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Cheap Linux VPS Hosting

VPS combines merits of dedicated server and shared hosting, namely powerful functions and low costs. However, VPS is still much more expensive than shared hosting. Especially if people want a cheap Linux VPS with features like SSD, icon-based control panel, and etc.

Fortunately, there are some cheap VPS hosting providers. DreamHost is one of them, offering customers cheap VPS hosting solutions based on Linux OS. In below, we will introduce how cheap DreamHost VPS is. We will also check whether it has other advantages on features, stability, speed, and customer support.

Who is DreamHost

dreamhostHeadquartering in California, USA, DreamHost (www.dreamhost.com) has been offering web hosting solutions since 1997. Its hosting solutions currently include shared hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, and cloud services. Due to diverse products and premium services, DreamHost has attracted more than 400,000 customers throughout the world, and it has hosted over 1.5 million dreams for these people.

DreamHost Linux VPS Hosting is Cheap

DreamHost VPS starts at low rates. Moreover, this company charges much lower than what it really offers.

4 packages of DreamHost VPS respectively charges at $15/mo, $30/mo, $60/mo, and $120/mo. The starting price $15/mo is really a low price in VPS hosting marketing. Best VPS providers like Arvixe, InMotion Hosting, Bluehost, LiquidWeb, etc. charge much higher than $15/mo. Bisend VPS starts at $20/mo after 10% off. LiquidWeb VPS requires $50/mo at least.

More than that, We get the latest DreamHost VPS 50% off promotion, making DreamHost VPS start at $7.5/mo. Note that this promotion is valid for the first 3 months.

DreamHost Linux VPS DreamHost Linux VPS
50% off

Moreover, DreamHost VPS executes monthly charges, which decreases budget burdens of customers to one-off pay for a lot.

As a matter of fact, DreamHost cheapest $7.5/mo package even contains rich features, including:

  • 30 GB SSD storage;
  • Unlimited bandwidth;
  • Unlimited email accounts;
  • Unlimited domains hosted;
  • 1 dedicated IP;
  • 100% network uptime.

In addition, DreamHost makes customers safe and convenient to finish payment. It accepts a wide range of payment methods. PayPal, credit cards, Checking Account, Check, and gift certificates are all included.

DreamHost Cheap VPS is Feature Rich

Though DreamHost VPS is cheap, its features are not discounted. Instead, the web host configures its VPS with advanced features and server resources that are more than what it charges.

UbuntuFirst of all, DreamHost VPS hosting is fully managed. Customers just need to focus on their online business, and DreamHost professional technicians will look after servers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Due to Ubuntu 12.04 Long Term Support, Ubuntu is responsible for updating DreamHost VPS OS for 5 years. It means a high level of OS security, uptime, and usability with new software libraries.

More than that, DreamHost VPS comes with PHP 5, Perl, Python, SSH, XCache, .htaccess, access to raw log files, and so on. If customers need node.js, they can install the latest version on their servers via web-based control panels. DreamHost also provides Ruby Version Manager, via which customers can add multiple Ruby versions or remove them.

In terms of specific plans, this web host tailors 4 VPS plans in different sizes. The smallest plan is loaded with 1 GB RAM and 30 GB storage. But it is easy to scale up to 8 GB RAM and 240 GB storage if customers’ demands grow. Furthermore, DreamHost utilizes solid state drives rather than SATA disk drives. SSD is expensive but improves page loading speed 20 times faster.

Additionally, DreamHost provides a web-based control panel for its customers to manage their virtual private servers.

DreamHost Cheap Linux VPS is Reliable and Fast

cheap linux vps on uptimeA majority of Linux VPS hosting providers in the industry guarantee 99.9% uptime at most. However,  DreamHost guarantees 100% network uptime for its VPS customers. Besides, its VPS is able to deliver fast page loading speed and secure performance.

This company takes advantage of state of the art data centers. One of the data centers is in Ashburn, Virginia, powered by 2 separate utility substations. Even if it fails to get electricity power from the 2 utility substations, this data center has redundant backup generators to automatically supply the data center to keep working.

In addition, dual water lines maintain the data center at a stable temperature. Stable cool environment is good for servers’ working. Because of multi-level security measures, such as multifactor identification, the data center is secure enough to house servers as well.

Moreover, DreamHost makes efforts on hardware to optimize its VPS performance. For example, it uses expensive SSDs rather than SATA disk drives in order to deliver 20 times faster performance. SSDs are beneficial to improving website uptime as well.

DreamHost Customer Support for VPS

In the case of customer support, the web hosting provider designs multiple supporting methods for its VPS customers. Moreover, no matter when its customers need its help, DreamHost will come to help them out of trouble.

To gather supporting resources for more efficiently helping its own customers, DreamHost puts support buttons in its web-based control panel. To ask for DreamHost help, customers need to log into their control panels firstly. Then they will see live chat and email support buttons. By clicking the buttons, customers can quickly get contact with DreamHost supporting technicians. Moreover, DreamHost employs high-educated technicians and well trained them, so that these supporting technicians can get problems resolved fast.

Besides live chat and email support channels in the control panel, DreamHost supports customers via twitter. If someone has not been a customer of DreamHost yet, twitter is a good way to consult with DreamHost. The web host provides call back services but customers have to pay extra money for the services.

Beyond that, DreamHost has informative wiki database, which has FAQs as well as solutions, tutorials, and guide. DreamHost technicians update tutorials in wiki each month. So, customers can frequently visit DreamHost wiki for leaning new knowledge. Moreover, DreamHost forum is another support channel, by which customers will get useful information and communicate with others.

DreamHost VPS is the Best Cheap Linux VPS

To conclude, DreamHost VPS starts at $7.5/mo, which is really a cheap Linux VPS hosting in the market Moreover, DreamHost offers rich server resources, advanced features, 100% network uptime guarantee, fast page loading speed, secure performance, and 24/7/365 customer support. Therefore, there is no doubt that DreamHost VPS is the cheap Linux VPS with high price value. We strongly recommend it to customers, especially to small to medium businesses.

For more details about DreamHost and its VPS, please go to www.dreamhost.com.

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