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Bluehost vs iPage vs Webhostinghub

Bluehost, iPage, and WebHostingHub are 3 well-known brands in hosting industry. All these three web hosting companies provide good quality hosting solutions, sometimes customers find it hard to decide what web host to choose. It’s essential that plans that include, unlimited bandwidth, reliable and fast are the ideal and solid choices. So below we will compare these 3 companies to see which one is the best for your site.

Who Are Bluehost, iPage and WebHostingHub

bluehostBluehost ( has been providing web hosting service since the year 1996 and its hosting solution is designed for individuals and small businesses to setup their blogs or corporate sites. Bluehost is symbolic of superior quality in the hosting industry which is demonstrated by its expanding consumer base and customer retention. Bluehost is located in Utah and employs the most up-to-date technological data centers to deliver top notch service to its customers and has served over 3 million domains. To know more about Bluehost, please check out Bluehost Review.

iPage ( is a web hosting company with over 10 years’ experience that specializes in shared hosting plans. They only offer one web hosting solution on shared Linux platform and also a range of freebies and bonuses on signup, and an unusual ‘Anytime’ money-back guarantee. The company has been providing website hosting since 1998, and they currently have one and a half million domains on their books with more than a million websites hosted on their servers. They’re US-based but have customers in 150 countries and have six offices worldwide (although they’re not very clear on where these offices are located). Check out iPage review to know more about the company.

Webhostinghub ( specializes in quality shared web hosting and seems keen to attract small businesses to their service. Based in Virginia, the company is fast growing that provide Linux shared hosting solution with unlimited features for web developers, freelancers, bloggers, & small business. Webhostinghub has a very good reputation in the web hosting industry of being very reliable, quick speed and responsive customer support. You could read our WebHostingHub review.

Features – Bluehost vs iPage vs Webhostinghub

Both Bluehost and WebHostingHub shared web hosting is ‘unlimited’. WebHostingHub is mainly designed for PHP & MySQL websites, but iPage is designed for non-technical people who are just looking for a reliable content platform that they can easily publish the websites. Overall Bluehost offers more rich features for websites developed by almost all the latest cutting-edge technology including Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails, etc.

Features Bluehost iPage Webhostinghub
Domain Hosting Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free Domain
Control Panel cPanel vDesk cPanel
Scripts PHP 5.2.x, PHP 5.3.x, CGI-BIN, Perl, Python, RoR PHP 5.2.x, CGI-BIN, Perl PHP 5.2.x, PHP 5.3.x, CGI-BIN, Perl, Python
Shell Access X X
Free Ad Credit $100 Google AdWords $100 Google AdWords $75 Google AdWords
Database MySQL, PostgreSQL MySQL MySQL

Bluehost vs iPage vs Webhostinghub – Pricing

iPage is the cheapest starting at $3.50/month, but with iPage coupon, their prices will be as low as $1.99/mo. BlueHost and WebHostingHub shared web hosting are starting at $6.95/mo regularly. They’re both offering a compelling 44% discount for starting at $3.95/mo via Bluehost coupon and WebHostingHub coupon. Below is the price comparison chart between these companies, as you could see, iPage is around 60% cheaper than both Bluehost and Webhostinghub, but everything evens out since Bluehost offer top latest features than iPage and Webhostinghub.

Prices 1 Year Plan 2 Year Plan 3 Year Plan
Bluehost $5.95/month $4.95/month $3.95/month
iPage $3.50/month $1.99/month $1.99/month
Webhostinghub $5.99/month $4.99/month $3.99/month

Reliability And Performace

Managed to be effective and strong for many years, Bluehost isn’t uncommon for them to have outstanding reliability.

Bluehost web servers utilize 32-core AMD Opterons, 32 GB of memory, and RAID-10 fast storage, which turn out to be much faster than what their competitors offer.

Unlike iPage and WebhostingHub that rents the data center, Bluehost own 3 data centers privately, all of them are equipped with multiple 10 gigabit fiber connections to the locations worldwide, which could ensure high speed and wide bandwidth for websites hosting.

iPage has two data centers in Boston, MA. Across the two facilities, they have 800 Dell servers. Each data center offers round-the-clock security, N+1 AC and DC power and both have identical infrastructure. Customer data is mirrored across clustered servers to protect against downtime, and they also run UPS backup and have diesel generators too.

Backed by 100% premium Dell Servers, WebHostingHub hosting is run on some really reliable network links and web servers. Their data center uses the BGP4 smart routing technology that can switch promptly away from network providers that are experiencing any downtime.

WebHostingHub has two datacenters in the United States. One is on the west coast and another on the east coast. Customers will automatically be routed to the closest data center depending on their location, which will make it faster than other web hosting providers that have only one data center.

In general, Bluehost has the best quality data centers, however, WebHostingHub gain better speed for its multiple-location data centers.

Bluehost vs iPage vs Webhostinghub on Customer Support

All these companies are similar for customers support, Included with their services Toll-Free Phone Call, E-mail, and Online chat. Actually Bluehost and Webhostinghub also have an online knowledge base and also a customer forum. Engineers from Bluehost, iPage and Webhostinghub are all experienced and have experiences with helping users.

Conclusion – Bluehost vs iPage vs Webhostinghub

Considering Bluehost offer relative comprehensive hosting solutions, it’s recommended to host all types web sites including personal blog and business web sites. WebHostingHub is for personal blog and small business sites as for it only provides shared web hosting. For iPage, it’s best at budget, which makes it the perfect choice for personal web sites and family web sites.

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