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Bluehost vs. LiquidWeb: Who Offers Better WooCommerce Hosting?

For eCommerce website masters, they must know WooCommerce, which is one of the most popular and free eCommerce platforms. By far, the business-friendly platform has served almost 38,000,000 online shops very well, occupying 8 percent of eCommerce platform market share. Well, more and more web hosts launched WooCommerce hosting. For those who want to use WooCommerce to start online business, a good WooCommerce hosting is a must.

As we know that Bluehost and LiquidWeb are both industry-leading web hosting companies and they both have release their own WooCommerce web hosting with unique features. In order to reveal a better WooCommerce hosting provider for customers, we will compare Bluehost and LiquidWeb on WooCommerce hosting in aspects of pricing, features, performance and customer support.

About Bluehost and LiquidWeb

Since its inception in 2003, Bluehost ( has become one of the best cheap web hosting provider and an industry-leading Linux hosting company. Up till now, Bluehost has launched cheap shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, WooCommerce hosting, dedicated hosting and domains.

LiquidWeb ( is an old brand in the web hosting industry, having 20 years of web hosting serving experience. Running 5 privately owned data centers, LiquidWeb can serve customers multiple powerful web solutions including email hosting, managed WooCommerce hosting, cloud sites, managed WordPress hosting, private cloud,  cloud VPS, cloud dedicated servers and traditional dedicated servers.

Bluehost vs. LiquidWeb on WooCommerce Hosting Pricing

Bluehost and LiquidWeb are both web hosting companies that businesses like. In terms of WooCommerce hosting pricing, Bluehost offering WooCommerce hosting normally starts at $13.99/mo, which is actually the web hosting solution for both WordPress and WooCommerce. To welcome more customers, Bluehost offers exclusive promotion – 50% off discount. Therefore, customers can purchase Bluehost WooCommerce hosting by paying $6.95/mo only.

Bluehost WooCommerce Hosting Bluehost WooCommerce Hosting
50% Off

Even better, Bluehost always treat customers as real guests, and offers 30 days full money back guarantee. It means customers can receive full refund if they submit account cancellation request to Bluehost sales support team within the first 30 days from the date of signing up.

As for LiquidWeb, it is a well-known businesses focused web hosting provider, whose managed WooCommerce hosting offers great power to support online stores. Its Starter packages normally starts at $249/mo. In order to lower down costs for customers, LiquidWeb now offers exclusive promotion with coupon code “WOOSPEEDY25”, namely 25% off first month. After cutting 25% off, the package starts from $186.75/mo.

LiquidWeb WooCommerce Hosting LiquidWeb WooCommerce Hosting
25% Off

For many small businesses, we believe LiquidWeb WooCommerce hosting pricing must scare them. So, in pricing part, Bluehost is much better.

Bluehost vs. LiquidWeb on WooCommerce Hosting Features

In terms of WooCommerce hosting packages, Bluehost and LiquidWeb prepared different levels for customers, but they both offer best possible features in their WooCommerce hosting plans.

At Bluehost there are 3 managed WooCommerce hosting plans available by default, which are Starter, Plus and Pro. All plans will come with pre-installed WooCommerce and one free domain name to help customers start as soon as possible. In order to ensure customers’ eCommerce security and encryption, Bluehost provides customers with a positive SSL certificate or Comodo SSL certificate and 1 dedicated IP address.

Bluehost WooCommerce hosting has one unique feature that the company enables its WooCommerce hosting seamlessly integrated with WordPress which is a powerful CMS designed to work with the best online stores and shopping carts. The combination of the power of WordPress and the versatility of WooCommerce can offer customers with an eCommerce-ready environment to get their business started online smoothly and running fast.

Besides, Bluehost offers ample resource to support small and medium business websites. In general, customers can receive 100GB to unmetered website space, unmetered bandwidth, 1 to unlimited parked domains and sub domains, 5 to unlimited accounts with 100MB to unlimited email storage per account as well as $100 to $300 marketing offers. In two bigger plans, Bluehost even provides SpamExperts, SiteBackup pro, and domain privacy to enhance customers’ hosting accounts and websites’ security for better serving their clients.

At LiquidWeb, its managed WooCommerce hosting comes with 4 levels of packages, namely Starter, Professional, Business and Enterprise. No matter which plan customers choose, LiquidWeb is very confident to offer you high performance and redundant WooCommerce hosting.

LiquidWeb has partnered with Glew to help customers turn their store’s order into actionable data to drive more revenues for customers’ store; LiquidWeb WooCommerce hosting now also partners with Jilt that is a leading cart technology for WooCommerce, to help customers take action quickly to capture their customers already completing transactions on their site.

What’s more, all stores hosted on LiquidWeb WooCommerce hosting will include all the following features. For store design, there are thousands of free eCommerce themes, customized feel and look for creating special product pages and landing pages, premium page builder, phone quick checkout and responsive design for mobile devices. For product catalog, unlimited products, custom fields and product pages as well as many extensive custom features are included.

Actually, LiquidWeb also includes flexible and easy to use store management features like unlimited staff accounts, inventory management and order management tools, premium image support comes as well like unlimited galleries and mobile optimized images, and optimized SEO including keyword indexing, custom URL redirects, and Google sitemaps.

In packages, LiquidWeb offers unlimited Admin seats, unlimited SKUs, unlimited orders, free SSL Cert, and even tagging site as well as 20+ performance tests to help customers create responsive, beautiful and easy to manage online stores.

It is very clear that both WooCommerce hosting providers give customers eCommerce friendly features like SSL certificate, pre-installed WooCommerce, dedicated IPs, and so on, but LiquidWeb is more professional, offering much more website building tools and online store partners. That’s why LiquidWeb is more expensive than Bluehost.

Bluehost vs. LiquidWeb on WooCommerce Hosting Speed and Reliability

Bluehost and LiquidWeb are both reputable web hosts in the web hosting, and they both understand how important the performance is to eCommerce websites. It can directly impact on owners’ revenues.

At Bluehost, the company now has private data centers to support its web hosting solutions. Its 3 datacenters are all equipped with redundant power supplies like UPS and diesel generators, redundant network with multiple fiber connections, and professional management team to monitor and maintain customers’ servers running smoothly.

At LiquidWeb, its WooCommerce hosting is very powerful and fast, coming with 100% power as well as network uptime guarantee. The company offers specially optimized platform for WooCommerce hosting. Auto-resizing disk, auto-resizing RAM, auto-resizing CPU, redundant performance tests, and highly redundant store support are the main feature of this platform. Namely, all these resources are monitored and can be dynamically added more.

Besides, LiquidWeb has 5 top-line data centers available, which are all equipped with ample power, cooling, as well as network. Tier-1 bandwidth offered by Level 3, Comcast, Verizon, and Cogent minimize the latency to deliver the best possible connection. 24/7 software and hardware monitoring and 24/7 standing by technicians with 30 minute hardware replacement can fix any unexpected issues as soon as possible.

We can easily figure out that LiquidWeb really ensure enterprise-class hosting performance, although Bluehost offers industry-standard hosting performance.

Bluehost vs. LiquidWeb on WooCommerce Hosting Customer Support

Bluehost offers dedicated support line to WooCommerce hosting customers, meaning customers can always get in touch with Bluehost WordPress experts to assist them with any hosting or WordPress-related issues they could encounter. Customers can use toll-free phone, email and live chat to get experts’ help. Or they can search for target tutorials and answers from Bluehost knowledge base and support forum.

As for LiquidWeb, it has WooCommerce expert’s team to support customers with code, data and content migration to LiquidWeb and website backups. Customers can directly contact WooCommerce experts via its Heroic Support team by using live chat, ticket, email and phone. The team offers 30 minute response time guarantee. Other more, the company has built up a specific managed WooCommerce hosting blog, which includes the latest WooCommerce guides that customers should need.

Generally speaking, both companies make customer support very easy because of various contact methods, and online support content, but LiquidWeb has more professional WooCommerce support team which now has 250+ certified support members including WooCommerce experts.

Bluehost vs. LiquidWeb: Which Offers Better WooCommerce Hosting?

According to the comparison, we now have a clear understanding about the two companies’ WooCommerce hosting plans: but have responsive support service, but Bluehost offers cheap and SMB-friendly WooCommerce hosting, while LiquidWeb offers enterprise-class, more professional managed WooCommerce hosting with much more powerful performance. Considering pricing, if customers are just beginners or SMBs, then Bluehost is certainly the better option to partner with; if customers are middle and large businesses, then they should choose LiquidWeb to work with.

To get more about Bluehost or LiquidWeb WooCommerce hosting, please check out or

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