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Best WordPress Premium and Professional Themes

To make your WordPress site look unique and beautiful, you will need a premium and professional WordPress themes with we...

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Best WordPress Books

WordPress is the best and the easiest tool to build a website. However, to make an unique, beautiful and powerful WordPr...

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WordPress User Guide – Start Writing Post

Tweak WordPress with HTML In case you need to use HTML in WordPress then below guide is for you. The philosophy of...

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WordPress Beginners’ Guide

This article is for the one who is a newbies to WordPress, we will talk about how to install WordPress, how to do custom...

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Top Best WordPress Plugins for SEO

Search engines play an important role for any website. They help in generating traffic by putting your website on the to...

WordPress security issues

WordPress Security Tips

All webmasters will agree that one issue that keeps them worried all the time are WordPress security issues. A website i...

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WPEngine Review

WPEngine Review below is based on our real experience with WPEngine and the reviews we have collected from its customers...

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Best WordPress Hosting

Want to know which web hosts offer best WordPress compatible hosting at cheap price? In below we list out  top 5 WordPre...

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Best WordPress Security Plugin

Website security is a prime concern for any website owner or developer. If you are running your website with WordPress a...

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WordPress WordPress Plugins

Top WordPress Plugins to Improve Website Speed

We tend to gravitate towards fast-loading websites because anything that takes time loses our attention. Besides using a...

How to Backup Your WordPress Website
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How to Backup Your WordPress Website

There are numerous ways to create backup of your WordPress website. Here we shall describe as many as we can. Creating w...

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How to Install Wordfence Security in Your WordPress Site

WordPress is one of the most used Content Management System. It is easy to use and has hundreds of exciting features whi...

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Common WordPress Malware Infections

The core of the WordPress security is that it gets addressed very fast and the developers are more involved in maintaing...

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Managed WordPress Hosting

Best Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting can be seen as a concierge service because all technical aspects of running WordPress are mana...

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Top 5 Forum Plugins for WordPress

Have you ever considered adding a forum to your WordPress website? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going t...