Monday , 18 December 2017

WordPress Tutorials

9 Most Common Misconceptions about WordPress

At present, WordPress has become one of the most popular CMS in the industry, powering more than 21% websites on the Internet. It is true that WordPress becomes very popular among webmasters, but considering the rest, there is still big part of users knowing very little about WordPress. After the conversations with a great number of users who are not ...

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What’s New in WordPress 4.9

The latest version of WordPress was release two week ago. The release is the second time this year and also it is the last major release of WordPress in 2017. The latest WordPress 4.9 as an important release this year of course comes with many interesting and exciting new enhancements and features. In order to help WordPress fans and WordPress ...

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10 Things You Should Do When Inheriting a WordPress Website

For developers, to inherit a WordPress website is not only about taking over a WordPress website from the former owner. Inheriting an existing WordPress website means lots of responsibilities come to you. To help you inherit a WordPress website smoothly and keep it running well, we compose this guide to highlight 10 things that you need to know and do ...

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How To Promote Your Website On Google+?

As a webmaster, you will want to generate as much traffic as possible to your website. Taking the help of SEO becomes the most commonly used approach to increasing the search engine visibility and ranking. More and more webmasters begin embracing social media platforms because they don’t need to shell out big bucks from their pocket. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and ...

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Win In Mobile Internet Era? Start With A Mobile-Ready Responsive WordPress Menu

As smartphones and other mobile devices have become the preferred method of internet access, mobile online shopping time now exceeds laptop and PC online shopping time. If you think mobile is just a must for e-commerce sites, you’re all wet. People nowadays are increasingly doing all sorts of online research using mobile devices. So, if your WordPress isn’t mobile-friendly, it ...

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