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cheap unmanaged VPSThere are many classified methods to distinguish VPS hosting. One of them is based on server managed levels. According to this method, we get unmanaged VPS and managed VPS. Sometimes managed VPS is into core managed VPS and fully managed VPS, which varies from one host to another.

But overall, managed VPS is much more expensive than unmanaged VPS, since web hosts will take care of servers for customers. However, if people have enough technical knowledge and want to save money, unmanaged VPS could be a better alternative.

To help people save more money on VPS hosting, we find out a cheap unmanaged VPS, called Linode. Besides low costs, this company actually has other merits, which are worthwhile for people to trust.

Cheap Unmanaged VPS – Linode

linodeEstablished in 2003, Linode (www.linode.com) is leading in virtualization hosting industry. Its products are virtual hosting solutions and add-ons. So far, this company has already gotten more than 400,000 customers trust it.

Linode Unmanaged VPS – $0.015/hr

Linode offers cheap unmanaged VPS hosting solutions and supports customers to pay flexibly. Moreover, the company makes its VPS available for customers to have a try.

In detail, Linode executes the hourly billing payment method. And prices vary with RAM, CPU, storage and transfer amounts. The smallest plan charges customers at $0.015/hr, including:

  • 1 GB RAM;
  • 1 CPU core;
  • 24 GB SSD storage;
  • 2 TB transfer.

If people use the service for the entire month or hit the monthly cap amount, they pay $10/mo only instead of paying $0.015/hr. However, customers have to pay extra $0.02 for each GB bandwidth they exceed. But inbound bandwidth is for free. Reader can visit Linode Coupon to claim promotions.

Linode Unmanaged VPS Linode Unmanaged VPS

For payment methods, this company accepts credit card, checks as well as money orders. Moreover, credit cards include Visa, American Express, Discover, and MasterCard.

More than that, Linode supports customers to have a try on its unmanaged VPS services. Within the first 7 days, customers can cancel their accounts and require for a full refund for any reason.

Linode Unmanaged VPS Feature Review

Though Linode VPS is unmanaged, it gives customers some advanced tools to get control of servers. Though Linode VPS is cheap, it is loaded with a wide range of valuable features.

The first important tool customer will get is Linode Manager with two-factor authentication.  Based on straightforward interface, Linode Manager integrates multiple tools into one single dashboard, including NodeBalancers, Longview, DNS Manager, Account, Support, etc. Via Linode Manager, customers can achieve deploy, boot, clone and resize within a few clicks.

cheap unmanaged VPS on features

Besides, Linode provides Lish, an out-of-band console to servers. So, even if network fails, customers can access servers via Lish rather than SSH. Moreover, Lish also allows customers to reboot servers without opening their Linode Managers.

In addition to Linode Manager and Lish, customers will get control of server via Linode API, and CLI. The latter is a command-line interface. Even though these tools help customers manage servers, they have to know some technical knowledge in order to operate these tools. It is a little troublesome compared to any managed VPS, but it is economical.

What’s more, Linode VPS distributions range over Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, Arch, Fedora, Gentoo, Slackware images, openSUSE and much more. Customers can utilize Linode StackScripts to customize their distribution templates. In addition, hard drives are SSD for a higher level of customer experience. This company supports its customers to scale their servers anytime by a few clicks as well.

Stability and Speed Review on Linode Unmanaged VPS

Linode unmanaged VPS has 99.9% uptime guarantee and this guarantee is for server availability. Additionally, Linode has the fastest network infrastructure in the industry.

Currently, Linode takes advantage of 8 state of the art data centers in 3 continents: Asia, North America and Europe. More than that, this company has a data center expansion plan. A wide range of data centers throughout the world make it possible for Linode customers to pick up a server location near to their aimed visitors, which will bring less latency and a high level of customer satisfaction.

cheap unmanaged vps on performance

In the case of network, the web host provides redundant network connections and 40 Gbps network connectivity.

Besides data centers and network, hardware is also important for hosting stability and speed. When it comes to Linode, this host configures its servers with Intel E5 processors and solid state drives, which play a big role to speed up I/O. As a result, page loading gets much faster.

Linode Customer Support Review

Linode still provides customer support, even though its VPS is unmanaged. What’s more, it provides multiple ways for customers to get contact with it or get problems resolved.

If people have not become clients of Linode yet, they can ask for Linode help via sending emails or giving calls. If people have been clients of Linode already, they can make a call to Linode and ask for help. Besides, they can enter their Linode Manager. There they can submit a ticket. Or people can choose to chat on IRC. All these ways are available to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In addition to that, Linode collects a large number of resources and puts them online for people to browse useful information. The resources consist of getting started tips, technical tutorials, system status, speed test, etc. Via these resources, people can resolve problems by themselves. Or they can go to Linode Forum to help others or ask for other members’ help.

Linode is the Best Cheap Unmanaged VPS Provider

From above review, we can see that Linode unmanaged VPS starts at $0.015/hr or $10/mo. Some share hosting solutions even charges higher. Moreover, Linode unmanaged VPS is invoiced flexibly with a series of useful tools and advanced features. Due to 8 data centers currently, fast network, and rock-solid hardware, Linode VPS is stable and speedy. Customer support is convenient as well. Therefore, there is no doubt that Linode is the best cheap unmanaged VPS hosting provider, and is the best economical option for customers with a rich knowledge on IT.

Want to know more details about Linode and its unmanaged VPS solutions? Please visit www.linode.com right now.

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