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Bluehost vs. LiquidWeb on Dedicated Server

bluehostBluehost ( has been a reputable Linux-based web host since its inception in 1996. To provide the best optimal web hosting solutions for customers, Bluehost invests a lot in cloud platform and well designs a complete line of Linux web hosting products, including shared hosting, VPS, dedicated hosting and optimized WordPress hosting.

liquidwebCompared to Bluehost, with almost 20 years of development, LiquidWeb ( grows very fast. Nowadays, it has been the leading company in the industry because of its powerful strength with 3 private data centers and efficient Heroic Support. Its products are shared hosting, standard VPS and dedicated servers, as well as Storm servers.

In this post below, we plan to compare the dedicated hosting solution of Bluehost and LiquidWeb from their features, prices, speed and reliability, as well as support service. After reading this comparison, readers can know their similarities and differences, and then make the right choice for their site.

Bluehost vs. LiquidWeb on Dedicated Server Features

Bluehost always focus on Linux-based web hosting. By using cloud platform, the company is able to make good use of open sources to equip its own products. As for its dedicated server, Bluehost integrates the latest hardware. Each server is equipped with premium processor branded Intel Xeon. According to different demands, Bluehost uses 3 kinds of server with different levels of equipment to deliver standard, enhanced and premium performance.

For standard performance, Bluehost deploys standard Intel Xeon 2C/4T with 4 GB memory at speed of 2.5GHz/3.5GHz; for enhanced performance and premium performance, it uses the same Intel Xeon 4C/8T with different amount of memory and speed, which are 8 GB memory at speed of 2.5GHz/3.2GHz Turbo and 16 GB memory at speed of 3.3GHz/3.7GHz Turbo.

In terms of ease-to-use, Bluehost dedicated hosting included enhanced cPanel for free. Via it, customers can increase available disk space in real time; root access allows advanced customers control over their server. besides, SSH access, log file access, web-based managers are all included, so that customers can customize their .htaccess files, php.ini files and cron jobs via these programming features.

On the other side, LiquidWeb builds its dedicated hosting based on both Linux and Windows distributions. Due to redundant datacenters, the company offers 3 different location choices. Let’s take its Michigan location as our example.

LiquidWeb launches single processor, dual processer and quad processor dedicated servers. Each package LiquidWeb designs is scalable. Its smallest one contains Intel Xeon single processor with 4 cores at speed of 3.6 GHz to 4.0 GHz Turbo, 16 GB memory, 250 GB SSD disk space, 1 TB SATA backup space, and 5 TB of bandwidth.

LiquidWeb also provide simple and user-friendly cPanel for Linux distributions and Plesk control panel for Windows distributions, but each of them charges $20/mo. Plesk 12 or cPanel /web host manager comes with the options of full managed service. In addition, LiquidWeb also gives customers the option of no control panel, which also comes with core managed service or unmanaged service. Multiple choices offer customers extreme flexibility.

Apart from that, both companies provide some add-ons. At Bluehost, customers can choose from additional storage, sitelock, SSL certificates, spam protection and domain privacy; while LiquidWeb allows customers to add firewalls, load balancing, SAN solutions, Guardian backup, CDN, private networking, DDoS attack protection, and KVM switch. Of course, these add-ons charge fees.

According to the comparison of dedicated server features between Bluehost and LiquidWeb, we clearly know that both companies can offers scalable resources, while LiquidWeb can offer a little more choice of OS.

Bluehost vs. LiquidWeb on Dedicated Server Pricing

Bluehost Linux dedicated hosting normally starts from $149.99/mo, but now customers can get 50% off discount for the first month. With it, Bluehost Linux dedicated hosting starts at just $74.99, with 4 x 2.5 GHz CPU, 1 TB mirrored storage, 4 GB RAM, 5 TB data transfer, 1 domain, and 3 IP addresses.

Bluehost Dedicated Server Bluehost Dedicated Server
50% Off

Furthermore, Bluehost offers money back guarantee for its dedicated server customers, which is rare to find in web hosting field. Within the first 30 days, if customers decide to stop the service, they can require a refund of all fees; after the 30 days, they can get a prorated refund after canceling their hosting account.

As to LiquidWeb, normally customers buy its smallest package need pay $199/mo. However, the company offers up to 15% off discounts for the first 3 months. That is to say, customers can save up to $89.55 totally, and customers can start it at $169.15/mo, also along with 16 GB RAM, 250 GB SSD space, and 1 TB backup drive space.

LiquidWeb Dedicated Server LiquidWeb Dedicated Server
15% Off

Comparing their pricing and features, we notice that Bluehost dedicated hosting is cheaper with adequate features to support small business websites well; while LiquidWeb dedicated servers includes more features and charges higher than ordinary hosting packages. Although its pricing is high, for big profitable organizations, it is still affordable.

Bluehost vs. LiquidWeb on Speed and Reliability

Having rich experience, Bluehost tries its best to enhance speed and uptime. It improves file writing and backup efficiency, promotes MySQL database performance, and reduces website load speed and downgrading efficiently.

Besides, Bluehost builds 3 private data centers and has full control to these 3 data centers. To ensure high stability and reliability, Bluehost equips 3 locations with UPS power, back-up generators, and redundant fiber connections. The company also uses high quality hardware we introduced above to guarantee the optimal performance. That’s why Bluehost can offer 99.9% uptime for customers.

LiquidWeb gives 100% uptime guarantee in terms of power and network. It uses 3 data centers and an additional location to deploy customers’ servers. Each of them is equipped with redundant power, cooling, and network infrastructure. Free ServerSecure service will protect servers from almost all attacks. Combining with Sonar team, LiquidWeb Heroic Support will man and monitor these centers constantly to handle any accidents.

More than that, if there is any hardware broken, LiquidWeb can replace it within 30 minutes, which is its promise. So customer can relax when working with LiquidWeb, because the company will solve their problems as soon as possible.

In respect of performance, Bluehost and LiquidWeb both work hard to enhance their speed and reliability, and both of them fulfill their promises, even though LiquidWeb is stronger a little.

Bluehost vs. LiquidWeb on Support Service

Bluehost dedicated hosting is unmanaged, which is better for advanced customers to manager their servers and website by using cPanel and root access. However, Bluehost still offers dedicated customers support. Its specialists will help customers once they call for support. It is 24 hour available.

LiquidWeb considers different customers may ask for different level of help, therefore, the company designs fully managed service, core-managed service and self-managed service in each package.

Customers at LiquidWeb can get its exclusive Heroic Support, which is super cool and available at any time. Customers can reach them and get quick response by email, phone, ticket, and live chat. Moreover, no matter customers work with Bluehost or LiquidWeb, they can help themselves by searching for featured posts or tutorials in its Knowledge base.

Which One is Better?

To conclude, we have compared Bluehost and LiquidWeb from dedicated server features, prices, performance, and support. We know their dedicated clearly that both companies offers premium dedicated server solutions. Rich features from both companies are quite enough to build a high performance and reliable website, but considering their pricing, we think Bluehost is a cheap web host who is better for small business, while LiquidWeb is better for large scale business.

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