prevent WannaCry ransomware

While the world still continues to recover from the shocking attack of WannaCry virus, the cyber police still continue to look for the people behind this humongous disaster. Events of system compromise seem to be increasing by the day and the recent attack of WannaCry ransomware virus shook the world. A ransomware attack is a malicious software which infects the ...

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How to Install Wordfence Security in Your WordPress Site

wordfence security premium

WordPress is one of the most used Content Management System. It is easy to use and has hundreds of exciting features which attract hundreds of users every day to blog or build websites. Hackers are always on their lookout to infiltrate the system which means there is no space for vulnerability. You have to protect your website and you need ...

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