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15 Drupal 8 Features That You Should Know

Drupal 8 features

Drupal is a Content Management System and a powerful platform for developing websites. Being an open source software, Drupal is free to download and also free to be modified and developed. Drupal is search engine friendly and its administrator area is fully responsive which expedites the best viewing on any device which is connected through the Internet. It makes websites ...

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eHost Review

eHost is one of the oldest brand in web hosting industry. In below eHost review, we are going to make an in-depth introduction about eHost from current promotion, price value, reliability, ease-of-use, to tech support. After completing the article, we hope to help our readers figure out why eHost can be trusted. eHost was founded in 1996, and recently it ...

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Top 10 Most Useful WordPress Plugins Of 2017

coolest WordPress plugins

With WordPress gaining its popularity as a widely used CMS, there are experts who come up with different useful plugins that offer useful features making different jobs and functions on the WordPress website simple and exciting. While old will always be gold there are several new plugins which have been noticed exclusively and are also loved by the people. Here ...

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Best Premium WordPress Themes Of 2017

best premium WordPress themes

The mantra to keep your audience engaged in your website is to give them quality content which will also help in expanding your business. The website should be functional and organized for which you need good premium themes. If you are looking forward to make your website more engaging and exciting, here is a list of best premium WordPress themes ...

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Namecheap vs. A2Hosting

Namecheap and A2Hosting are both popular cheap web hosting providers, whose budget web hosting solutions get trust from customers. In below, we are to make an in-depth comparison between Namecheap and A2Hosting, from hosting prices, features, speed & reliability, and customer support. Now let’s start from the background introduction about the two hosts. About Namecheap and A2Hosting Namecheap ( was ...

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Comparison between Drupal 7 and Drupal 8

Drupal 8 vs Drupal 7

Written in PHP Drupal has become one of the favorites among web developers. The CMS is now widely used to develop websites. Even though its application programming interface is refined, installing and using it does not require any special skills. Its performance has been considered better in terms of page loading, than the other free CMS available for building websites. ...

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How To produce A Responsive and Simple Drupal 8 Theme From Scratch

Drupal 8 base theme

Creating a responsive Drupal 8 base theme from scratch is not that easy especially to those who are new to Drupal. However, if described in a more detail way things will become much easier and you can create the theme in your own. It is always good to know the process of creating a Drupal which eliminate the need to ...

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A2Hosting vs. TMDHosting

When talking about versatile cheap web hosting providers, people may think of InMotion Hosting, HostGator, and A2Hosting. Well, TMDHosting also belongs to the list. In this A2Hosting vs. TMDHosting, we are to analyze the two all-round players and figure out the better one for our readers and customers. Generally, this comparison will develop from four aspects, including pricing, feature, performance, ...

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Fatcow vs. HostGator

Fatcow ( is an Albuquerque-based company that has been engaged in web hosting business for nearly 20 years, while HostGator ( is also a reputable experienced web host that was founded in 2002. Both web hosting providers are sub-brands of Endurance International Group (EIG). The web host is also recommended as one of the Top 10 Web Hosting at ...

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HostGator vs. SiteGround

HostGator ( is a successful web hosting company running now for more than a decade. Though it was acquired by Endurance International Group (EIG) in 2012, HostGator was allowed to maintain independent operation under the brand name: HostGator. Established in 2004 by a few university technical enthusiasts, SiteGround ( now has grown up into a leading web hosting service provider ...

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The Latest WordPress Tips and Tricks

WordPress tips and tricks for beginners

You certainly want your blog to stand out from the thousands of WordPress blogs that are already there. You are looking forward to remove some competition around your website, aren’t you? All you need is a list of cool WordPress tips and tricks for beginners up your sleeve and your blog will be shining in no time. Moreover, these tips ...

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Top Best Business Website Templates

Websites nowadays are essential for almost any kind of business. Back into the days, customers were used to run to distributer shops and malls to acquire information regarding to their concerns involving a specific product or service. Their habits are still the same but technology is evolved. Instead of shops n’ malls, people now run to internet / particular website ...

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How to Add Hreflang Tags in WordPress

Yoast hreflang

If ever you own websites which are in more than one languages or are aimed at people living in different regions, then you certainly expect various search engines to direct your visitor to most appropriate of those languages and the site, isn’t it? Along with it, you don’t want search engines to flag off similar content from different markets as ...

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Tips to Succeed with Your CPC Marketing Campaign

cost per click advertising

When it comes to optimizing the search engine marketing skills, many of us are aware of the terms like CPC or PPC. By CPC (Cost Per Click), it is referred to as the actual price paid by the online business organizations for each click supported by their pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaign. The cost per click advertising is gaining impetus in ...

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Why PPC Is Important For Small Business Success

Benefits of PPC advertising

PPC or pay per click advertising now has become essential for establishing successful online business. Not only is it important for small / new businesses but online well established businesses as well. There are several benefits of PPC advertising to small business. For completing a digital marketing campaign successfully, PPC is a necessary element. Many small and startup businesses generally ...

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How to Update WordPress Plugins (Step by Step)

wordpress plugin update

WordPress plugin update is a just like any other software upgradation, that is being installed in our computer or like any other application update, in our devices. From time to time, in order to fix any known bug or to provide recent unique features, the software developer releases updates. WordPress is not only Open Source, but also detection of any ...

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Do WordPress Plugins Affect Your Site’s Load Time and how?

Wordpress plugins

We are all aware of the great functionality WordPress Plugins provide by adding options to our website but at the same time, they also have a huge impact on the website pace. The advantage one gets with the features that plugins bring in with them can very soon go in vain, if the effect of these plugins on the load ...

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How to Add Multiple Authors (Co-Authors) for Posts in WordPress

WordPress guest author plugin

Do you wish to display several authors for a particular post in WordPress? There are several websites that have multiple authors who work on the same article. For instance, if the website is on the news niche, then there are several journalists who might be contributing to a single news coverage. In such a case, you might have to give ...

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Tips to Master in WordPress

WordPress tutorial for beginners

WordPress is the most sought-after and popular platform for the designing and development of the blogging sites. WordPress is a highly customizable web-development platform that can offer the seamless operations with much ease. It comes completely free and includes a wide array of special features that can enhance the overall appearance as well as the functionality of any site. One ...

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SEO vs. SMO: What Is The Difference Between Them?


If you have not been living under a rock so far, you obviously must have heard about SEO and SMO. The first term stands for Search Engine Optimization while SMO Meaning is Social Media Optimization. Both these factors are very important when you want to increase the traffic to a website. The most important question that arises here is what ...

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Best Domain Hosting Services for Small Business


Whatever is the size of the online business or the website you own, you need to find the best web hosting service and the best hosting deals to go with your website. Before the selection of any reliable hosting service for the small or large scale business, it is imperative to analyze the specific needs of your business. By keeping ...

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Codero Cloud Hosting Review

Established in 1992, Codero ( is a provider of high quality hosting servers including dedicated server,  managed servers, and cloud hybrid hosting solutions for all sizes of businesses worldwide. Due to its best-in-class reliability, performance and value, 100% uptime guarantee, as well as exceptional customer support and SSAE 16 (SAS 70) certified secure data centers, thousands of enterprises choose to ...

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Best Free Public DNS Servers

free DNS server software

An Insight into DNS Server: Are you searching to shift your IPS DNS to another server? Then, there is a good news for you as there are several free DNS server software which are available on the online platform and can be obtained from the public medium with no extra cost. Many people defer from the thought of using the ...

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How to Upload PDF Files to Your WordPress Site

how to upload pdf files to your WordPress site

Working on WordPress has always been easy and so the uploading of PDF files to your WordPress website. Here is a tutorial on how to upload pdf files to your WordPress site. With this tutorial you would be able to upload the PDF files which could be easily downloaded by the users. PDF files are faster to download and can ...

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