Monday , 18 December 2017

Email Tutorials

You Need To Keep Email and Web Hosting Separate

In many cases, you may get a suite of email features bundled in your package when you purchase a web hosting solution for your website. If you’re new to the email realm, you’re easy to feel pretty exciting because you can now take advantage of the email address with lovely and professional looking, importantly, for free! However, it can be ...

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Suffering Bad Email Open & Clickthrough Rates? Here Are Some Practical Tips

Looking for an effective while affordable way to engage your customers? Email marketing would be the first term coming across your mind. However, starting a successful email marketing campaign is not easy. Oftentimes, you emails are found lying down in the inbox clutter or in the spam folder, reflecting the depressing open and clickthrough rates you get from your email ...

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What is Mail Server and How Does it Work?

Sending a mail is easy, click the send button and your message is delivered to anyone situated anywhere in the world in seconds. Have you ever thought about the procedure of mail delivery? Read on to learn everything about mail server. What is a Mail Server? A mail server is also known as Mail Transfer/Transport Agent or an Internet Mailer ...

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HostPapa Email Hosting Review

In the following review, we plan to talk about HostPapa email hosting. To make customers know it in-depth, this discussion will include email hosting pricing, features, reliability, and customer support. Via HostPapa Email Hosting Review, we want to find out a cost-effective email hosting provider for those customers who have this need. Who Is HostPapa? Since its inception in 2005, ...

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Things You Should Know About Email Hosting

Email, as the most important online service people nowadays use, is essentially an online passport used to login to most apps in use. Along with this is email hosting service, which caters mostly to demanding email users and small to mid-sized businesses. While for larger enterprise-grade users, they tend to run their own email hosting service on their own mail ...

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