Bluehost VPS Hosting Review

In our Cheap VPS Hosting list, we rewarded Bluehost VPS as one of the winners. Besides the low-cost merit, does Bluehost VPS have other advantages? Is it stable? Will it keep websites or applications run fast? Does Bluehost provide any technical support? Can we get money back if we do not like Bluehost VPS services? You may have more questions towards Bluehost VPS. Don’t worry. This article Bluehost VPS Hosting Review in below will answer you. Go ahead to learn about Bluehost VPS and resolve your problems to Bluehost VPS right now.

About Bluehost

bluehost-reviewMatt Heaton founded Bluehost ( in 1996, a time that the internet just took off. Matt Heaton also created Hostmonster and Fastdomain as Bluehost sister brands later. For a long time, Bluehost just offered one all-inclusive shared web hosting solution to meet demands of individuals and small businesses. Since 2013, new services, VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting, have been offered to customers who have higher demands. Recently, Bluehost formally released Cloud Sites solution.

Many people do not know that Bluehost actually has been a brand of Endurance International Group. In 2010, EIG acquired Bluehost as well as it sister brands Hostmonster and Fastdomain. As a matter of fact, EIG has acquired a range of web hosting providers and domain registration providers, such as well-known HostGator, Arvixe, iPage, FatCow, ResellerClub,, etc. EIG group has more than 3 million subscribers so far and counting.

What does Bluehost VPS Offer?

Considering customers will have different needs on server resources, Bluehost tailors 4 VPS hosting packages. The entry-level package called Standard includes:

  • 2 CPU cores;
  • 2 GB RAM;
  • 30 GB SAN storage;
  • 1 TB bandwidth
  • 1 dedicated IP address;
  • 1 free domain name registration.

If people need more server resources, other 3 packages could be better. For example, the highest-level Ultimate package offers 4 cores and 8 GB RAM.

bluehost vps features

Behind these basic features, Bluehost utilizes high-end technology including KVM and OpenStack. The two make Bluehost VPS more stable, more secure, and easier to scale. Moreover, KVM technology enables server resources to be ready for use anytime.

For VPS management, Bluehost provides its VPS hosting customers with the enhanced cPanel. With a user-friendly interface and tools specifically for VPS administration, Bluehost enhanced cPanel will help customers a lot on VPS management. Bluehost also supports customers to manage multiple virtual private servers or shared hosting or dedicated servers in one place. Other management functions, such as root access, SSH access, log file access, server-side includes, and etc. are all included.

It usually costs seconds to provision Bluehost VPS while other VPS hosting providers spend hours and even days to activate a virtual private server.

A Review towards Bluehost VPS Hosting Infrastructure and Reliability

Bluehost has been investing a lot on its hosting infrastructure. Different from a majority of web hosting companies to rent space in data centers, Bluehost owns its data center to place servers. So, its own engineers can manage servers, network and the data center 24 hours a day. Once something happens, they can immediately take measures and prevent bigger losses.

In terms of the data center specifications, Bluehost data center is located in Provo, Utah. Like many data centers in the world, Bluehost data center has uninterruptible power supply. Even if the regular power happens to get outage, there are backup power and diesel generators to support the data center and servers to keep running. Temperature and humidity inside the data center are well controlled as well.

However, Bluehost data center also has some shortcomings. It cannot match with first-class data centers in the industry. At least it cannot so far. This situation will get improved while Bluehost keeps updating this data center for higher stability and performance.

bluehost vps serverAnother important component for VPS is servers. Bluehost picks up servers with AMD processors and DDR3 memory. Furthermore, Bluehost VPS is configured with CentOS 6 operating system that is one of best Linux operating systems.

Due to the data center and servers, Bluehost VPS is pretty reliable.

Bluehost VPS Hosting Prices

After learning features, infrastructure, and reliability of Bluehost VPS, let’s come to check how cheap Bluehost VPS is after all.

Bluehost allows its VPS hosting customers to choose billing cycles, including 1, 3, 6, and 12 months. More than that, it gives one-off discounts to its customers no matter how long they pay for. Namely, Standard package has a one-off $15 discount; Enhanced package is $30; Premium is $45; and Ultimate package is $60.

Thus, taking entry-level Standard package as an example, we find out that people just need to pay $14.99 under monthly payment, while the regular monthly price is $29.99. If people choose yearly payment, then they will pay $9.99 for the first month and $24.99 for the rest months.

Bluehost VPS Promotion Bluehost VPS Promotion
50% Off

Note that Bluehost one-off discounts are only available to the first invoice. Therefore, if someone really likes Bluehost VPS, they had better pay by annually to save more.

In the case of payment methods, people can pay for Bluehost VPS via PayPal or credit cards. For credit cards, VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are all accepted.

Bluehost VPS Support

bluehost vps supportBluehost VPS support is award-winning. It has support services even after sales. Furthermore, it is quite simple to get contact with Bluehost supporting technicians. Open a ticket, start a live chat or just make a phone call. Then Bluehost technicians will respond to the ticket, live chat or phone as quickly as possible.

Besides the human support, Bluehost supports its VPS hosting customers via self-help resources on its support center. This center is user-friendly. It supports visitors to browse information and enter key words to look for information.

Most importantly, Bluehost VPS hosting has 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. This guarantee supports Bluehost VPS customers to take their money full back even though they paid for 12 months. The guarantee is valid for the first 30 days from the effective date, but 30 days is long enough for people to check whether they like or dislike a VPS. To know more about Bluehost support, please check out Bluehost VPS customer review from

Bluehost VPS is One of the Best Cheap VPS

Bluehost powers more than 2 million websites throughout the world. Plus a member of EIG, Bluehost is trustworthy. While its VPS is cheap and advanced, everyone could go with it, even if you are an individual or an owner of a company. Additionally, Bluehost has a unique and dominant advantage, the data center. It owns the data center to run web hosting including VPS business. 24/7/365 technical support will be helpful when you need.

Considering that Bluehost VPS has such many merits, we highly recommend it to our readers.

If you still acquire more details about Bluehost or its VPS hosting, you can visit or read our Bluehost Review.

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