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How to Transfer Website to Another Web Host Smoothly

So you want to move, sounds like a headache, but when the time is up you have to move on, sometimes, you need to shift y...

what is FTP
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What is FTP and how to use it to transfer files?

Methods to achieve data exchange are diverse these days. Between one person and another on a same place, they can dir...

hosting in china-1
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Hosting in China: What to Consider When Choosing a Web Host?

China has become a leader in global internet industry with 710 million internet users in 2016, reaching $967 billion of ...

b2evolution image
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An Introduction to b2evolution

If you’re planning to run your own blog or website, easily, effectively and efficiently, but want to keep costs down, yo...

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Challenges to Overcome when Launching Your Startup’s Website

Description– As the title says, we will discuss challenges to overcome for launching business website in this arti...

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Managed VPS Hosting vs. Unmanaged VPS Hosting

Description- New users often get confused between managed VPS vs. unmanaged VPS. This article will analyze both these ca...

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Do You Know What Is Reseller Hosting?

Description: Utilizing the resources to give profit with lowest possible cost incurred is reseller hosting. A profitable...

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List Of Essential Questions To Ask To The Hosting Provider Before You Sign Up

Description: When you choose an affordable web hosting provider, you should ask them some questions before getting their...

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Benefits of Choosing a Dedicated Server Hosting Provider  

Description: Nowadays it’s really important to have a dedicated server. So many companies are providing such service and...

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How to Protect Your Business from a Bad Web Host

Everyone in the industry wants to get a reliable and cheap web host for her or his website and online business. It is be...

server resources
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15 Tips to Make Your Resources Last

Most people who have ever bought the small shared hosting plans must know a problem deeply. Limited resources they get f...

top 10 page loading speed tools
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Top 10 Page Loading Testing Tools You Should Know

Nobody likes a slow website. It has been a common sense to all people that slow speed is impossible to provide with a la...

top 10 web hosting security feature you need
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Top 10 Web Hosting Security Features You Need

For enterprises and corporations, websites almost are essential to improve credibility, popularize their brands and prod...

free tools for website monitoring
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10 Free Tools to Monitor Website Uptime

You know the importance to keep your website up all the time. Hence, you pick a reliable web host that even gives high u...