WordPress Plugins

Best WordPress Plugins

The function of WordPress plugins is not new for many webmasters, but finding the best plugins for their websites is not...

WordPress Plugins

WordPress YouTube Plugin

Since WordPress has been highly sought after to build their websites, WordPress theme, plugin and more also enjoy a huge...

WordPress Plugins

How to Generate WordPress Sitemap

We all know how important is sitemap to rank well in search engine and it’s not easy to keep Sitemap up to data. H...

WordPress Tutorials

How to Disable WordPress Comments

By default, WordPress websites allow comments attached on pages or posts. There is no doubt that some comments can be ca...

WordPress Plugins

WordPress Calendar Plugin

There are many kinds of WordPress plugins for webmasters to choose and today we will mainly introduce calendar plugins t...

WordPress Themes

Free WordPress Theme

Nowadays, WordPress theme has become more and more popular along with the booming of blog and e-commerce. A beautiful, r...

WordPress Themes

Best Business WordPress Theme

A unique and delicately designed WordPress theme will distinguish your business website from that of many others. Howeve...

WordPress Hosting

MediaTemple vs WPEngine

Both MediaTemple and WPEngine are famous and reliable managed WordPress hosting providers in the industry, and we know t...