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Blogging Tips for Newbies to Succeed

As for newbies to blogging, most of you are confused by a mess of things for success. Which part is the most prior thing you should focus? How do you keep up with other big fan bases? You need to handle the backend to run your website and add blog content while dealing with the issues about getting the word out for your blog.

No matter whether you start a blog as a business or just a part of business, we get enough compelling reasons for you to have a blog. B2B marketing combined with a blog can lead to above 67% more links. Additionally, those companies having a blog will acquire 97% more leads than the companies who do have their blogs.

Currently, every second two new blogs will be born. Therefore, within so many blogs, if you want to be outstanding, you have to study and practice your craft, learn blogosphere as well as improve the word you have put out.

Top 7 Blogging Tips for Success

Integrate Social Media with Your Blog

social media 2According to some blog owners who have created big and popular blogs, like Restless Chipotle owner Marye Audet-White, social media is the best thing to drive traffic to blogs. So, the first thing newbies should understand is that the importance of social media and study how to uses to bring more leads for your blog.

However, there are many popular social media in the marketplace, but which one should you use and can bring the best effort for your blog? To some degree, to choose the right social media need to refer the topics of your blog. For instance, Pinterest is a good place to share new and exclusive ideas in the form of picture, so innovative education skills website and recipe website are better with Pinterest.

Besides, the most popular social media now should be Facebook whose audience range from teens to adults. Along with it, Twitter is the next social media, but its audience is a part of Facebook’s and is younger than Facebook’s. So, before you decide to dive into Twitter, you should know your target audience and topics first.

Develop and Improve Photography Skills

photographic skillsNowadays, we are surrounded by sorts of pictures and people prefer to view pictures than single words as well. Thereby, pictures may be a big part of your blog content. As pictures are born more and more quickly, it will harder and harder to bring your pictures out of the crowd.

Remember: don’t use the free sources of pictures ever! Because there are risks that other bloggers may use the same pictures as yours.

Here we have a tip! Only professional and your own photos can make your blog stand out. Then, the photography skills are the key factors to bring about the most appropriate photos for your own website and catch audience’s eyes.

To take better photos, you just have one way to go. Practice makes perfect and good equipment of photography can help you do less for more.

Be Upfront and Never Copy

How do you keep your visitors who will regularly visit your blog and be willing to share your blog? The best answer is to be upfront but always honest. By consulting excellent blogger who are good at sharing their posts standing out from the crowd, we get a “principle” of T.R.U.T.H., namely time, resources, uniqueness, topical issues, as well as a hallmark image, byline, or theme that can make your blog stand out. What you have to do is to use that principle for every story on your blog.

We know that there are numerous bloggers trying their best to build a wonderful blog, and some of them are trying to their steps by copying others. It cannot be a long-term way. Once you copy once time, you are likely to copy a lot of times. As a result, you will lose your uniqueness and special ideas. So, we give you a reminder that you never try to copy others’ posts, NEVER!

Invest in Your Own Domain name

domainsTo reduce the costs, we now that many newbies start by using a free blogging account, while seriously, if you are trying to make a living on your bog, you absolutely need your own domain name in shared hosting environment at least.

According to experienced bloggers, if you are using the blog to promote your business, you’d better run your blog on your own domain. It is a good solution for you to point your visitors to your services or products directly, avoiding them visiting other sites as well.

If you are just using the blog for personal purpose, you can host your blog under other terms, or you can choose to a good web host for independence. Whatever want, owning your own domain name makes it easy to point directly to your blog content on sorts of platforms. Besides, using your own domain name will make your online business more creditable.

Understand Your Audience for Content Improvement

As we said above, you have to understand your audience first before you take any actions to drive traffic. Only when you know and understand which group your content is for and attract, you can know where to reach them and constantly keep their eyes on your blog. You have to study your audience and understand who the typical reader you attract is.

More than that, when you know your targeted readers, you can improve your content efficiently. To run a successful blog, valuable content of targeted readers is the key to that door. Publish your insightful ideas and share them with your audience by using some current events and popular words to express your ideas. Besides, you will not only put up forward your insightful ideas, but also give your tips and how-to articles related to that topics.

Build a Community

community 1To build community is a good solution for bloggers to engage their readers or audience and make them come back again and again. Here we conclude some commons of successful communities which offer valuable content and allow users to communicate with the blogger and other users, as following:

  • A simple platform to use
  • Easy-to-use tools to involve topics
  • Responsive moderators who are well-prepared to solve users’ questions
  • The functionality for users to personalize profiles

In addition, some successful communities use emails to make users always keep in touch with their communities. You can learn it as well.

Be Specific

Never try to write so broad topic that even you cannot delve deeply. Compared with big hard topics, the more specific topics are easier for audience to evolve and shared ideas. That is to say, the more specific topics are easier to attract visitors’ eyes.

In addition, to be more specific is to always focus on your keywords. According to successful bloggers, it is easy to narrow topics from broad topics when you are writing a series of articles. Keeping around your keywords and then adding on some specific words to limit your topics can make your titles new and always focus on keywords.

Other More Blogging Tips

Create E-books

ebook 1Why do we suggest that you create an e-book with your blog? E-books can be the free giveaway that can encourage your visitors to sign up for your email list; it also can a new product of your offerings on your website.

Creating e-books is an efficient way to evolve your audience, but you should note your e-books need to be so focused that seize the most attention from any potential customers, while your e-books cannot be so narrow that limit your target groups.

Add the Privacy Policy on Your Site

Before you start your website, you should understand what legalities and license you might have and need. Add and use a clear privacy policy to build trust with visitors. It is to make your visitors clearly know how you deal with the personal information you get from them.

Charge for Creation

Almost all writers will be stuck, and bloggers is the group that is easy to be blocked. You have to write every day and try to make your blog fresh with unique content every day, so you can image is to be a blogger for years. However, it is the only way to make your blog successful. Then, to charge your creation is very important.

How to do it? There are various ways to make you full. Always keep up with the latest news by using online resources. Always pay attention to your product unique. Never be so serious in your article. And always learn new skills for interesting pages.

Improve Conversions

After your attract people to visit your blog, you must want to make them turn into your valuable customers. However, you are so fresh to be a good blogger, so to accomplish the key step must be a little bit difficult.

Fortunately, we learn some efficient tactics to convert your visitors into paying customers. First, you need to do a survey to figure out what makes your customers buy your products, and write the posts to directly address their concerns. Second, you should check your blog and see whether it is focused on a single goal. It is important because no one like to do different things at one time.

Besides, make full use of your email newsletters that are powerful. You can use them to stay in touch with your interested readers who are not ready to buy and use email newsletter to get closer between you and those people. After that, to convert them becomes easier.

In your posts, you can detail how you can help your readers and make them completely understand your products, while create a sense of urgency to encourage your readers who are hesitant to buy. One more note is to encourage your readers but not to push them a lot.

Use A/B Testing for Further Improvement

ab testing 1When you are doing things, you usually cannot understand where you fail and succeed by yourself. At that time, you need some tools to help you learn the whole situation. A/B testing is the tool you need.

It can gather the valuable information you may need to make further improvement for better effect. A/B testing can also help you track the features and pages that are converting interested readers into your paying customers.

Never Forget to Promote Your Blog in Real World

Although blogging is online business, it originates from real world and relies on real persons.   Therefore, when you promote your blog online, you should never overlook promoting in the real world round you.

Here we recommend you some creative things that can make you reach out to the new readers in the real world around you. Trade shows are the normal way to show drive people to your blog, and it will be better if you have real products to seal on your trade shows. Sending postcard to your mail list and sponsoring someone in your local community are both good ways to make your business name out there.

Switch Hosts

Currently, the web hosting industry is becoming more and more popular, so that there are redundant web hosts are out there. A good web host can help your blog succeed, while a bad web host will make your blog ruin. Therefore, choosing a right web hosting for your blog is quite important.

It will be a little tough to switch host, but there is no easy way to get success in the world. Do not be afraid to switch your hosting providers, because it can make your blog better.


In a word, as for newbies, you would better keep looking for useful information and appropriate suggestions for blog improvement. Always keep learning and trying different ways on your blog, and then you will experience success sometime.

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