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campaign monitorCampaign Monitor ( is an email marketing provider launched in 2004. With 12 years of development, Campaign Monitor never changes its goal to make it easy for everyone to send beautiful email campaigns to customers’ audiences. Up till now, it has helped more than 150,000 customers of all sizes manage their email marketing.

In below, we intend to introduce Campaign Monitor side by side, hoping to make sense that whether the company works best for those customers who really need easy-to-use and affordable email marketing or not.

Campaign Monitor Current Promotion

Currently, a Campaign Monitor free trail is available in the marketplace. Customers are allowed to set up an account and create a campaign without any charges. They can send their custom email campaign to less than 5 subscribers. What’s more, customers can get access to all core email marketing features, obtaining whole experience of Campaign Monitor email marketing.

Campaign Monitor Email Marketing Campaign Monitor Email Marketing
A Free Trial

Besides, for non-profit organizations, Campaign Monitor offers a 15% discount.

Campaign Monitor Review on Contact Management

To achieve succeed on email marketing needs to build a high quality contact list. At Campaign Monitor, customers can receive a set of free tools to help them build email contact list.

Subscribe Button, a small and elegant button, allows customers to add to their website to enable people to subscribe to their list via a small popup page. Subscribe Form is a simple HTML form customers can add anywhere on their site, and set the fields them want to get, like name, email, location, and so on. Subscribe Page is a landing page, which is customizable to suit customers’ brand and capture subscribers solely.

campain monitor list

Besides, Campaign Monitor designs iPad and Facebook apps which are all customizable and seamlessly suit customers’ brand as well. Both applications enable customers to capture email addresses directly from the page.

Customers can also make good use of 3rd party tools integrated with Campaign Monitor. These 3rd party tools can offer better functionality than the default Campaign Monitor tools above, but customers may need to pay an additional fee. SumoMe allows customers to add more advanced types of subscribe opportunities like slide-ins, popups, and header bars. Optin Monster enables customers to add various types of subscribe opportunity on specific pages of their website.

In addition to that, customers at Campaign Monitor can import their existing customers details into their Campaign Monitor account from excel files, or other platforms they integrate with their Campaign Monitor account, like CRM accounting, eCommerce tool, etc.

Campaign Monitor Review on Email Creation & Sending

At Campaign Monitor, emails are created effortless through user friendly email editor, mobile friendly apps, and various email templates.

Campaign Monitor drag-and-drop email builder helps customers design unique-looking emails radically easy. With it, customer can also get the pixel-level customization over every aspect of their emails with the exact colors and fonts to match their brand.

campaign monitor email editor

The company prepares an array of beautiful email templates, which are professional-designed, including product announcements, newsletters, event promotions and marketing offers. By the way, these email templates are available in tool’s library.

Never forget mobile devices in email marketing. Campaign Monitor optimizes its email marketing software for both desktop and mobile email clients. So customers can get mobile friendly email templates and email builder. Before they send their email campaigns, they can always get a preview on both desktop and mobile devices.

For completely new and custom email templates, Campaign Monitor provides a robust set of tools to help customers code their own HTML email templates. Template language to custom email files is used to create flexible email templates with few simple tags. Bulletproof background images, bulletproof email buttons and CSS inline generator are the tools to build beautiful emails.

Sending the most relevant message to right person at right time is very important. Campaign Monitor automation workflows make it easy. With automation, customers can add personalized emails like welcome emails, birthday emails, drip campaigns, etc. which can be send by triggers of time or some other information.

Campaign Monitor Review on Email Reporting & Tracking

Campaign Monitor provides detailed tracking analyses and visible reports, which are in real time and cover following areas:

  • Open rate is a measure of how many people on customers’ email list open their campaign;
  • Click-through rate is to report the number of people who clicked on the links in customers’ email campaigns;
  • Email visits is to measure how many people visited customers’ website through their email campaigns;
  • Email conversations is to present the number of conversations driven by customers’ email campaigns;
  • Unsubscribe rate is the show how many people unsubscribed from customers’ email list from their emails;
  • Bounce rate refers to the percentage of email addresses in customers’ subscriber list that did not receive their message;

Besides, Campaign Monitor also provides more detailed secondary reports that can help customers get the insights they have to change their campaign strategy or design, and improve the rates mentioned above. List and segments report, link activity and overlay report, email client usage report, as well as opens and clicks over time report are all important secondary report.

Other Highlights of Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor has a new feature that is to allow customers to take charge of their transactional emails. These emails are important to marketers. Besides granular reporting, Campaign Monitor transactional emails come with world-class deliverability and reliability.

A/B testing email campaigns is a great way to increase open rate and click-through rate of customers’ emails. At Campaign Monitor, the company will test everything including subject lines, visuals, copy, and calls to action. Also, Campaign Monitor will test different templates against each other to see which one works best for customers’ email marketing.

Email marketing is the most effective marketing channel at present. To keep fresh contact list, marketers need integration! Campaign Monitor has connected to the most popular business applications. Customers can choose from more than 250 pre-built integrations to connect Campaign Monitor to customers’ CRM, GetFeedback, Salesforce, Magento, and more.

Campaign Monitor Review on Prices

Campaign Monitor offers extremely flexible plans depending on different need of clients. Here we take its Basic Plan as our instance, to explain the pricing clearly. In below, we list some Basic plans:

  • 2,500 emails can be sent to 500 subscribers at $9/mo.
  • 12,500 emails can be sent to 2,500 subscribers at $29/mo.
  • 25,000 emails can be sent to 5,000 subscribers at $49/mo.

Besides monthly plans, Campaign Monitor also gives an option to pay per campaign. Other more, the company accepts most credit cards and it also support invoicing as well for high-volume senders and larger organizations.

Campaign Monitor Review on Customer Support

If customers encounter any problems in working with Campaign Monitor, they can feel free to post their questions in support section. For some tough issues, customers can email Campaign Monitor technical staffs at any time. Or they can make a phone call to get the direct help from Campaign Monitor.

The company also prepares various resources that customers can read through to gain technical knowledge and skills about the functions and usability of Campaign Monitor email marketing software.


Campaign Monitor is premium email marketing software, offering simple and powerful email list building, creation, and sending tools. In-depth and comprehensive tracking and reports, transactional emails, A/B testing, as well as great social sharing features, Campaign Monitor make email marketing so easy.

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