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If you are reading this article, we assume as you have the willing to purchase SSL certificate online and feel headache on which online store is more reliable to place your order. This article will save your time and save your money in future. From the view of SSL experts with years experience, we sincerely recommend to you . We will list out their outstanding pros one by one for you after comparing current Top 20 SSL online websites. is won out completely . It’s a well trusted leading SSL provider you should choose without hesitation. introduction

This Singapore company founded in 2011, as a leading provider focused on cloud-based service distribution and system integration. They might look as new face in online market. Just same as NicSRS CEO said, ‘sometimes we come last, but we did out best.’They developed fast and excellent on offline business in Asia market past years and now they chose back online market. NicSRS dedicated to creating a wordwide one-stop authorized software purchasing platform, major in online SSL selling right now, to well benefit and serve more individual and companies wide world at cheap price guaranteed. The good news is now their formal launched online shop NicSRS,com has spread in USA, Europe, Africa and Asia market, runs quite hot and receives big thumbs-up by SSL industry experts after in-depth review.

What NicSRS Offer

You have broad brands to choose here. NicSRS is the platinum official strategic partner of Sectigo Group. To be as the biggest SSL Reseller platform, NicSRS also has deep relationship with wordwide great famous brands DigiCert, Entrust, Globalsign, GeoTrust  whichcovers all types of SSL products, from traditional positive SSL, rapid SSL, secure site pro SSL to any local brands if you name it, from DV SSL, OV SSL to EV SSL, from single domain SSL, multiple domian/UCC/SAN SSL, to Wildcard SSL, from website SSL, IP SSL, software/apps code SSL to documents Signing with experienced aftermarket service and technical support. As the world’s leading comprehensiveness service provider, not only SSL/TLS certificate,, you can find NicSRS products covers a series of cyber security solutions such as email solution (S/MIME) for identity and encryption, code guard, Cpanel, WHMCS and customized solution

Cheap Price SSL

If I am the customer, I would like to pay lowest cost with high quality service and products. So, please come to Here you will find CHEAP PRICE is the biggest nature advertisement. You are strolling in the place with the lowest price to purchase SSL certificates, and you can compare price with other SSL providers on market definitely. It has even starts at $9.45/year retailer price for one year certificate. It’s amazing but it’s true, because NicSRS is platinum partners with Sectigo, based on their extremely large quantities at deeply discounted rates enjoyed. Good news is now all customers can enjoy the savings directly from NicSRS online shop as well, if you come along with high volume to purchase, please  remember to contact service support or sales person either via telephone, chat, or email to enjoy your special cheaper price!

From below price comparison table, NicSRS has the extremely advantages not only on product wide range but also on retailer price. NicSRS covers most all types of Sectigo products other than the other two popular SSL providers on market. NicSRS prices are the lowest one reach to about 5% savings at least comparing with big two who covers USA and Asia market currently. So check your  price range, think and leverage why not choose NicSRS to place order and put saving money back to your pocket?

NicSRS make SSL Purchasing Easy

Easy purchase: In a nutshell, you would purchase the products you exact want with simple steps on shop. Step 1: Sign Up; Step 2: Add products to your cart; Step 3: Do payment. Just three steps, just like you play on Amazon,  or it even much easier on to purchase SSL certificates or any other products .

If you are a green hand on SSL certificates. On their website, you can easily find the difference category between each famous certificate authorized(CA) SSL brand and their products branch by using comparison chart. If you as one company purchase representative, have to choose one Sectigo brand SSL certificate, but not sure which type of certificate you would like to book, then follow us to take a look on below comparison chart for Sectigo products. Two steps to make your decision :1)You will find those features of products list clearly on the chart. 2)Find out the difference feature of each product and determine which feature suit to your need. Take example: asking questions to yourself: How many domains you would like to protect? Do you want organization name show in URL to present organization/company has high security level to attract more customers to visit? If your answer is there are  only 1 domain need to be protected and we require organization name show in URL, then please choose EV single domain SSL certificate. You make the rightest choice. Yes, it’s quite simple and easy. Of course you can mix purchase to install more types of SSL certificates to increase your website security level according to your real situation requirements.

Auto-issue certificate system: NicSRS develops mature portal to integrate with CA port, all steps will be handled automatically once your SSL certificates order paid. Their supporting team will assist you on the initial verification work which are the must requirement and standard of Certificated Authorized(CA) if you don’t quite clear on the process. Only several minuets, they can issue out one DV certificate for you after SSL experts’ real test, how surprise on their such rapid speed of issuing time, because of their advanced system instead of manual work along with Certificated Authorized(CA) policy complied .

Customer Order Management Portal: After you register the online shop  or log in, you will find the orders you used to placed all lying down there. It’s NicSRS self – developed with independent technology customer order management portal system.

On the Panel left side, it shows your product catalogue which have security series of products( SSL certificates, code guard), control panel series, management software series, and value-added service.etc. Once you click any category, the orders your purchased will be found in the middle of panel. Take SSL certificate order as example, the records shows all your products in details with name, price, validity period, status etc. On the top, you can find your billing and invoice, and, you can download by yourselves. Also it’s easy for you to choose buy new certificates or renew it from the portal part directly. SSL experts provided highly confirm on this customer order management order portal which helps customer manage all types of orders effectiveness and efficient, raw data easy to captures with enough details and combined information output, with character of data transparency, convenient to use and friendly interface. Also it has function to reminder your SSL certificate will be expired automatically.

And last there’s one new interesting point forget to introduce. On the portal, you can apply and join in NicSRS’s affiliate partner program. Next time maybe you can try it personally and to see how money accumulated and earned so quickly in your own pocket.

High Credibility: NicSRS customized security solutions are highly recognized in various fields such as government, financial, and e-commerce enterprises. More than 100,000 companies cooperated with them closely. So take 100% ensure, you can do safe shopping here, will take care of the rest of all.

Fast Issuance Time: No matter which brand you choose finally, NicSRS will promise 1-3 days fast speed to issuing certificate for you at most cases, it’s amazing but it’s really possible just because they have strong team behind to supporting your and contacting with CA directly, and don’t forget auto-issuing system helpful.

API: NicSRS’s powerful API can help their customer seamlessly integrate the functionality into customer existing website or help to develop customized solutions.

Knowledge base & tools: If you are the one contact with SSL certificates at first time, you don’t worry about anything, here you will find all knowledge about SSL certificats,cyber security, brands knowledge, products difference, ets you want to know . Saved you lot of time to browse and collect. Also this online shop indicates clear guides and prepared easy tools for you: CSR generation , certificate verification, convert SSL tools, etc…Because NicSRS is a well equipped knowledge-base place regarding to SSL world ! Here store all information your would like to learn and know, and please read their update news in blog as well.

Professional supporting team:The most important thing is they have one professional supporting team behind you, 7*24hrs standby to support your any questions and uncertainty issues. They provide help immediately till your issues be solved, no worse comment received till now! If you save your precise time on studying  how to install SSL certificates or others, you really need someone to help you at that time, then just requires at the nominal service fee:$50 and the supporting expert guy will contact you and to help you in no time. Not only to  support your issuing and installation case on certificate , but also if you don’t know which brand is really suit to your situation, just tell your website type or business type to expert team, like your company is focus on e-commerce, banking, financial or government; small /individual websites, or apps/software codes, expert team will kindly recommend most suitable brands and products to sweep out your puzzles anymore.

Best Money Back Guarantee: Last but not the least, if you still uncertain and would like withdraw or cancel your order. Just take action immediately only if the request raised within 30 days after order placed. You could reach out service supporting team for help , or click cancel via customer order management portal,  NicSRS promise they will help to refund money back to your pocket asap. Because NicSRS has clear policy rules there: NicSRS offers you a full 30-day money back guarantee on all of their certificates. Within 30 days of the issuance, if you have any problems, you can also apply for an unconditional refund. So, you see, no any worry about it at all.

Get SSL from NicSRS Now!

Based on above cheap price, guarantee terms, fruitful experience and dedicated service supporting ,easy purchasing experience with good quality , if you want to book your SSL certificates, NicSRS is the second to none choice and your well trusted service provider.

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