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Bluehost Cloud Hosting Review

bluehost logoEstablished in 1996, Bluehost ( now is an industry-leading cheap web hosting provider. Its shared hosting, VPS solutions, and dedicated servers are extremely popular among individuals, developers and businesses, especially those small to medium businesses.

Through more than 20 years of development, the company now has managed more than 2 million domains. Generally, its web hosting solutions come with great support service and easy to use tools, therefore, many customers trust it so much.

In below post, we plan to review its cloud hosting, in the respect of features, pricing, performance, and support. By analyzing it comprehensively, our readers can make sense whether Bluehost cloud hosting is a trustable hosting solution.

Bluehost Cloud Hosting Review on Features

Bluehost cloud hosting now has 3 different level plans that are Starter, Performance and Business Pro. Different package can meet different demands of customers. First, let’s check their package features together.

About Starter plan, Bluehost can provides customers with 2 available cores of CPU, 2 GB of available RAM, unmetered bandwidth, 100 GB of web space, and 1 free domain name. This is an entry-level cloud hosting, which allows customers to create and manage one website and 100 email accounts. The plan has 500 MB free email storage space.

As for Performance, it is the most popular cloud hosting plan at Bluehost. Comparing with the entry-level package, Performance package includes relatively more features; comparing with Business Pro package, it is cheaper with rich features.

bluehost cloud hosting feature

If customers buy it, 4 available cores of CPU, 4 GB of available RAM, unmetered bandwidth, and the same 1 free domain name are included. Customers can create unlimited websites, unlimited email accounts with unlimited email storage space.

However, if customers are running busy shops online, needing to handle high volume traffic frequently, then Business Pro cloud hosting will be the best choice for them. It comes with 6 available cores of CPU, 6 GB of available RAM, unmetered storage space, unmetered bandwidth, unlimited websites, 1 included domain, unlimited email accounts and unlimited email space.

Besides, 3 cloud hosting packages include some other features which are user friendly and developer friendly. Domain privacy, SSL certificate, dedicated IPs, and SpamExperts are all available. Even better, if customers require more resources, Bluehost offers 1-click scaling feature to deal with this issue.

From the features we introduced above, we know that Bluehost cloud hosting is scalable, so no matter big their website grows, Bluehost can always satisfy their demands.

Bluehost Cloud Hosting Review on Pricing

Bluehost cloud hosting is very cheap with its newest coupon. When customers visit and buy Bluehost cloud hosting through our exclusive promotional link, they can receive 36% to 40% discounts according to their package level.

For example, the basic plan Starter normally charges at $9.99/mo, but if customers buy via our link, it will renew at $5.95/mo. so, customers can save up to 40%.

Bluehost Cloud Hosting Bluehost Cloud Hosting
40% Off

Bluehost cloud hosting comes with monthly billing, which means that customers do not have any pressure to purchase it. And they can require extra resources in a simple way, while will not be surprised by its usage fees.

To make it better, Bluehost also offers 30 days of money back guarantee. Once customers feel bad with Bluehost cloud hosting, it will refund them all the paid fees of their hosting service.

To look for other special coupon, customers can check out Bluehost Coupon.

Bluehost Cloud Hosting Review on Performance

Bluehost cloud hosting is safer than other traditional hosting solutions. It is because Bluehost utilizes cloud technology to make customers’ data mirrored across 3 devices, which can make sure that customers’ data safe and reliable. Instant scaling can meet the growing requirements, so customers’ can avoid the downtimes for high traffic events.

More than that, Bluehost offers intuitive dashboard and resources monitoring. Customers can monitor their website performance by tracking its load speed, traffic, and more to take actions in time. Bluehost can also monitor customers’ resource usage in case of emergency, and support their website immediately. Automated failover is another measure to ensure customers’ hardware device running smoothly.

Besides, Bluehost cloud hosting is faster than before. With it, customers can enjoy the shorter load times. Why? Bluehost uses premium hardware and well-designed servers in its data center to support customers’ cloud hosting. In order to make customers to get faster and reliable website performance, Bluehost only uses integrated caching for their servers and global CDN to speed up performance.

By making efforts in terms of speed, reliability, and security, Bluehost makes its cloud hosting have 99.9% uptime.

Bluehost Cloud Hosting Review on Customer Support

Bluehost cloud hosting now is covered by full management. The experts from Bluehost will deal with any issues that might arise in customers’ servers and websites, including the problems related to security patches, script language maintenance, and port access.

Besides, Bluehost will help customers easily start their website or online business. If customers now is running on Bluehost shared hosting, to enjoy its powerful cloud hosting, Bluehost will transfer their sites in minutes without any downtime. Each cloud hosting plan at Bluehost also includes marketing offers, which are SEO friendly. About $50 to $200 marketing credits are the gifts for all customers.

In addition to that, Bluehost promises that its cloud hosting solutions are backed by its cloud experts who have rich cloud hosting support experience and wide cloud hosting knowledge, so that customers only need to contact them via phone call, live chat, or support ticket to explain their issues, and then relax and leave their troubles to Bluehost experts.

Moreover, there are knowledge base and system status for customers to look for useful information when they need to solve problems by themselves.


To conclude, according to this Bluehost cloud hosting analysis, we can understand that it is a flexible and scalable cloud hosting solution. Based on different requirements for different customers, Bluehost carefully offers 3 plans with affordable pricing. Besides, making full use of cloud technology, Bluehost improve their cloud hosting faster and safer than before. Considering its support service and monthly billing, we think Bluehost cloud is a good alternative for all.

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