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Bluehost vs. A2Hosting on Cloud Hosting

bluehost-logo (1)Since its inception in 1996, Bluehost ( has been providing cheap Linux web hosting products in the markets. Due its low pricing and fine-tuned hosting, individuals, developers, and small-to-medium businesses are all attracted by Bluehost! At present, there are more than 2 million of domains hosted by Bluehost.

Bluehost is good at making full use of its advantages for web hosting solutions. So, its products generally include a wide range of features, like free domain name, guaranteed server resources, cPanel control panel, SimpleScript installation, and other more.

a2hosting-official 1As for A2Hosting (, it is not only a prominent cheap web hosting provider, but also an innovative, fast-growing web host. By utilizing current technologies including CloudFlare CDN, quality servers, Railgun Optimizer, and SSDs, A2Hosting makes its VPS more reliable and faster.

Up till now, A2Hosting can provide customers with cheap shared hosting, reseller hosting, cloud hosting, VPS, and dedicated hosting. Each type of hosting solution is supported by Guru Crew Support.

Here in the post, we plan to compare their cloud hosting from features, prices, reliability, and support service. At the end of the comparison, we are to come up with our suggestion about the two hosts.

Bluehost vs. A2Hosting on Cloud Hosting Features

Bluehost offers a lot with cloud hosting. There are at least 100 GB of storage, 2 GB of available memory, 2 cores of CPU, and unmetered bandwidth in terms of server resources. 1 hosted website, 1 free domain, 100 email accounts, 500 MB of email storage, and $50 marketing offers are included as the standard features in minimum.

bluehost cloud hosting features

At A2Hosting, its cloud hosting includes 25 GB HDD storage, 1 GB memory, 2 TB free monthly outbound data, totally free inbound data, and 2 CPU cores with 100 MHz CPU speed. Comparing the two companies, we can easily figure out which one offers more. It is Bluehost!

However, Bluehost and A2Hosting have the scalability in common. Both of them are so kind to give customers the power to add additional server resources and add other high-level features. Therefore, even if customers start with the smallest package at A2Hosting or Bluehost, there are chances to get more for their grown sites.

In addition to that, Bluehost also includes an intuitive dashboard that can monitor the performance of customers’ sites from one centralized location. The dashboard is so easy-to-use that it will track traffic, global reach, load speed, and etc. Just as we said, Bluehost can help customers easily monitor customers’ resources, so that customers can know when and how many resources are need to support their sites. These resources can be instantly powered up via 1 click.

At A2Hosting, the cloud hosting includes other more features. A2 quick start cloud can make customers’ order be deployed quickly; A2 QuickInstaller can make customers automatically install popular software; root access, 1 dedicated IPs, boot shutdown and reboot control, SSH access and other more are included.

a2hosting cloud hosting features

A2Hosting cloud hosting indeed has less server resources, but it comes with other more tools and advanced features. Considering the sizes of two companies’ cloud hosting, we think Bluehost can support business websites, while A2Hosting is better for developers and individuals.

Bluehost vs. A2Hosting on Cloud Hosting Prices

At Bluehost, the cloud hosting normally starts at $9.99/mo, but now customers can get a big discount of 40%. With it, customers can buy Bluehost cloud hosting at the price of $5.95/mo, including 100 GB of disk space, 2 GB of RAM, 1 website, 2 available CPU, and unmetered bandwidth.

Bluehost Cloud Hosting Deal Bluehost Cloud Hosting Deal
40% OFF

Bluehost cloud hosting also includes the Anytime Money Back Guarantee. To be specific, if customers submit refund request within the first 30 days, it can refund customers with full hosting fees; if they cancel after 30 days, they can also receive a prorated refund.

To learn more promotions about Bluehost products, please check out Bluehost Coupon.

At A2Hosting, its cloud hosting is cheap, but comparing with Bluehost cloud hosting, A2Hosting is relatively higher. Its entry-level package normally starts at $15/mo, including 10 GB HDD space, 0.5 GB memory, 1 TB outgoing transfer, and 2 cores CPU.

However, A2Hosting has its own solution to make customers afford their customizable cloud hosting. Cloud hosting customers at A2Hosting can only pay as they go!

A2Hosting Cloud Hosting Deal A2Hosting Cloud Hosting Deal
pay as you go

In terms of payment, A2Hosting is similar to Bluehost! Its cloud hosting is guaranteed with Anytime Money Back! The difference between A2Hosting and Bluehost is that A2Hosting will always offer the full refund, no matter when the customers cancel their accounts.

To know more promotions at A2Hosting, customers can go to here.

Based on the pricing and features of cloud hosting from both companies, we think we are pretty sure that Bluehost and A2Hosting cloud hosting are both good solution with great price value!

Bluehost vs. A2Hosting on Cloud Hosting Performance

Bluehost and A2hosting are both confident to their cloud hosting packages. Bluehost makes full use of cloud platform to guarantee 99.9% uptime, while A2Hosting takes good advantage of advanced technologies to make its cloud hosting come with the same uptime guarantee. Besides, both of them are supported by premium datacenters.

Bluehost makes customers’ cloud sites automatically distribute three mirrored copies of customers’ data. These data copies will be across multiple machines, so that customers need not to worry about data safety. It also comes with automated failover. When there is a hardware failure, customer’s data can be switched to other device immediately, maintaining the maximum uptime.

Bluehost has faster cloud sites that are proven! On the one hand, it is because of the integrated caching. Each cloud server is using the customized, advanced NGINX/Varnish caching to accelerate the web content. Premium hardware as well as low-density server environment all makes shorter load times. On the other hand, Bluehost makes static site content management more effectively so that dynamic requests are be processed quicker!

Combining with global CDN, Bluehost cloud sites are safer, faster and more reliable than competitors and other shared hosting.

At A2Hosting, customers can enjoy its high speed SwiftServer platform. Based on it, A2hosting cloud hosting is built with modern hardware, high-performance hardware, fast DDR3 memory, 10 Gb/s redundant network, and optional SSD boost!

A2Hosting also builds exclusive cloud VPS hosting environment. Expertly tuned servers, UPS, diesel generators, quadruple redundant network, 24 hour network monitoring, cloud disaster recovery, and high-availability failover are the most outstanding features in the environment.

Even though A2Hosting and Bluehost use different advantages for better cloud hosting performance, A2Hosting and Bluehost both guarantee high availability for cloud hosting users.

Bluehost vs. A2Hosting on Cloud Hosting Support Service

Bluehost offers fully managed cloud hosting, which is different from A2Hosting! Bluehost will be responsible for site migration, security patches, port access/ languages maintenance, and some other technical issues related to cloud!

Besides, Bluehost and A2Hosting both have 24 hour support team for customer/technical support. Bluehost only provides cloud experts to handle customers’ problems easily! A2Hosting also has well-trained team for support. Live chat, phone, and email (ticket) are ways to ask for assistances.

Knowledge base containing tutorials is the online support that Bluehost and A2Hosting both offers.


According to this comparison, we really feel hard to distinguish which one offers better cloud hosting. Bluehost offers more start-up resources and each to use control tools for customers with much low prices. A2Hosting provides enough resources and more other features to support customers’ site easier and more powerful at a relatively higher price. However, both of have the same performance and support, so we think Bluehost is better for business website, and A2Hosting is ideal for developers.

To get more details about Bluehost or A2Hosting, please visit or

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