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A domain is a unique name that used in various networking contexts, application-specific naming & addressing purpose. Anyone who is going to involve in web hosting or build websites, the primary thing is to purchase a domain name. Cheap Domain below will help you save some budget when registering a domain.

Cheap Domain from GoDaddy – Starts from $2.99/yr

Known as the world’s largest domain name registrar, GoDaddy ( provides with reliable and affordable common, private, protected registration and certified domain services.

With GoDaddy latest promotion of .com, .info, .co, .org, and .net, etc., customers who sign up for 2+years plan, they would be charged from only $2.99 for the first year, and the additional years renew at the regular price $14.99.

For extensions including .me, .mobi, .us, .biz, .ws, .asis and others, GoDaddy also gives attractive discount to customers, no matter they choose annual, 2-year, 3-year, 5 or even 10-year solutions. After discounting, the domain registration fee starts from $4.99/yr.

GoDaddy Promotion GoDaddy Promotion
From $2.99/yr

At the same time, GoDaddy guarantees 100% money back and 24/7 support services. To find out all the coupon about Godaddy, please check out godaddy Coupon.

NameCheap – at $3.88/yr

Based in Los Angeles, CA, NameCheap ( is known as an ICANN-accredited domain name registrar and hosting provider who has more than 3 million domain names under its management.

NameCheap now promotes some of the popular domain name extensions. The regular prices of .club, .co, .de, .me, .mobi, .asia and .in are billed at $13.88/yr, $22.99/yr, $9.85/yr, $18.99/yr, $14.99/yr, $16.99/yr and $9.99/yr.

After promoting, the prices charge at $3.88/yr, $12.88/yr, $8.40/yr, $8.99/yr, $8.98/yr, $12.99/yr as well as $8.69/yr. Customers cloud get free WhoisGuard, 2 months free private email, plenty of storage and spam protection.

NameCheap Promotion NameCheap Promotion
At $3.88

If people are interested in the extensions, please visit: to register desired domain name at very cheap price.

Network Solutions – from $2.95/yr

Network Solutions ( is one of the oldest American technology firm, and the domain registration is the most important part of its business. Now, Network Solutions managed around 7 million domain names.

It offers a wide range of domain options, such as popular .com, .net, .info, .org, .biz, .club, .email. Customers can also get new domain extensions like .guru, .tips, .xyz, .expert, .solutions, .nyc, and .academy, .agency, .bike, .buzz, .boutique, etc.

For customers who choose Network Solutions deal, the company not only allows multiple service terms, but also gives them optional private registration, premium DNS, and web forwarding. The discount price of Network Solutions domain starts from $2.95/yr.

Network Solutions Deal Network Solutions Deal
From $2.95/yr

Please visit:, and get one of the most reliable and cheapest domain name registration services at Network Solutions.

Domain Names Are Important!


Are you wondering how important is a domain name for business? Undeniably, domain names are the heart and soul of a website. Without a domain, the website cannot go live. A user has to enter the domain name to land on the website. It is crucial for a website owner to pick the domain name that matches with their industry and the products they sell. Many people just by looking at the domain name will click on the website. Having the domain names embedded with the keywords of the business, will help your business website to take a first place in the search engine results page when an audience searches for the products similar to that you are offering.

Ideally, the domain name is very important, since the internet addressing scheme will not work without it. Every system that is connected to the internet has an internet protocol (IP) address. It is an uphill task for the people to remember the IP address of a website every time when they want to visit it. So, computer experts have created a domain name that is assigned to each IP address. This short and crisp domain name makes a lot of difference for the people doing business in the web world. The domain name that is relevant to the business will pull the customers to the site whereas the domain name that is irrelevant will bounce back the customers. The success and mars of an online business totally relies on the domain name. This domain name creates a unique identity for a website in the digital world. Every customer can identify you with that name. It helps you to boost the brand image of your business in the online world. Examples of domain name extensions include .com, .net, .org, .edu, .mil, etc.


How important is a domain name for the business

Adds credibility to a business:

When a company has its own domain name, then clients start thinking the business to be credible and reliable. In fact, this compels many customers to buy products and avail services from it. Basically, to own a domain name, you have to find a domain registrar company and pick the right domain that perfectly matches your business. You can find domain names for free, but this does not pull the customers at the same rate that a domain name ending up with .com will pull. It is vital for the companies to pick the right domain name that helps them to gain a sea of traffic to their website and thereby sales. Just imagine, if you are not taking time to select the right domain name for your website, then how customers would think that you would provide superior quality services and products. So, think wisely, pick a perfect domain name and gain a huge traffic to your website.

Show you as a forward thinking business:

The websites that have a right domain name that is appropriate to their business will make the clientele think them to be a part of the digital revolution. In fact, this totally indicates that you are staying abreast with the latest technologies. In fact, having a domain name, will help you to stand out from your competitors.

Gives high mobility:

If you own a domain name, then you can host the same domain name on your own server by switching it from the shared server. However, if you do not a domain name, then you are supposed to take a new domain name and taking a new one will ruin your entire brand image that you have created in the digital world so far.


Pick the right domain name to garner the attention of clients:

If you pick the domain name that is relevant to your business, then you would end up getting customers who are looking for your products exclusively. To be precise, it helps you to grab the attention of potential clients to your website. For instance, if you are selling shoes, then you can pick a domain name with So, your website will appear when the audience enters shoes on the search tab. In fact, your website appears whenever a person searches for shoe information on the internet. The audience visiting your site, if falls in love with your collection, makes a purchase. This helps you to boost your sales and thereby brand reputation without shelling out a single penny for marketing.

Boost brand reputation:

Unarguably, domain name helps to boost the brand image in the market place. And, if the company and domain name are the same, then it would be easy for the audience to remember your domain name and visit your website again and again. Most importantly, it is easy for you to gain new customers while retaining the reprising ones, when the old customers will spread a word about your brand to the new one. This is a free publicity for your brand.

Boost search engine ranking:

Picking the right domain name have a huge impact on search engine ranking and search engine marketing. Many companies today are choosing the domain name that has their target keyword to make their website appear on the first page of renowned search engine results such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. In fact, this helps people to gain potential traffic and customers for their business. Moreover, having a keyword relevant to your products will boost the click through rates. Basically, embedding the keywords that are mostly searched by the audience when searching for the products similar to yours will affect the search engine ranking. It is crucial for you to embed the keywords that appear on the first page of search engines. The domain name you choose should be relevant to your business and business name.

Wooden Printing Blocks Form Ulr .com Concept For Web Domain Name

Helps you advertise:

The domain, not just helps you to have a professional email address, but also helps you to promote it. For instance, you can add this domain name on your business cards, leaflets, brochures and other places. The domain name listed in these places will let the customers to learn about your products and services offered in their free time. A user when searches for the product, he/she may end up with thousands of results. Instead of going through all the results, they pick the sites that have the keywords they are looking for.

Overall, domain names help businesses to gain huge traffic, sales, and brand image.

How to Find a Good Domain Name for Your Website

A domain name is the unique URL or address of a website that defines itself from every others on the Web. As a result, knowing how to choose a domain name becomes essential when you want to create a website.

It is a great idea to spend the time understanding relevant knowledge of domain name and how to find a good domain name for websites before getting into it. Here, we concluded some points to help you out effectively.

Meaningful Domain Name

Firstly, you should always think about the reason why you build a website, and pick a domain name that gives visitors a clue or clear information what the website is about. A meaningful domain name is not only easy to be remembered, but also set your visitors high expectations. For examples:

  • For people who have already own brands offline and are going to expand their businesses on the Internet, then they must register a domain name that matches their brands.
  • If people just want build a website that be ranked high in search result for some specific keywords, the domain name should have all those words included. But this is not conducive to the long-term development.
  • Including the keywords of the business in the domain would be a very great attempt and it helps make the business website descriptive.
  • As for creating a personal blog that tells the family or personal stories, the domain name can come with family name or anything related to the owner.

Short and Easy to Remember

Generally, length does really matter, shorter domain name is better. A short domain name is quite easy to be remembered, and could avoid misspelling as well. And a good rule of thumb is to keep your domain name under 20 characters long. At the same time, these kinds of domain names will be easier to spread on the Internet, and people will also be more likely to recognize the name if they see it again.

Away from Numbers and Hyphens

When choosing a domain name for your website, numbers should not be included. One of the possible reasons is because numbers are hard to remember and also confusing to communicate by month. Even worse, people forget to type those characters sometimes, and then they might lead to your competitors’ websites.

Compared to numbers, hyphens will make your URL harder to type in and to tell. Usually, the key words of non-hyphenated domain name could be easier and better distinguished by search engines. If it unnecessary, we suggest you keeping away from numbers and hyphens when find a good domain name for your website.

Right Domain Extension

A domain name can end in .com, .net, .org, .info, .us, .biz, .tv, .me, .cc and more others, and we call these ends the domain extensions. You have many extension options when register a domain name.

The most suitable domain extension depends on your target area of your website. .com is the most popular used domain extension for general websites in English. .net and .org are also great choices. Unless your website is made for specific countries or purposes, you should stay away from other extensions. There is one thing only if you are a business owner that you should protect your name by registering multiple extensions (.net, .org, etc.)

Once you pick up a good domain name, you could use HostUCan domain search tool to find a cheapest domain registrar, with which you can save some bucks when registering a domain.

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