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cheap managed VPSVPS gives people a dedicated environment to build their applications. In other words, they have more freedom on the server control. However, for those people with less knowledge on server administration, the freedom is useless and is even a burden if they choose unmanaged VPS. They have to build an IT department for maintaining servers, which will cost a lot.

The ending would be different if they go with managed VPS plans. Managed VPS has a support system to server maintenance, so that people can spend more time on their online presence.  Though managed VPS is more expensive than unmanaged VPS, it is much cheaper than building an IT department.

To help people save more budgets on managed VPS, we find out a cheap managed VPS hosting provider: DreamHost. Its managed VPS starts at $7.5/mo after discounted.

Cheap Managed VPS Provider – DreamHost

dreamhostSince 1997, DreamHost (www.dreamhost.com) has attracted more than 400,000 customers worldwide, ranging over content creators, developers, web designers, small businesses, and international companies. It helps them host 1.5 million dreams.

The company build its hosting solutions with SSD, which make it the first choice of many webmasters. And its VPS solution is regarded as one of the best cheap VPS in the industry.

DreamHost Managed VPS – $7.5/mo

DreamHost VPS is fully managed, but charges much low. Compared to a majority of managed VPS hosting brands, it is definitely cheaper. And it is even cheaper than many shared hosting solutions.

The starter plan is at a price of $15 per month regularly. Recently, we have gotten an exclusive coupon from DreamHost. By following our link, people will save 50% off for the first 3 months and spend as low as $7.5/mo on DreamHost managed VPS hosting. It is hard to imagine a VPS at less than $10/mo. But DreamHost VPS does. It is even fully managed VPS.

DreamHost Managed VPS DreamHost Managed VPS
50% Off

This company provides its customers with a variety of payment method options, including common PayPal and credits cards, such as Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover. Additionally, DreamHost also accepts Diners Club credit card, checking account, check, money order and gift certificate.

DreamHost VPS is Fully Managed

DreamHost first launched VPS services in 2007. For 8 years, this company is constantly perfecting its VPS, making it different and competitive from others.

DreamHost VPS is fully managed. In other words, DreamHost is responsible for updating all systems and ensures server security. The company will also help customers to migrate websites or hosting accounts. In addition to that, customers will get a web-based control panel, which has a user-friendly interface. Via the control panel, customers will manage some simple things, like adding more RAM.

Besides managed services, DreamHost VPS comes with a number of great features as well. For example, DreamHost VPS is based on Ubuntu operating system. Moreover, it has Ubuntu Long Term Support, which stands a 5-year system security updates. Other features consist of SSD storage, PHP, Perl, Python, node.js, Ruby Version Manager, SSH, .htaccess, FTP, etc.

In terms of plan options, DreamHost designs 4 plans, in which RAM is easy to scale up to 8 GB. The cheapest plan at $7.5/mo contains resources as following:

  • 1 GB RAM;
  • 30 GB storage based on solid state drives;
  • 1 dedicated IP address;
  • Unlimited bandwidth;
  • Unlimited email accounts;
  • Unlimited domains hosted;
  • Unlimited FTP users.

DreamHost Managed VPS is 100% up

DreamHost managed VPS has an outstanding performance on stability, speed, and security. 100% uptime guarantee is the best proof to its high level of performance. In below, we will from data centers, hardware, and management to analyze why DreamHost managed VPS gains such a high performance.

This company has taken advantage of multiple data centers in the world to house its rock-solid servers. What’s more, the data centers are state of the art and are complementary in the case of geography.

One of data centers is in Virginia, USA. This data center has redundant power with a 2N+2 power supply system. Just for utility substations, there are 2 serving it. What’s more, this data center is in a cool and stable environment 24 hours a day because of dual water lines. Beyond that, this data center is secure with multi-factor identification and 24/7/365 security monitoring.

More than that, hardware DreamHost utilizes is the best. For example, instead of SATA disk drives, DreamHost already updated its VPS with solid state drives. The latter is much powerful on improving server processing, speeding up page loading, and maintaining uptime. According to a test from DreamHost, its VPS with SSD is 20 times faster compared to VPS with SATA drives.

DreamHost 24/7 Support for VPS

In addition to manage servers for customers, DreamHost also provides them with technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The web host hopes to 100% satisfy its customers. But its sales support is not convenient at present. To ask for billing information or other sales questions, people have to submit tickets only.

In terms of supporting methods, DreamHost mainly offers email and live chat. Though DreamHost has callbacks services, it charges at extra fees. People have to know that all 3 ways are in DreamHost control panel. In other words, people have to login in their control panels firstly and then contact DreamHost supporting technicians. Besides, people can talk with DreamHost via Twitter.

In addition to human support, DreamHost has collected a plethora of resources. People can browse the resources, get useful tutorials or articles, and resolve problems. The self-help resources are mainly in DreamHost Wiki and forum. The former contains solutions to FAQs and monthly updated popular articles. The forum provides a place for people to communicate with others, ask for help and learn something.

DreamHost Managed VPS is Cheap

DreamHost VPS is fully managed, which saves much time for customers. It is cheap at a lowest price of $7.5/mo only, which saves big budgets for customers. Plus a plethora of features, a high level of stability, security and speed, as well as 24/7/365 technical support, DreamHost managed VPS is the best cheap one in the industry, and it is fit for small businesses and medium businesses.

For more information about DreamHost and its managed VPS, please visit www.dreamhost.com.

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