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WordPress is the best and the easiest tool to build a website. However, to make an unique, beautiful and powerful WordPr...

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WordPress User Guide – Start Writing Post

Tweak WordPress with HTML In case you need to use HTML in WordPress then below guide is for you. The philosophy of...

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WordPress Beginners’ Guide

This article is for the one who is a newbies to WordPress, we will talk about how to install WordPress, how to do custom...

How to Backup Your WordPress Website
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How to Backup Your WordPress Website

There are numerous ways to create backup of your WordPress website. Here we shall describe as many as we can. Creating w...

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Common WordPress Malware Infections

The core of the WordPress security is that it gets addressed very fast and the developers are more involved in maintaing...

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Fixed Backdoor in a hacked WordPress site

Having your WordPress site hacked by Malware, is nothing short of nightmare. What is worse is, even after you think you ...

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Adding Forum to your WordPress site with bbPress

Building an online community is always among the primary goals for which a blog is setup. Bulletin boards and interactiv...

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Protect WordPress Sites with .htaccess

The Hypertext Access (.htaccess) file which is present in the directory of the file is nothing but a simple configuratio...

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Launch a WordPress Site with Bluehost in 5 Minutes

WordPress is pretty much the most popular tools people use to build website now, and we have prepared a comprehensive Wo...

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Where to Find Low-Cost Professional Images for Your WordPress Website?

Visual is the most important part of a website. People have high regards for a website that look visually attractive and...

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How to Move Tumblr to WordPress

Tumblr is a great platform for those who want to keep their blogs short and sweet. It is well suited for micro-blogging....

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How to Exclude Specific Authors, Pages and More from Your WordPress Search

When you are managing your WordPress website which offers WordPress search for something for your users, have you ever w...

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How to Block WordPress Users without Deleting Their Accounts?

When you are managing your WordPress website, have you ever wanted to blog your WordPress users from your site? For thos...

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How to Upload a HTML Page to WordPress without 404 Error?

Have you ever encountered the 404 error when uploading a HTML page to your WordPress website? It is likely that you need...

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How to Create WordPress Product Catalog without Any Shopping Cart?

If you are managing your WordPress website and planning to add your products on it, you need to classify these products....