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Bluehost vs. Hostwinds on Linux Hosting

Bluehost is an industry-leading Linux hosting provider, while Hostwinds is a fast-growing cheap web hosting company as well. When considering a cheap Linux web hosting, customers always face a great number of options in the industry.

Here we are to analyze the two reliable cheap web solution providers to reveal a right web hosting option for our customers. The comparison will include 4 aspects, which are hosting pricing, features, performance and customer support. Finally, we will sincerely offer customers our recommendation based on this comparison.

About Bluehost and Hostwinds

Bluehost ( is a well-known Linux web hosting company. Since its inception in 2003, Bluehost has been making efforts to deliver the best possible web solutions to its customers. By far, the company has developed well-optimized WordPress hosting, shared hosting, VPS, cloud hosting, dedicated servers, and domains.

Different from the Bluehost, Hostwinds ( specializes in not only Linuxweb solutions, but also Windows web hosting solutions. Although it is relatively younger than Bluehost, Hostwinds now can offer a complete series of web solutions, including shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers. Besides, SSL certificate, VPN, domains and some other related services are available here.

Bluehost vs. Hostwinds on Linux Hosting Pricing

As one of the best cheap Linux web hosting providers, Bluehost always sets reasonable and affordable pricing. Bluehost shared hosting comes with surprising discount. Normally, it starts at $7.99/mo, but when customers purchase it via our exclusive promo link in below, they can receive up to 64% Discount to start it at $2.95/mo only. Note, this is valid to the customers choosing 3 years plans.

Bluehost Exclusive Promotion Bluehost Exclusive Promotion
64% Off

Bluehost SSD VPS also includes 33% discount. Regularly, Bluehost VPS is from $29.99/mo; after discounting 33% off, it is as low as $19.99/mo. Bluehost dedicated hosting comes with a 27% discount, which enables Bluehost dedicated server starts from $79.99/mo rather than $109.99/mo. What’s more, Bluehost offers 30-day money-back guarantee to all customers, which is amazing for customers to lower their risks.

Hostwinds shared hosting regularly charges from $6.5/mo. If customers choose 1 year term, it will come with 30% discount, starting at $4.5/mo. Besides, Hostwinds Budget VPS is very cheap as well. As for the basic plan, its Budge VPS starts from $7.5/mo. If customers want SSD VPS, Hostwinds Linux SSD VPS is from $13.50, and its Windows VPS starts at the same pricing. 60 days of money back guarantee is available to all customers.

Hostwinds Exclusive Promotion Hostwinds Exclusive Promotion
30% Off

Comparing pricing, we learn that Bluehost shared hosting is cheaper, while its SSD VPS charges a little more than Hostwinds SSD VPS. However, we cannot define that Hostwinds VPS is a better choice than Bluehost VPS. Let’s move to feature comparison.

Bluehost vs. Hostwinds on Linux Hosting Features

Bluehost is a Linux web hosting specialist, and Hostwinds is good at both Linux and Windows web hosting. In the post, we are to focus on their Linux web hosting.

At Bluehost, it has designed the best possible shared hosting packages for customers. The three levels can meet different customers’ demands for starting. In terms of package resources and features, Bluehost offers up to unlimited websites, unmetered website space, unmetered bandwidth, unlimited subdomains, unlimited email account with unlimited email storage, 1 free domain name registration, $200 free marketing offers, and domain privacy in these packages.

What’s more, Bluehost shared hosting includes increased control power for customers. Popular cPanel is included as well, including an enhanced interface along with many other tools to help customers easily manage their accounts and website related issues. Multi-server management, advanced capabilities such as SSH, SSI and web-based managers, and access control are all included. So, Bluehost offers feature-rich and easy to use shared hosting solutions to customers.

As for VPS, Bluehost newly integrated the superfast SSD hard drives into its VPS instances. At present, customers can get up to 120GB SSD storage, 8GB RAM, 4 cores, unlimited bandwidth, 2 dedicated IPs and 1 free domain. Customers can freely choose a package and sign up an account to instantly get started. And Bluehost guarantees to offer the amount of resources you paid and never over sell.

Bluehost offers cPanel/WHM and rot access both to allow customers managed their accounts and website in and out. Moreover, multi-server management, unlimited FTP, custom-designed DB manager, advanced capabilities and access control all come to help customers use Bluehost VPS easier.

At Hostwinds, its shared hosting packages include free dedicated IP, up to unlimited disk space, bandwidth, domains, email accounts, MySQL DBs, and FTP accounts. Each shared hosting order can be instantly set up well. Other more, it offers easy to use Softaculous allowing easily installing software and apps. The latest cPanel is included in shared hosting as well, featuring hotlink protection, redirect URL, web-based file manager, protected directories and more.

As for VPS, Hostwinds offers Budget Linux VPS and SSD Linux VPS. Both come with 10 packages at least. Within Budget VPS, the company includes 0.5 to 5 cores, 1 to 12GB guaranteed RAM, 1.25 to 12.5GB burstable RAM, 25 to 300GB storage, and 100 to 1,000Mbps unmetered transfer. Hostwinds SSD Linux VPS offers many packages as well. 1 to 6 cores, 1 to 18.5GB guaranteed RAM, 25 to 300GB SSD disk space, and 100 to 1,000Mbps unmetered transfer are included.

cPanel/WHM and Softaculous automatic app installer are included in both Budge VPS and SSD Linux VPS solutions, to help customers manage their instance.

Comparing their Linux web solutions, we can learn that both make good job in web hosting design. No matter which customers choose to go with, they can get redundant guaranteed resources and easy to use cPanel and other tools to help them run it easily and smoothly.

Bluehost vs. Hostwinds on Linux Hosting Performance

Bluehost and Hostwinds both give 99.9% uptime guarantee within their web solutions.

Bluehost builds its shared web hosting solutions with resource protection. The company’s technology will identify customer’s websites use excessive resources and then temporarily reassign these websites to the isolated systems. So, customers can also enjoy guaranteed resources. Its VPS is deployed with high-performance components and KVM hypervisor, which ensures customer’s websites always get guaranteed resources.

If their packages cannot meet their website growth needs, then Bluehost web solutions enable easy scalability. By using cPanel, customers can easily add dynamic resources. Besides, the company now utilizes SSD to boost I/O performance. CloudFlare CDN is built directly into customer’s accounts to accelerate their site requests’ respond speed.

In addition to that, Bluehost is a subsidiary of a huge group EIG, and take advantage of multiple data centers to host customer’s servers and store their data. These infrastructures are fully redundant with power supply, lightning, cooling, and security. Plus automatic backups, customers can set back and leave their data security issue to Bluehost.

Hostwinds shared hosting uses LiteSpeed web server to improve its performance and lower the operating costs. Its VPS uses enterprise hardware including Intel CPU, RAID 10 arrays, SSD hard drives and BBU.

Besides, the company offers multiple locations to customers. Redundant network including at least 10Mbps global network, multiple carriers, real-time optimization and more is available. Instant, zero downtime scalability helps customers grow smoothly. Nightly backups and DDoS protection are to ensure best possible data security.

As for hosting performance, we think they both make standard and even better performance to their customers.

Bluehost vs. Hostwinds on Customer Support

Both companies have experienced web hosting support experts, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Phone, email, live chat and ticket are all available. Differently, Hostwinds phone support is limited within from 9:00 am to 2:00 am CST, but the company guarantees 1 minute ticket respond time and 30 sec phone and live chat wait time.

As for self-help sector, Bluehost and Hostwinds are friendly to compose help center for customers. The latest tutorials and information can be found there.


Comparing the two companies, we learn that their Linux web hosting features and performance are both standard; for support, we think Bluehost is a little better in convenience. However, if we take both pricing and plans into consideration, Hostwinds VPS is cheaper, but Bluehost designs better packages for SMBs, especially the starting VPS plan and its shared hosting is much cheaper than Hostwinds. So, we still think for Linux hosting,  Bluehost is the better option.

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