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Best Free WordPress Pricing Table Plugins

As to those who are familiar with online sell, they must understand that it certainly tougher making the sell offline. A...

wordpress plugin for mobile website
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Best WordPress Plugins for Mobile Website

If there is anything well-established over the past few years, it must be the trend of people’s preference to quickly lo...

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5 Free WordPress Plugins to Increase Shares, Opt-Ins, and Conversions

To maintain a blog, it is not very easy for the blogger to take care of every side. Just for coding, it can take months ...

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How to Automatically Nofollow External Links in WordPress

Auto Nofollow Links does save lot of time as it adds Nofollow attribute to the external links to the blog posts. Adding ...

Ways To Clone Wordpress Websites
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Ways To Clone WordPress Websites

Nowadays, WordPress (WP) clone is one of the most popular ways to move or copy a WordPress site to another server. Somet...

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How To Redirect Users After Successful Login In WordPress?

Redirecting users is a crucial part in user management while building and managing your traffic community around your we...

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Why and How to Block a WordPress User without Deleting His Account

WordPress does provide users simple ways of running a site having large number of authors. For each author, is provided ...

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How to Set Up Facebook Comments Plugin in WordPress

Facebook does provide various options or WordPress plugins that are social, such as buttons which include like or send. ...

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6 Tips for Reducing WordPress Database Size

If you are new to the concept of the WordPress and the installation procedures, then you might have to keep in mind that...

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How to Hide Admin Bar in Your WordPress Partially

Do you know that the admin bar of the WordPress has got various useful shortcuts for those users who have logged into th...

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Should You Install Plugins or Templates Not Tested with WordPress Version

Most of the time users have doubts whether a given plugin is tested in their given version of the WordPress. A lot of qu...

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How to Customize WordPress Plugin

Customizing a WordPress plugin can become a necessity, especially when you are concerned with your website’s security vu...

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How to Bulk Install WordPress Plugins

To bulk install WordPress plugins, you need plugin. There are different plugins for this purpose and each plugin has its...

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Best WordPress Booking Plugins

Are you looking for a tool that will make your guests to reservation to an event easier? Do you want to 100% confirm the...

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Best Wiki WordPress Plugins

A person visiting your website may be completely new to your niche. He may not know anything about it.The terms, concept...