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Can WordPress Power Your SaaS?


With cloud, the world has been changed a lot and the model of doing business is also changed a lot. In cloud world, here is a new age and more and more business owners are getting into to that amazing world.

SaaS is a software licensing and very common delivery model for various business applications, figuring how big your service is in cloud world. Gartner Group estimates that SaaS market can continue to grow at 19.5%/year, reaching a project $32.8bn in 2016.

Currently, more and more business owners are choosing to move to SaaS. In below article, we are to discuss whether or not WordPress platform works well with SaaS, what benefits it offers as well as whether it is the right solution that you are searching for.

Leveraging WordPress for SaaS

When you leverage WordPress for SaaS, you can create completely different services based on WordPress platform or create the services for those WordPress-enabled sites. Either way, you cloud use WordPress ecosystem as a great assistance for SaaS creating and running.

Monetary Benefits

SaaS is very similar to traditional subscription model,  despite subtle differences. It is different from classic self-host model. Now SaaS is maintained, updated and hosted by vendors. So, we say it is an approach adding much flexibility as well as usability.

Like subscription model, it means SaaS can keep stable income and you can also ensure your earnings steady regardless everyday business. Combining with the hug existing market offered by WordPress, your SaaS will go smoothly.

Easy Setup and Nearly Unlimited Possibilities

You can quickly install CMS and add any plugin and theme on your WordPress, which are all impressively fast! Given that there are countless plugins as well as themes available for almost unmetered scope of customization, people can see a world of near unlimited possibilities.

You can use WordPress very easily and make your jobs done very fast and well, because there are a wide range of well managed WordPress plugins. Regarded as a MVP, WordPress is absolutely awesome getting your business started online and running rapidly.

Additionally, WordPress includes the system of operating user roles and memberships, which is an existing feature for your subscription-based services or business.

REST API Plugin’s Advantages

In WordPress, REST API plugin is possibly a second big thing and could independently make the WordPress platform especially fit for SaaS.

There is a kind of driving force from the WP REST API to make the WordPress platform a matured application framework. It will be something that any SaaS love to be with. The simple HTTP requests can make you transfer your data out and in applications. This is possible to fully customize the ways you interact with WordPress. And your SaaS will work off the customized WordPress backend as well as admin panels. It means that you work with WordPress, but you are free from the core’s constraints.

Be Careful with SaaS for the WordPress Platform

For developers who are familiar with the WordPress platform, they possibly fall into a trap that they may delivery all things via CMS. Yes, WordPress is easy to use, while it does not mean that WordPress can be a good tool to execute all thins.

In WordPress, there are some features might be better to be executed with the changes to core. Here problem comes. You need to pay attention to those features’ updates that may break the changes to core, and then kill the application.

Besides, if your service cannot scale on WordPress platform, you will face more troubles. At that time, you should search for another framework.

WordPress — Real MVP

There is a contradiction that you can spend long term in creating one new service,  while the WordPress platform will make you go fast, even for apps that might not very suited for CMS. We think WordPress is especially useful to create an MVP.

A great number of good plugins as well as themes in the realm of WordPress can assist you run SaaS with ultra-fast speed. This rapid prototyping allows creating your business working model at partial cost that originally demands.

Note: an MVP’s core  is to build a beginning rather than the complete service or product. It is an effective method to set up your SaaS. As for experienced developers, they can quickly find the right process by using available plugins as well as API hooks, offering traction to the project.

It is Ok to be imperfect for an MVP, because the purpose of an MVP is to quality ideas and get the feedback. When you come up with wonderful ideas, you should qualify them as fully-fledged services or products on WordPress platform or with other different approaches.

Use WordPress Environment for SaaS

Within WordPress ecosystem, plugins are extremely viable for your SaaS. Classically, users always use plugins to add the functionality. However, they have more functions. For your SaaS, there is enough reasons to expand plugins’ scope especially for SaaS. In below, we will introduce 4 plugins made the special expansion for SaaS within WordPress ecosystem.



Currently, VaultPress is the plugin wrapped in the plugin Jetpack; however, we still place it in the first place. Why? VaultPress was ever one of those first plugins bringing SaaS to the WordPress Platform. Within WordPress ecosystem, VaultPress actually operates in its backup & security realm, together with the plugins working as the conduits between website and VaultPress system. VaultPress works with a full backup folder and automated restores, offering impressive daily backups and instantaneous backups.



Jetpack we have mentioned above is from Automattic, which is almost like a SaaS platform especially for Automattic. Jetpack is not a bundling plugin with the core when it is offered from Automattic. So, Jetpack as the separate plugin  can work extremely well with those services offered.

It can provide various services including free offerings and paid offerings. That is to say, it can offer WordPress.com functions to your own WordPress website.



As for Crazyegg, it is an analytics tool for SaaS, which can create the heatmap of visitors’ activities on your WordPress website. With the heatmap of visitors’ activities on your site, you can know how they interact with your site better, because Crazyegg translates their behaviors on your site into the readable and visible data. Better understanding can make you, webmaster, adjust the strategies for better ROI. So, it is a very useful plugin for your SaaS.



The last one is HitTail that can boost your WordPress website’s SEO by suggesting organic keyword. HitTail will operate real-time monitoring to your traffic and create the actionable list organic keywords which are targeted to drive more search traffic for your WordPresswebsite.


WordPress combining with SaaS is the future tendency. Along with the upcoming development of WordPress platform and ease in building MVPs, we can find there is an emergency of the services based on WordPress platform, with the ease building MVPs as well as upcoming development of the WordPress platform. Now it is the right time for you to qualify your ideas and empower your service with SaaS.

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